I reached 400 followers! (how is that even possible?!) Thank you to those who have just followed me and an even bigger thank you to those who have stuck around for a while. As always, I make a post where I (try to) tag my recent 100 followers so you guys can check each others blogs out. You can check out my other follower posts here


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Happy International Literacy Day! In Honor of it, My Book is FREE!

Okay, so quick explanation, I’ve got this book, 1000 Year Interlude.

It’s the story of a knight that tries to rescue his princess from an evil witch, but fails. The princess is teleported 1000 years into the future by the witch’s spell and in order to protect her the knight takes an immortality potion so he can be around when she arrives. But now in the present he and the witch are very different people and the princess is finally ready to return. But she’s not the only one returning, dark forces from their past are starting to move across the globe and a mysterious band of immortals are gathering to find out why. 

So here’s how the book works, since the internet is the wild west and we can now publish books however we want, I’ve been releasing three to four chapters at a time on Amazon for only 99 cent each, one part each month. So far the first three parts are out with the fourth coming out later this week. You can buy these three chapters here Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

OR! Since today is International Literacy Day (and because I’ve been told by a few reviewers that this book doesn’t really get good until part 3) I’m going to put the first three parts up for free! That’s right I’ve got a Google Doc with the first three parts and you can read them now for free for the next week!




As I said, these parts are only free for the next week, but in that time feel free to enjoy it and share it. 

And even if you don’t want to read it, a simple reblog will help a lot. Thanks everyone and hope you enjoy!

Book 4 Is Out!

No not Korra Book 4… although man I can’t wait for that.

No I mean Book 4 of my series, 1000 Year Interlude

That’s right, you guys have helped me promote the other parts of this series so far and I thank all of you for that, so can you do me a solid and help promote this new part? A simple Reblog helps a lot.

Or if you really want to help me out, then simply buying the new chapter would also help out even more. It’s only 99 cents or free if you have the Kindle Unlimited app.


New to my page and haven’t heard me talk about this book a dozen times already? Then just read below.

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