WIP of the ending of my new fanime.


Coming soon!


Hello lovelies, :)

I had way too little personal post recently, so I thought an update is finally in order. I came to the shocking realization the other day that it’s already March. Where have the past 2 months gone? Have I really wasted more than 60 days because of self-hate? Unfortunately, yes. 

But it was just a set-back. An awful one, the worse I’ve ever had since my depression. But I’ve cried over it way too much, it is time to start going forward again and building a different road. Progress update: I was 116 kg last Sunday. Considering the past months, I’m thrilled that I only gained back 3 kilos. As soon as I find a store where i can buy measuring tape(because forgot mine at home), I’ll make a full update:)

I’m eating better since yesterday, though I’m on my period so it’s kinda hard not to eat everything in sight, lol. And I did tiny little exercises. Nothing much, only a couple of squats here and jumping jacks there, but I’m gonna count them as baby step starts.

I had a second interview about a job yesterday. I am so hopeful, the job would be awesome. I’ll hear back from them by early next week so please send some luck in my way! :))

And with Matthew…oh my god, why is communication so hard? I just don’t know what to do. He is amazing, because I met with him in one of the lowest points of my life and I’ve given him so much crap in the past months. But on the other hand, he is making me crazy…and not in a good way. I need him to talk more. It sucks because it’s the only thing we have and if he doesn’t say something, I won’t know. And I want someone who loves me, who cares about me and who is proud to have me. I feel like if I’m in a relationship I have every right for wanting to feel this way, and of course I want to make him feel the same way. But at the moment I feel like he is not proud to have me as his girlfriend and I have troubles believing that he loves me. I know part of the reason is because I didn’t find the strength to love myself, therefore I don’t let anyone else love me. But on the other hand, if he want to keep me in his life, he will have to do something about it as well, because I won’t keep trying forever if I feel like it’s unnecesary.
But I can actually see us making it work and ending up together in some years. Going home from work and kissing him, then cooking dinner with him, having lazy days with him, making sure he is okay and just be happy with him. I know it’s extremely hard to handle me, but as long as I see it’s worth it, I’m not going to give up on us.

somehow five years have gone by

i’m going out drinking later today (much, much later; considering I’m going to be sleeping in between now and then) but thus far I’ve spent the illustrious 5-years-on-hormones anniversary:

-reading fanfic (finally gave up and decided I can’t wait for a plane trip—my usual longfic excuse—to read Mutant Prisoners in SPACE, and I am just so so so into it now) 

-doing mundane-but-necessary tasks, like “finally changing my mailing address for obscure businesses” or “updating my out-of-state licensure” 

-enjoying the hell out of old “hormone progress" updates over on el jay/DW. Seriously. TMI AHOY, but, THANK GOD THE HORNINESS EVENED OUT. I had 100% forgot the part, from week two through twenty-four or so, where I had essentially been a character in a Sex Pollen story. Yes, my sex drive still locked in somewhere different than when I was pre-testosterone, but it’s not how it WAS, which I do recall was mostly a chore and intermittently embarrassing. I had also forgot the part where I physically could not drink enough water? Apparently I once just started eating ice from everyone’s glasses at a party. Sadly, the fact that my voice would settle at the exact register of “background bar noise” has not changed from month two, and it’s a real struggle my friends must continue to suffer. Oh, and, best of the tag: now and forever, the most hilarious time i ever got a script

God bless the fact that I now shave more than every other week, it’s finally up to every other day. Not gonna lie: praying fervently that the next five years bring me the simple gift of a beard. The rest of my body has been obliging, why not the face?

Demon!Clint progress update

So, back in December, I said that I hoped to have the next demon!Clint AU story up by early February.

Um, yes. It’s early March. I know.

My plan was to get the remaining stories (at the time two, in actual fact, three) finished before I posted the first one, in case I needed to make edits for continuity etc. After all, big finale finishes sometimes mess up the things that went before, and I wanted to make sure nothing fizzled or got lost.

The writing took longer than expected. Partially due to length. Partially due to blocks over fight scenes and porn. Partially due to distractions with other stories.


