Young voters are failing Bernie Sanders, just as they’ve failed so many before
This is why campaigns that rely on the youth vote often fail.

Unfortunately the numbers don’t lie, youth voter turn out is down since 2008. Young voters support Bernie Sanders in overwhelming numbers, 86-14 in New Hampshire. That is massive, even better than Obama. Still, we NEED TO VOTE. We NEED to stay ACTIVE and involved! This political revolution is to make OUR country a better place, we need to quit letting 65 year old voters decide the future of our country. PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY! BERNIE SANDERS 2016! 



  • 34 Senate seats are up for election this year.
  • All 435 House of Representative seats are up for election this year.
  • A total of 469 seats in the US Congress is up for election in November 8, 2016.
  • In order to TAKE BACK the chamber, Democrats need to gain 5 seats.
  • In order to FLIP the chamber, the Democrats need to gain 30 seats. 
  • Democrats only have 10 seats to defend while Republicans have 24.
  • Confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice requires 60 votes in the Senate
  • Should Democrats fail to retake the Senate in 2016, it is unlikely that they will get another opportunity until at least 2020.

It’s incredibly important that we place attention not only to the presidential candidates, but to the Senators and Representatives that are up for election this year. 

For more info about who’s running, please check this website:,_2016


I don’t normally say that? but everyone is talking (shaming people) about how the Congressional elections are SO IMPORTANT - but nobody is educating folks on how to go about it.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


What if you do your homework and find that all of your reps are terrible? what then?

Well? Run for office! Why the hell not? Because at the end of the day you - even without any political experience? you might just be overqualified.

BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has resigned from her position as Vice-chair of the DNC and has endorsed Bernie Sanders campaign for President of the United States!

Tulsi Gabbard was one of the few within the DNC to defend Bernie and call for more debates for the Democrats. She has also been floated around progressive circles as an excellent VP choice for Sanders.

 As a young, progressive, woman of color with a military and foreign policy background, Gabbard and Sanders would make a killer pair in the Election. We can’t wait to see her on the campaign trail!

You can find other candidates to support at

Not to Sound Too Negative, But Michigan Votes on Tuesday and it is Do or Die Time for Bernie Sanders


A string of recent polls have Bernie Sanders down as much as 30 points. Bernie doesn’t need to win, but if he doesn’t come within 5 points it will be really hard for his campaign to recover. Unless you live in Michigan, phone banking is the most important thing you can do. Seriously, if you haven’t phone banked yet, if you want Bernie Sanders to be the next president, consider taking a few hours today, tomorrow, and Tuesday to make as many calls as you can. We need thousands of people on the phones making sure turnout is as high as possible in Michigan, BERNIE NEEDS EVERY SINGLE VOTE.



Facebanking is a relatively new tool that allows you to send messages to friends of friends on Facebook, who like Bernie Sanders, and invite them vote on Tuesday. Be sure to send both a message and an event invite if you can, because a lot of messages get stuck in the “other” folder when you send it as a friend of a friend. So do everything you can to get those people’s attention, it might seem weird, it might not seem like much, but every little nudge to vote for Bernie is important! If you can message people in more states than just Michigan, but Michigan is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!



If you live in Michigan or can drive their easily SERIOUSLY consider getting on the ground and knocking on some doors. If you can, just show up at a campaign office in Michigan and they’ll get you started.

Flint: 600 Harrison St., Flint, MI 48502 (515)-201-7081, (989) 859-6649
Detroit: 7500 Oakland St., Detroit MI 48211 Phone: (201) 388-9887, (313) 826-2434
Pontiac: 4 North Saginaw St., Pontiac, MI 48342: (603) 851-5420
Ann Arbor/Ypsi: 4072 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108: (734) 548-7864
Lansing: 2722 E Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912 (Suite 101) Phone: (517) 614-5494, (989) 859-6649
Dearborn: 4907 Schaefer Rd., Dearborn, MI 48126: (603) 493-7715
Kalamazoo (serves all of SW Michigan): 4038 N Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49094 Phone: (603) 998-4415
Grand Rapids: 3446 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525: (603) 493 7659 (John’s phone)
Saginaw: 1614 Mershon St., Saginaw, MI 48602
Westland: 5818 N Wayne Rd., Westland, MI: (845) 901-5659
Niles: 1048 Bell Road (in Mystic Bead): Text (574) 855 6789

If you can’t make it to a campaign office, but can still canvass somewhere else COLLEGE CAMPUSES ESPECIALLY, download the field the bern app to maximize your efforts. 

We only have TWO DAYS to get that number up, but it can be done. PHONE BANK, FACEBANK, AND GET ON THE GROUND IF YOU CAN! BERNIE SANDERS 2016!
Every Bernie Sanders Supporter Should Read This Today
Without Black women like former Ohio state Senator Nina Turner, I wouldn’t be giving Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the time of day. If you don’t know who Turner is, you should. Turner served in the Ohio State Senate from 2008 to 2014. She made national news in 2012 when she introduced a



(Q)When you decided to support Sen. Sanders, did you catch any heat?

(A)“Oh, my god yes. I’ve had white Hillary supporters saying to me that I betrayed the Clintons and saying I’m not going to have a future in politics. I mean, they marked me for life, and I’m sitting back thinking: The Clintons never helped me to do a thing in my life, and all of a sudden they control my destiny? That was very condescending to me.

"I had a white woman here in Ohio who supported my Secretary of State run in 2014. I’ll never forget this. I was at a Planned Parenthood lecture a couple of months ago and she came up to me and said how disappointed she was in me. Very condescending. And I let her know that I really didn’t care about her disappointment and I’m not on the plantation. That’s exactly what I told her.”

Then she said, ‘After all we’ve done for you.’ Now, see. That was it for me. I interpreted that as, 'After all we’ve done for you, Black girl, you owe us.’ They would never say that to anyone else, but the fact you feel you can say that to a Black woman? I thought she was supporting me because I was the best candidate to be Secretary of State, because I was trying to protect access to the ballot box for all people — not because you own me or I owe you.“

Bill Clinton to Black Lives Matter Protestors, “Quit defending drug dealers and murderers, tell the truth.”

Today Bill Clinton was given an opportunity to answer for his administrations mistakes in the 1990′s. Instead of setting the record straight and speaking truth to the oppression experienced by communities of color, instead he doubled down on the attacks. His comments today represent the same racism he used to pass his 1994 crime bill that helped perpetuate the institutional racism Black Lives Matter is speaking out against today.

Click here to read more

URGENT!!! Bernie supporters in New York should register as Democrats by March 25 in order to vote!

New York is going to be one of the most critical states in the primary, and you can’t vote for Bernie if you are not registered as a Democrat. If you register as Democrat after March 25, it might not be processed in time for the vote on April 19, which is a scarier possibility after everything that happened in Arizona.  

If you need to check to see if you are registered as a Democrat, you can use this site: