Dance Moms S05E15 Recap
  • Sorry for the lateness! 
  • Aww girls talking.  Mackenzie’s cute
  • I didn’t like Nia’s interview, because while she said she didn’t want to compete with the videos, she basically said Kendall did.     Jill wants to. And Abby wants to.  And Kendall’s interview basically said it.  Abby is the one who wants her to have the video.  
  • I think what’s hard about starting a new study for Abby, is that it’s her first time doing so.   The one in Pittsburgh was done by her mother.  She just had to keep it going, and almost failed that! 
  • Is Maddie seriously third!? Wow! But Abby’s comments are on point for her.
  • Kalani looks surprised that she’s higher than Maddie haha
  • Go Kalani for missing out on the fashion show, but lol that Kira will leave her daughter behind for it.
  • Ahh! So Nia technically was invited to Kendall’s video but decided to concentrate on her own video. ok!  But Abby’s being rude about it.
  • And Kira looks terrified of MDP.  Probably because she knows how good a studio they actually are.
  • Kalani and Maddie have solos
  • I love how it’s totally acceptable for Maddie to miss rehearsal AND have a solo.   I’m happy Maddie has a gig on Ellen, but she shouldn’t have a solo that week since she won’t be there to learn it! 
  • I’m still disgusted at that dance floor omg. it’s nasty
  • I’m glad Abby is starting to be harsher on Maddie on technique.  It’ll make her a better dancer.  
  • Poor Nia.  She just needs to leave the ALDC before her and Abby’s relationship is completely ruined.
  • Can someone slap Abby?  I can’t believe she’s digging this through Kendall’s head that Nia and Holly backstabbed them by doing their own thing.  
  • Omg, Melissa and I think the same: surprised Maddie has a solo this week
  • I’m really excited to see MDP’s routine. They always have the best routines. So original!
  • AHH TIME TO TALK ABOUT IT!       It wasn’t for the episode. Voila.  Ugly anon, you can shut your mouth (Sorry everyone else, personal beef).  Nia not being invited to see Todrick was not a part of the storyline the producers set up since it wasn’t for the show.  In this situation, I have nothing to say against Todrick, because he probably didn’t know better, but Jill, Abby, Personally, I’d be pissed off in that situation. I feel really bad for Nia. 
  • Not to happy that Jill is talking to Kendall about it.  
  • Abby dancing is hilarious.
  • I’m glad the moms are rehashing the fight now that they calmed themselves. Finally acting like grown ups
  • Holly is right. I don’t get how Jill can say that Nia’s video is overshadowing.  It’s actually the opposite really.  Abby is always talking about Kendall’s!  I feel like Jill just feels threatened.
  • Side note, if all the girls were invited to help with Kendall’s video, why didn’t Jojo go!
  • Hahahaha, calling Abby the wicked witch of the east
  • omg jojo.
  • I know MDP wants the spotlight, but I wish they didn’t lower themselves to that.   They don’t need it.
  • Did Holly and Nia arrive separately?
  • The ALDC moms and MDP confrontation is sad to watch omg.
  • Maddie looks so over her mother’s encouragements. It’s sad :(
  • Maddie has a solo: MDP Claps.
  • Kalani has a solo: MDP claps
  • MDP child has a solo:  Abby is a sore loser and doesn’t clap.
  • Truthfully, it just shows how immature she is.  She can’t handle real competition.   
  • That kid’s solo was beautiful.  
  • Those costumes do not look like roses haha
  • Some timing issues, bad feet and legs in the ALDC routine.
  • MDP claps at the ALDC routine.
  • Not a big fan of the MDP costumes
  • I liked the MDP’s dance way better. Some technical issues, but way less than the ALDC.
  • Abby did not clap for them.   
  • MDP solo 5th, Kalani 2nd,  Maddie 1st.
  • MDP 3rd,  ALDC 1st (and that was a rob, honestly though)
  • Oohhhhh! She just called out Abby and the judges!  
  • You know, at least she’s honest.  She’s saying it, the ALDC danced better this time than the last. She’s trying not to be a sore loser, but wants an even playing field.  
  • Omg yes MDP mom.   ALDC have been doing the same routine: different costume, different song. haha
  • Naturally Abby has to be all Kendall and 0 Nia.  

anonymous asked:

I understand you are comparing their body language and projecting that on Niall/Melissa but what's your point overall? Also didn't you used to cal Melissa schmelly but now all of sudden you're not gonna call names and act like a 30 year old?