Today I put the last words on the first draft of the final story. Woo hoo!

They need an awful lot of editing. They need to go past by beta. They need more editing.

But hopefully the wait shouldn’t be too much longer. And you’ll get three stories in quick succession. Three demon!Clint stories. Around 30k of words in total.


Isn’t that worth the wait?

Do you have an Instagram?

I’m going to be starting some watercolor this weekend and thought it’d be a great opportunity to get back into Instagram so I can update with progress photos.

Follow me @kuitsuku:

I also update with lots of cat and skunk photos…and whatever else is going on in this crazy house!

I’d love to know some other artists on Instagram!


Time for a March progress update! This “demo” has pretty much turned into it’s own short game, tentatively titled "you&me@childare". Luckily, I have it all figured out; I’m keeping it short so I don’t overwhelm myself like with You May. Three chapters, all giving a taste of what you can do in You May as well as providing a bit of story background.

Current progress:

  • Mostly using assets from You May that were either finished or close to being finished, with more animations/expressions from the characters.
  • Each character has a base bust portrait (as seen above), some more finished than others (Natalie there has the least finished one). Each character will have around six expressions, at least for now.
  • Bubbles are done, a lot of item-related Pictures are done.
  • Prologue and part of Chapter One are finished minus a few details like sound effects. Chapter One will probably be the longest, Three the shortest. Story is plotted out in a notepad document, minus some fluff I’ll add as I go.

To do list:

  • Finish chapter one, then two and three/epilogue.
  • Replace map placeholders (Most of the maps are done, need graphics for outdoors and a decent number of furniture. Also reorganizing some of the room placements at the moment)
  • Finish portraits past the sketch stage (will come later in development, not too big a priority at the moment)
  • Add sound and music (will work on after most of the game is finished)
  • Not break RM2k3 entirely (I’ve recently somehow broken a common event idle animation so hard it retroactively broke it in every backup I have and I had to rescript it).

Ideal things to add that might not be possible (as mentioned above):

  • Two glows around the font (as seen in the character names). Theoretically possible with Pictures, but requires a huuuge amount of effort. If anyone knows a way to do this (I do have access to DynRPG if need be), please please let me know.
  • A way to change the font size. Size 11 works well since it’s small but keeps the same spacing between characters, and I think it miiight be possible if I go into a hex editor and mess with some things, then make it a separate font all together theoretically. I’m just not that savvy yet.

I mentioned having a friend with his own program, which I might use for You May, but for now I’m keeping the prequel to RM2k3 (currently vanilla since I ended up breaking it to the point it couldn’t start with DynRPG).

I also got another job recently, so progress has slown down a bit, but thankfully I still have time to work on it on my days off. I’m aiming for an tentative April/May release (tentative as in I give myself deadlines to work toward and might not meet said deadline).


Hi everyone!

Guess what?

Long version: What a busy half year we’ve had since our last update! We at Improbable Studios have been working hard on Sherlock: The Game Is On, and we’re currently pulling together all of our resources to finish programming the game.

Whilst our team have been slaving over illustrations and cutscenes and getting those last puzzles written, we’ve sadly been neglecting our social media accounts and have been keeping you guys in the dark. But no more! We of the Social Media team are here to make sure that you are kept in the loop.

Over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing screenshots, sneak peeks, previews, and demos, all leading up to the big release date. So stay tuned!

We have plans, oh do we have plans. Anticipate them and be excited, because Sherlock and John are getting ready for their next great adventure. (And this adventure is going to be so, so great.)

Had some time to kill at the station, so I thought I’d write a little progress update - sorry for the bad lighting, definitely not a great photo..

Anyway… No weight gain to speak of, and even if you can’t see a real difference from last time, I’m starting to feel a lot stronger.. Chest is growing a bit! :) Don’t have a six pack yet, but I feel like I can officially say that I’ve lost the little pouch to keep the extra cookies in! ;) Feeling good, and certain that my hard work will pay off :)

Note to self: don’t take the photo after a big lunch ;)

At least you tried

I did keto for 4-5 months at the beginning of this journey. It was SO beneficial at breaking my addiction to sugar and bread :) I transitioned to paleo/primal (been going strong for about 7 months!). Cutting out dairy was hard but had so many unintended benefits like clearing up my skin and eliminating my constant stomachaches.

