So I finished Project Zetsubou's translation of Dangan Ronpa

I’ll keep this shortish:

They did a fucking excellent job. Yes there are some things people dislike like “Super Duper” and what the fuck ever (not me, I actually prefer it), but overall? They did a fucking stellar job. I’ve read the LP before and I knew what was coming and all but I still played through to the end because they did such a great job translating and presenting it.

Sure there were some minor script hiccups, but there was NOTHING major. A couple lines going too close to the button prompt or like 2 typos throughout the WHOLE thing.

If you have a copy of Dangan Ronpa, please give their patch a go, it’s fucking great.

Dangan Ronpa’s great.

I can’t fucking wait to do my dub.

A quick thing about Izuru (DR3 EP6)

My immediate reaction to this episode was “Izuru why are you doing this” - and it still is - but then I realised that the main reason he’s going along with Junko is to experience something new. For Izuru, the SHSL Hope, he’s never experienced anything remotely close to exciting him; this is like his first chance at actually doing something different and unpredictable.
I find this sad because it isn’t Izuru’s fault, it’s pretty much the steering committee’s fault. They’ve created him as a “perfect” being and he has to suffer the consequences for it. It’s fair enough that he wants to try and have a go at this whole “despair” thing, because his entire life for the foreseeable future is going to be controlled by the steering committee who are so bent on hope. I’m willing to bet that, for Izuru Kamukura, his idea of despair is the hope that the steering committee have, which is why the despair that Junko offers is much more “hopeful” than anything else.

Long story short, don’t blame Izuru for deciding to go along with Junko’s plans - blame the people behind the Kamukura project.

Ok, I’m going to ask.

People bashing on the translation patch, what is SO TERRIBLE AND DESPAIR INDUCING about the translation? Please, give me a clear answer, I beg you.

Also, I won’t accept “because it’s not the same as Oren’s” as an answer, okay?