Salty about art.

I’ve paid two artists for commissions, months ago. Neither has finished the commission. Both are still begging for work from other people and finishing their work without finishing mine. I got one progress update from one of the artists, but have heard nothing from the other. I’m giving them one more chance to finish my projects and get them to me before I leave them both bad reviews and name them.

One thing for sure, I am never paying an artist up front again. Never. Gonna. Happen. 

Ghost: Hellbent progress update

Heya everyone, we are still plugging away on the Hellbent video.   While we’ve made some good progress this month, we unfortunately won’t be able to finish it for October.  We don’t have a set date in mind at the moment, but we like to think we can get it out this year.

A majority of the raw animation is completed by now.  We are about halfway through background art.  Afterward will be effects, fixes, and final compositing.

We apologize for not being able to make it in time of our preferred release date, but we want to make sure the video is as polished as we can make it.  We will keep everyone posted when we have a release date set in stone.

Beyond that, we do have some extra things in the works.

This here is a schematic for an official Mystery plush.  We’ve gotten a prototype made and are continuing to make adjustments.  We aren’t quite sure how we’re going to fund the production, but we’ll let everyone know when we have things more solidified.

Again, we apologize we weren’t able to get stuff out to ya’ll faster, but thank you for sticking with us and we hope to have content for everyone before too long.

I had some time to kill this morning before I go out for the day, so I did some quick concept art for the animation I was teasing at yesterday. For those of you familiar with Crayon Queen’s Ask Error Sans story, you already know where this is going, haha.

Scene availability update

We’re very close to filling up every last spot, but the steady flow of applicants we get can’t always keep up with dropouts!

Our submissions page has all of the information on how to apply for a part!

We currently have 10 scenes left!

Most of these are out of character, but you can treat them as if they are spoken in-character! Lengths vary from 3-20 seconds.

Character availability:
Taako 5
Magnus 2
Merle 7
Killian 0
Magic Brian 2
Gundren 0

The Kickstarter is moving so fast!! We are just £3000 away from one of the last stretch goals: 4 art stickers! This means that when we reach £230k, everyone who orders a book through the Kickstarter campaign will get a bookmark, card set and stickers for free with the book 😊

if you haven’t backed the project yet, now’s the time to do it ~ find it here:

Availability update #2


There were a ton of applicants in the past day, enough to speak for every part we still had open! Thank all of you for being so excited about this project that we could fill up an ENTIRE EPISODE!

This said, new applicants are still welcome! With just the first deadline approaching, we are sure to still see a few dropouts before the project is over. Waitlisted animators will be notified when a part opens up and the first to ask for it will get it until the project is completed.

Progress Update

Summer break is over and it’s time to go back to our regular lives. I did a lot of writing during July, and I completely disconnected during August. Now, as I start a new school year, I’m hoping to get back into my writing routine. 

In case anyone is interested, these are my plans for the following months.

  • Strawberry Swing. This was my submission to this summer’s @mores2sl collection. The version I posted is complete, but the ending feels a bit rushed. There are a couple of scenes I’d like to add to correct this.
  • One Victor. It’s been ages since I updated it, and I’m dying to go back to this universe.
  • Capitol Life. As with One Victor, I’m really looking forward to going back to this. My plan is to alternate between fics so I can get both stories moving. Let’s see if I can manage.

Alright, these are my writing plans for the next few months. Got questions, requests, ideas? Let me know :D

I HIT 10K!!

I’m actually slightly over 10k, at 11,533 words. I’ve written almost 4,000 total words today. That feels really amazing. I’m taking a break for a bit, but I think I’m going to try to get back at it once I am clean and fed. I’m having a lot of fun with my writing today.

good old progress update

Ahh, I missed writing this.

- Nearly finished yet another parallax map, of which there are many to go… This is my first “real” parallax (as in, 100… well, uh, 90% pixel art and not SAI). I might be getting addicted!

- Discovered some RPGM lifehacks:

1. I knew you can copy events from one project to another, but you can also copy entire maps. Relevant if you have 3 versions you work with like I do. They work. Yay!

2. Also, you can copy and paste event pages.

3. RPG Maker 2000 doesn’t like having more than one instance of itself, so copying events from one game to another is kind of a pain. But! You can open 2000 and 2003 at the same time. And you can open projects made in 2000 in 2003 and vice versa. (It will warn you about the possibility of corruption, so maybe make a backup just in case.) Then you can copy and paste events no problem.

