Progressive Berkeley

Berkeley riots make me ashamed to be a modern left-winger.

I know that inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the university was a bad idea. But any protest against it should have been peaceful. Instead, left-wing extremists started a riot.

Do you think causing a whopping $100,000 in property damage, and brutally assaulting non-violent protesters, proves you to be the good guys?

That’s not creating a “safe space.” That’s just terrorism. Committing acts of violence against people so that they won’t dare publicly disagree with you is, by definition, terrorism.

Riots like these won’t stop racism from becoming normalized. Sadly, racism has already been normalized.
What these riots will do is convince fence-sitters that the left starts riots every time dissenting viewpoints are heard. It’ll make all leftists look like brutal criminals.

I mean, sure, you could have used actual reasoning and logical arguments, instead of just brutally assaulting anybody who doesn’t believe what you’ve decided that they have to believe. But hey, maybe it somehow normalizes racism if we act like human beings instead of behaving like savage animals.


And just to be clear–I’m a proud leftist. But I’m also a leftist who’s against terrorism.