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Hi there. I spent like the last week reading through all your fanfiction on Archive and I LOVE it. You are a seriously amazing writer. The way you write Roman and Dean is my favorite. I love how they always seem to need each other and help each other. The other characters are great too. Cant wait to see what you do next! Also I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Do you have any plans to keep going with that Star Wars story you started? <3 Love your work!

Well, thank you.  I really appreciate that and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them all.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of the idea that they can kind of drag each other across the finish line.   So to speak.  I like that balance.

Re: The Star Wars story.  As of now, yeah.  The plan is to get that one done, too, eventually.  It’s kind of back-burner (I’ve got in-progress updates for “Shelter” and “By Definition” in the works right now), but I haven’t forgotten it.

Thanks again so much for your comments and for the question.


Hi everyone!

Guess what?

Long version: What a busy half year we’ve had since our last update! We at Improbable Studios have been working hard on Sherlock: The Game Is On, and we’re currently pulling together all of our resources to finish programming the game.

Whilst our team have been slaving over illustrations and cutscenes and getting those last puzzles written, we’ve sadly been neglecting our social media accounts and have been keeping you guys in the dark. But no more! We of the Social Media team are here to make sure that you are kept in the loop.

Over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing screenshots, sneak peeks, previews, and demos, all leading up to the big release date. So stay tuned!

We have plans, oh do we have plans. Anticipate them and be excited, because Sherlock and John are getting ready for their next great adventure. (And this adventure is going to be so, so great.)


My Pathetic But Adorable Big Brother, Hiro: Part I

Older bro!Hiro & Younger bro!Tadashi AU

Prologue Here, Part 2 

AHAHAHAH it finally starts, at a snail’s pace….


i’m pretty sure everyone was looking forward to another update progress on Doki Ronpa! so here it is ~ ♥

  • 6 more different music tracks have been added to the game.
  • i’ve changed the color scheme of the side menu’s buttons so you can see text easier (in the About section as well)
  • 1400+ lines coded in for the second day and it’s not even done yet haha (once it’s done i will code in the area where you will be able to pick routes)
  • 1/10 routes have been scripted and soon will be inputted into the game! amazing! (kudos to that person ; you know who you are. you’ll be credited in the about, the post when i release the game, and soon-to-be (if i can code it) credits roll at the end of each character’s routes)
  • the ability to enter in a FIRST and LAST name! damn! that’s hella! (which also gives you freedom to even insert other character’s names NOT from the DR series! Whoa!)
  • ^^^^ in response to the name insertions update ; guess who else is going to be date-able! yes that’s right ; everyone’s favorite luckster, Naegi-kun!
  • ^^^^ in response to another character intro and the name insertions update - the default name has been changed. i won’t say who, but you’ll find out ~ ♥ (it may have already been hinted at on my blog)
  • more point menus! actually, a point menu in literally every interaction with characters introduced so far (some of them may change certain things!).
  • 180+ files of images (and yeah, a majority of them are sprites. there are so many. such sprite. many beauty).

hopefully when the weekend comes, i’ll be able to code more. same goes for winter break, which is in a week for me! yahoo! ♥

Progress Update

First and foremost: this blog is presently under heavy attack by the Neo-Nazis; at least a half a dozen attempts at submitting gore and harassing text to the inbox have been made.  First attempt blocking has been used, so it is unknown how many attempts have been made in actuality. 

However, this is likely a good thing, in a larger view.  This blog is being seen as a threat, and they are focusing on it.  All they are accomplishing is stiffening our resolve.

Second point: An email has been set up for this account: 

We are accepting submissions of advertiser material, form letters and we welcome having people forward the Tumblr email alerts of harassing messages to this address.  All we ask is that messages coming in in this fashion be tagged in the header with [Tumblr Message Alert] so that they can be filtered and sorted appropriately. 

Harassers, if you wish to do the same and give additional evidence in the legal cases against yourselves, feel free to do so.  A great deal can be ascertained by the detailed examination of an email header, and a number of the volunteers in this account’s Tumblr inbox have expressed their sincere desire in doing exactly so. 

Third point: The database has been set up and can be found here (link to Google Drive spreadsheet).  At the moment, it is set to view-only.  Volunteers interested in curating this database are highly desired.

At the moment, there are three sub-pages available: Advertisers, Neo-Nazi Blogs and Cyberbullying Record.  The latter two sub-pages are flagged with Content Trigger Warnings. 