I still treat myself all the time because I intend to live this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I’m not trying to get slim quick for prom or summer—I’m not afraid of birthday cake occasionally (or dark chocolate daily 😉)

Feel free to hit me with any questions you may have. Thank you all for the support you’ve shown me on this journey!


i’m pretty sure everyone was looking forward to another update progress on Doki Ronpa! so here it is ~ ♥

  • 6 more different music tracks have been added to the game.
  • i’ve changed the color scheme of the side menu’s buttons so you can see text easier (in the About section as well)
  • 1400+ lines coded in for the second day and it’s not even done yet haha (once it’s done i will code in the area where you will be able to pick routes)
  • 1/10 routes have been scripted and soon will be inputted into the game! amazing! (kudos to that person ; you know who you are. you’ll be credited in the about, the post when i release the game, and soon-to-be (if i can code it) credits roll at the end of each character’s routes)
  • the ability to enter in a FIRST and LAST name! damn! that’s hella! (which also gives you freedom to even insert other character’s names NOT from the DR series! Whoa!)
  • ^^^^ in response to the name insertions update ; guess who else is going to be date-able! yes that’s right ; everyone’s favorite luckster, Naegi-kun!
  • ^^^^ in response to another character intro and the name insertions update - the default name has been changed. i won’t say who, but you’ll find out ~ ♥ (it may have already been hinted at on my blog)
  • more point menus! actually, a point menu in literally every interaction with characters introduced so far (some of them may change certain things!).
  • 180+ files of images (and yeah, a majority of them are sprites. there are so many. such sprite. many beauty).

hopefully when the weekend comes, i’ll be able to code more. same goes for winter break, which is in a week for me! yahoo! ♥

UPDATE: Over 100lbs lost in a bit under a year. Honestly, my scale broke on the way to London and it has been good for me not weighing myself all the time. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m getting there and I love the person I am now and the life I’m living. I love college, I love the people, and I am just loving life. I know the most recent picture is blurry and I’m wearing no makeup and my hair is gross, but it is up to date and a full body shot. (also shows a sneak peak of my dorm) I love you all and thank you so much for the support.


Progress Update

Hi guys! We’re here to give you an update on what we’ve done and what we’re doing right now in the project:

  • Sketches of characters by the main artist (milkybreads) is done
  • Outlines for routes have been written and approved
  • Character Sprites in different expressions, poses, and outfits are underway
  • Writing of Chapter 1 is underway
  • Working on trial and error for GUI and programming with Ren’py

Unfortunately we can’t spill our outline/story, but we’d love to share our sketches of characters for sprites!

Stay tuned for our next update, and please keep supporting us! Remember, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an ask in our ask box



Last night I had the urge to draw a close up on raven, one thing lead to another and we are now dating and  I found myself wanting to do a a little animation project. I probably won’t finish this month. Perhaps December?

I’m going to include all the titans and GET THIS- It’s going to be a little serious. It’s something that I really can’t wait to get started on! I’ll keep you all updated!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share these with you!

I don’t know if you remember but like a year ago I had started planning out a Gravity Falls tarot card deck and I was like “I’m not joking, I’m really gonna do it!!” And then I didn’t do it. Hahah. I got too busy then just forgot about it.

But thanks to themysteryofgravityfalls I’m picking it back up again!! We actually have a whole deck planned out this time and incorporated some of the new characters from Season 2.
Should be a cool set of cards. And fun for me doing all the art! Got 22 of these cards to do. Woooo.

So here are the first three! Hope you’re excited to see the rest. :3

LOL see those hideous nonsensical scribbles?! They’re all thumbnails of doujinshi layout page planning. I am capping it at a tentative 85 pages total for Raindrops 8. *thank god I never thought I’d reach the end of that script* Slowly but surely… Sketching will finally be able to get underway now! 

Don’t bother trying to decipher what you see they make no sense whatsoever to anybody but me.