that’s exactly my point. body language speaks volumes tbh.

and no, I have never once called her anything like that on here so you can go ahead keep trying with your fucking age comment.

carladolo asked:

Hi I'm the one asking about the anthropology project! first of all thank you so much! this is going to help so much it's for a college class and I really want to do well on this. Anyways, I'm going to need a couple days to come up with the survey questions now that I have a specific audience! (it'll help with my research question too!) I will keep in touch within the next couple days! thank you so so much! (my apologies for being so enthusiastic I'm just a !!! kind of person!)

hey followers please pay attention to carla’s blog and please keep in touch if you’re able to participate in this project!! :)

- melissa

Austin Fashion Week 2015; Project Runway STARS

Project Runway STARS Fashion Show

I have followed all 13 seasons of Project Runway, watched the All Stars, and follow the judges on Instagram. Yes, I ENJOY fashion TV shows, especially Project Runway! This year’s STARS’ show featured 8 Project Runway designers, including 2 of my favorites Korto Momolu and local Daniel Esquivel.  Each collection had pieces that I KNOW I can MAKE WORK with my wardrobe.

Looking through the collections, what are your favorites?

Melissa Fleis

Season 10

Daniel Esquivel

Season 11

Anthony Ryan Auld

Season 9

Michelle Lesniak

Season 11

Amanda Valentine

Season 11

Gunnar Deatherage 

Season 10

Korto Momolu

Season 5

Fashionista friends & ASFD Students

Saturday, April 11th, 2015 – The Orange Shares Their Vitamins with a Crowded Curtain Club

All photos by Jordan Buford Photography

The Curtain Club
. Just as many bands do, I’ve considered the Dallas venue home base for many years now. But so far this year, I had yet to set foot in there.

It’s not due to lack of quality of shows, but rather my shifting focus. However, there was one local show I couldn’t miss out on, and the fact that it was at Curtain made it all the sweeter.

It’s been several years since Scott Tucker resurrected The Orange after the band broke up after several years together from the mid to late 2000’s. They released one EP during that incarnation; and a full-length with the revived lineup had been in talks for a while now. About three years to be exact.

Three years of patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for what has been named Sharing Vitamins, and on this night, all that hard work was finally coming to fruition.

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The 360 Project - Behind the Scenes

The 360 Project - Behind the Scenes #phandlife #motion #photography

“The 360 Project” is an exploration into the crossroads of photography and motion pictures. It is a study of peak dance movements, captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

There are two components to “The 360 Project” – “Ballet 360” features ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School, “Krump 360” features dancers from Northbuck Krump. The two styles of dance represent…

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YEAR TWO: January Studio Assessment

Presented my Changeling Project: Melissa Triptych along with a mini comic involving the character. Also presented work in progress shots, “medical discovery text” and some sketches.

The art was well received by my work process was questioned and there were various discussed topics unrelated to the pieces, and I almost felt broken down by the experience. However, it gave me somewhat a sense of clarity and an idea on where to move forward. Experimentation and development was to be improved.

Day 475:  Tammy

Movie per day project.  Day 475:  Tammy

Melissa McCarthy co-wrote this comedy with her husband, Ben Falcone, who made his directorial debut with this feature.  It has a lot of names associated, including Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Toni Collette, Gary Cole, Allison Janney, and Dan Aykroyd.

McCarthy plays the title character, whose life is sort of falling to shit.  On the same day she wrecks her car, loses her job, and finds out that her husband is cheating on her with one of her friends.  She flees the city in her grandmother’s car, with her grandmother (Sarandon) in tow.  It turns out that her gram is even more of a wild woman than Tammy is, and they find themselves in a bit of trouble.

This one starts off kind of shaky, and is very uneven.  The undeniable charisma of Sarandon, Bates, and McCarthy kind of make up for it.  There is a lack of subtlety, and the moral of the story is an Aesop that gets hammered home like the fist of an angry god by Kathy Bates about 80% of the way through.  They may as well have flashed, “LISTEN UP, BECAUSE THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART,” on the screen right before she started her speech.

Tammy was a financial success, even if critics did not like it much.  I thought it was a decent comedy, and I enjoyed watching it.  I don’t think it is one I would own, but it was certainly worth a viewing.  Also, Mark Duplass, whom I last saw in Safety Not Guaranteed, is great as Gary Cole’s son.