Melissa is not going to SDCC

For some reason Melissa McBride won’t be attending SDCC this year which has not only prompted the anger of many fans but has also made many question why she wasn’t included.

Gale Anne Hurd officially said that it was because the cast was so big that they couldn’t take everyone. I won’t pretend to understand why one of their original actors, why the one who brings more critic praise and award cries, why one of their best actors is not included even with the space limitations, but once again it brings me to the feeling of helplessness and sadness that such a great person and actress is not receiving what she deserves.

With this in mind I’ll be redoubling the efforts to make this project happen because Melissa deserves to know that her work and her existence is important!


WE HAVE 4 MORE DAYS TO VOTE ON THE CROWN. As of right now the 1st place is tied! Even if you can’t donate I beg you to please help me get the word out so that we can at least choose which one to get.

Vote here:

WE HAVE 175$ right now thanks to three wonderful donors. It’s a huge amount and enough to get her a crown and for that I’m super grateful, but it’s nowhere near enough to get the crowns that are in first and second place.

If it gets down to it then the choice of crown will be made by this three wonderful donors. It is only fair.

If you can donate to this crazy project I’d be very thankful. Of course, please do not include any money that you need for home, food, or bills in general. Your well being and that of your family comes first and foremost. I may beg but this is still 100% voluntary.

Donate here:

Hopefully we can get that crown for her and hopefully she will like it.

Thank you everyone for all your support