Proofing dough

I’ve got homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven and for some reason I’m looking up cinnamon roll recipes to compare them all. Everyone says theirs is the best. This is incorrect. Mine are the best. Good day.

Of course I’m not gonna leave y’all hanging without a recipe. Just bear in mind that a lot of this - the type of yeast, measuring everything by metric weight, the longer wait time/method for rising - is based on the fact that I worked in a professional setting that often required cold-proofing our yeasted doughs for convenience. However, I think it really does wonders for the end flavor.

Behind a cut because I get wordy/mouthy with my recipes.

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Always Wanting to Go Home

Unable to distinguish between eyeteeth,
insight through inked belly of dark incisors, early
rise in a proof of dough, fighting the acids

of photosynthesis, my gradual preference 
for shunning sun, sole purpose the inward sprint,
retreat beyond the boards humanity has granted me.

- B B Pine

Contrary to popular belief, they have occasionally watched things that were not Doctor Who. But even when it comes to television, Fitz and Jemma developed a ~system.  

  • In the winter, they love to watch BBC’s Natural World. They bury themselves under a duvet and watch every new documentary enraptured, religiously whispering animal kingdom’s trivia to each other. They never eat during these, and they kindly pretend not to notice the quiet sniffling and seldom tears when a little penguin happens to be eaten by a seal, or when a lion cub nudges the side of its motionless mother.

  • After a stressful day at work, they watch Paranormal Files when they need to vent or bitch, Mythbusters if they need to feel vindicated and to see stuff being blown up (“Remember kids, the only difference between Science and screwing around is writing it down,” they scream along, while picturing the many ways they could stab their idiot SciOps coworkers in the eyeballs) and Dark Matters when they need to feel better about themselves (“It’s on the Science channel, Simmons. The science channel.”)

  • Lazy Sunday afternoons are for The Great British Bake Off. It’s a bloodbath. They get very passionate about GBBO (They don’t speak of Custardgate. Ever.) and one time Jemma shouted at their TV screen so loudly that the neightbor’s baby began to cry. She insists Fitz’s mum should be on the show, and actually scoffs every time someone screws up slow proofing dough products (“I’m telling you, Fitz, I will threaten your mother with your life if she doesn’t go next year.” “Dear God”).

  • When they’re feeling sweet or melancholic, they watch anything about space. From NASA missions to Interstellar and everything in between. Fitz is secretly bored by 2001: A Space Odissey, and Jemma doesn’t really like Star Wars (“Ugh, Parsecs are units of distance, Fitz, not time! You know who else made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Every damn piece of junk ship that ever made the Kessel Run, that’s who!” “Piece of junk…!” “Han Solo is a joke, honestly” and maybe Fitz makes a sound that is closer to what a whale does as it dies when he squeaks “Respect him!”) but they make it work anyway.

  • Every Summer, they catch up on a tv series and Fitz always insists on junk food, during. 2012 was Battlestar Galactica (“You know who Adama reminds me of? Commander Gonzales” “Holy shit”), 2013 was Breaking Bad (“My crystal meth would be purer than his” “We’re not going to cook crystal meth, Simmons” “I’m not saying we should be producing illegal substances in our lab, Fitz. I’m just saying that if we wanted to, we’d be better drug lords than those two”), 2014 was Parks and Recreation (Jemma left right in the middle of season four, and he never watched the rest. It is speculated nobody could mention ‘Calzones’ around him but as nobody in their right mind would ever talk about calzones, the issue was moot). In 2015, Fitz doesn’t watch anything except for the same video feed, over and over again.

The halflings au is becoming one of my favs fast;; I wanna thank @pasdechat because without her prompt (and encouraging inspiration ;) )it wouldn’t exist.

I wrote this small drabble for her spontaneously one day and I feel since the halflings au is becoming a bigger thing, I might as well post it here for you guys to read too (:. Another special shout out to the radical @furryrightactivist and @skiretehfox for their really adorable fanarts ;;w;;!! Thank you both so much ♡♡♡

(small note: this was all written before I decided the little fact about Eli’s ears so don’t mind the small inconsistensies ;u; ;;; )

“Umi, does this look okay?? Please tell me I look presentable.” Eli steps into her navy haired friends living room, her hair tied in its signature ponytail and ears upright and alert.

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