- Implemented a loooong cutscene. Still needs more testing, tweaking and talksprites, but at least I got it to work… And then I should finish sorting out the school.

- Drew a bunch of concepts and stuff and considerably expanded the backstories of some characters. Perhaps you’ll find some interesting things if you explore around the full game ;>

- In other news… I just went and joined Pixel Horror Jam. The development of shroom soup is slow anyway, so lol. Expect a small and pointless VX Ace game soon, if I manage to finish it. I’m officially addicted to releasing things.

Once something substantial gets done for it, I’ll post some updates here. Laters!

*punches self in face*

i’m finishing the draft of this chapter of we’ll always have paris tonight. it’s happening. and then i’ll edit the hell out of it. 

me: this probably won’t be as long as chapter 2

also me: how the hell is this already 5k and i have 4 more scenes to write?

also also me: *gets editors knife ready*

have a little excerpt: 

“Well,” Victor flutters his eyelashes but it looks more like he’s got a piece of lint stuck in his eye and is desperately trying to prevent them from watering and ruining his mascara.

(Victor Nikiforov wears mascara. This is something Yuuri knows now. Yuuri saw him put it on this morning.)

end me


June 24th update: Post anything you’d like to share!

A few scenes from the intro. The only dialogue in this game is in the awake portions, and mostly from Nyla. Nyla does have quite the mouth on her though, so expect her to say a lot once the final game comes out, especially if you’re just idling around in bed or something.

Four days left until the Jam is over. Ideally, I’d like to submit you&me by the 26th. I will say the game isn’t close to complete, I’m amazed I managed to make a barely functioning game as it is. However, it is playable to a point, and all that’s left to do between now and then is clean up as many tilesets as I can before the deadline.

It has been a fun experience so far, I’ve met a ton of interesting people making it, and I’ve gotten a lot more done than I expected to. Of course, I tend to bite off more than I can chew with games, but at the same time, I’m still happy I did. Production on this game will continue to work on regularly, with my ultimate deadline to finish it being in October.

The main focus this time was on collective dreams, which as a few have pointed out to me, are a lot less optimistic than some of the dreams in You May. Worry not, not every dream will be that dreary, just the ones made for this demo.

Current progress so far:

  • Walking Charsets made for Yarn, three of Yarn’s Effects, and Nyla.
  • Four Effects are currently programmed, one is missing a complete walk cycle.
  • The Bedroom is mostly finished minus adjusting some things (like the chest next to Yarn’s bed), the rest of the house is only basically laid out. There will be a dialogue box from Nyla to access other dream worlds as a placeholder.
  • Eight collective dream worlds are laid out, one/two have mostly finished chipsets and just need trees looped properly, two have basic assets thrown together that can be made much more coherent and more visually pleasing, three are simply laid out with pre-existing tiles and need a lot more work, and one is a black void lacking most of its NPCs.

Things left to do:

  • There are at least seven basic dreams planned, and at least six disconnected dreams planned, along with at least one more.
  • NPCs need to be made, and many assets (especially in a certain lie world) need to be cleaned up.
  • Effects are all currently aesthetic at the moment, minus a few map events.
  • A lot of the events are not playtested and are mostly thrown together at the last minute to make the game basically playable. There’s still a lot of experimenting left in the common events, and I’m sure the game is very easy to softlock.

Thank you so much for everyone’s continued support. I may be notorious for never finishing anything, but I really do hope to finish this and other projects one day, and hopefully one day soon.


Progress Update 8 has finally released!  Though mostly just a recap of the past months of development, this update does have some never-before seen stuff scattered about, like the full Dogjail cutscene and triple/backflip jumping.  Hope you guys like it!


hey look who finally finished this draft?

expect it on ao3…monday or tuesday depending on how beta edits go :)

for now, i’ll work on wine train fic….which is a one shot i actually haven’t talked about but is entirely @doodlesonice‘s fault. i’m excited.

Update - 9/23/2017

The script for the Pacifist route has been choreographed in full up to Papyrus’ big number, so it’s nearing the end of Snowdin. The Genocide script is written in full up to the end of the Ruins/beginning of Snowdin. As for music progress, 43 out of 44 songs are composed and 27 out of the 44 are fully instrumentated.
Production is also chugging along. Four songs are currently in the process of being storyboarded with one being revised (“Z”).
On a final note, there will be a composing stream tomorrow at 12PM PST/3PM EST.