Page Layouts:

Advertiser Information is laid out as follows, for people that wish to submit collated information for easy input to this page (Link to original post regarding request for Advertiser information):

[Advertiser Name], [Last Reported Ad], [Contact Email], [Facebook Page Link], [Twitter Account Link], [Tumblr Account Link], [Phone Number], [Notes]

Neo-Nazi Blogs page is laid out as follows (list of names courtesy of jewish-privilege‘s Block List and @hanslovinde’s PSA):

[Blog Name], [Known Aliases], [Presently Active Aliases], [Confirmed Text Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Image Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Video Harassment? Yes/No], [Confirmed Audio Harassment? Yes/No], [Harassment Notes], [Other Notes]

Cyberbullying Record page is laid out as follows:

[Date of Harassment], [Name Of Harassing Account At Time Of Harassment], [Victims of Harassment, with link to screenshot if available], [Notes]

Again, volunteers willing to help curate one or more pages of this database, please, we need your assistance. 

Fourth point: Screenshots of ads and of harassment are being stored in the same google drive account, and sorted by type and by month. 

Link to Advertiser Screenshot Folder

Link to Harassment Screenshot Folder (General Content TW)

For advertisement screenshot images, we request that screenshots be given the following file name format: [mm-dd-yy]_[ad company name]

For harassment screenshot images, we request that screenshots be given the following file name format: [mm-dd-yy]_[name of harassing blog]_[name of victim blog]

Submissions to are welcome.  Please flag the emails in the subject title with [Harassment-Screenshot] or [Advertiser Screenshot] as appropriate. 

To protect submitter identities, we will be removing meta-data from these images as best we can.

Fifth Point: Form Letters and Call Forms are still needed.  Please submit these either to the submit box for this blog, or to  For emails, we ask that the Subject line be tagged with Form Letter or Call Form, for ease of sorting.  Link to original post regarding request for Form Letters.

Upon submission, acceptance and editing, they will be posted at this document for general use.

Sixth and Final Point: Another Signal Boost for this post.  Please reblog and spread the word.  

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Please, signal boost, so that we do not lose momentum!

We’re back guys! And this time with Oikawa and Iwa-chan’s mini-sprites! Made by @cheritsundere :D

We’re working our best to finished all of the sprites and the trial error. The trial error is going to be only one chapter for one character. We just want to know what would the game look like when it’s running. We’re planning to release the trial error too, so you guys can see and play it ^^ Currently we’re waiting for the title art to be done.

That’s for today’s update! Thank you for always sending us supportive and kind message. Have a good day :D

LOL see those hideous nonsensical scribbles?! They’re all thumbnails of doujinshi layout page planning. I am capping it at a tentative 85 pages total for Raindrops 8. *thank god I never thought I’d reach the end of that script* Slowly but surely… Sketching will finally be able to get underway now! 

Don’t bother trying to decipher what you see they make no sense whatsoever to anybody but me.


All of the roughs of the Smothering are finished. 

The remainder of the work is polishing all of the images, editing the images into a video file and adding audio.

I’m not so sure how long that will take, but hopefully it won’t be too long now that the vast majority of the work is done.

As far as colouring goes I’m considering a few different options.

Full colour might be too much of an investment. I don’t want to burn out half way through or end up adding another 6-8 months to the release date.

No colour might be a little sad. I do want it to look nice.

I’m going to try out a few different things but currently I’m considering block colours for the characters and backgrounds along with simple shading where necessary.

I took a 10-second self timed selfie in my new black/black @adidasoriginals soccer pants, and apparently I could make this gif out of it. So here’s me, moving very slightly, trying to be cool.
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Bedtime 13 Oct 16

Finished the row I was working on, and now it is bedtime before I fall on my face. Wasn’t as painful today, but pain was still above baseline.

Hugs for everyone, and I hope you sleep well.

Also, progress pic of the blanket!

@deadcatwithaflamethrower - thought you’d might like to see it. I’ve gotten to the row with the first solid green all the way across at the base, and past most of the fiddly bits that mean I have lots of dangly threads. Or at least the current batch of fiddly bits. 26 rows to go, of which 12 have pattern bits, and the other 14 are just solid background to give it a nice border.

If all goes well and nothing flares up badly, I should have it done in time to send out for the winter holidays.