@mcgrowgrog honestly I don’t even think the institute understands the institute (we’re having power issues! continue production on this very obviously power-intensive project)

I know G des. units were general and/or for labor purposes, if I remember that entry right, but otherwise it’s all very /hand wavey

liebe-kamenishita replied to your post “NO PROBLEM it was long no need to rush. :3 yea ShinRa did firebomb…”

OH YEA but is she really his mom, he has her cells but it was never said that she carried him??? AND WHOS THE DADDY XDD

well they said that both Genesis and Angeal were “products of Project G.” here’s how I see it happening: Gillian was the surrogate mother, like Lucrecia, for the project. she was poor, so she probably agreed because she needed the money. I think she had in vitro fertilization and the result was twin fraternal half-brothers.

the fathers, I’m thinking, were Gillian’s husband (who seems to be dead by the time Crisis Core happens. didn’t Angeal mention something about his dad making the Buster Sword? or at least, I remember him saying it was a family heirloom. doesn’t seem like something that would come from Gillian’s side of the family) and the rich guy in Banora who raises Genesis. that would explain why Angeal and Genesis are the same age*, have the same mother but don’t look alike, and why they didn’t grow up living together in the same house. Gillian and her husband were allowed to keep Angeal because he’s their biological son, but probably lost the custody battle (if there was one) to Genesis’s dad ‘cause he’s rich as fuck.

EDIT: *I just looked up their wikipedia articles. their ages aren’t mentioned, but they do apparently leave home to join SOLDIER at the same time so that’s good enough for me lol
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