my crazy lil clarea, the sim that started this whole unexpected legacy. 

she has achieved so much in her life:

  • reached level 10 of the scientist career
  • travelled to Sixam
  • married Tammy and had 2 sweet kiddos
  • maxed her handiness, logic, rocket science, fishing, gardening and mischief skills (+ almost cooking and herbalism)
  • completed multiple aspirations
  • and so much more

this is just a little appreciation post for my fave sim to date, her time is coming but she ain’t done yet 💚


June 24th update: Post anything you’d like to share!

A few scenes from the intro. The only dialogue in this game is in the awake portions, and mostly from Nyla. Nyla does have quite the mouth on her though, so expect her to say a lot once the final game comes out, especially if you’re just idling around in bed or something.

Four days left until the Jam is over. Ideally, I’d like to submit you&me by the 26th. I will say the game isn’t close to complete, I’m amazed I managed to make a barely functioning game as it is. However, it is playable to a point, and all that’s left to do between now and then is clean up as many tilesets as I can before the deadline.

It has been a fun experience so far, I’ve met a ton of interesting people making it, and I’ve gotten a lot more done than I expected to. Of course, I tend to bite off more than I can chew with games, but at the same time, I’m still happy I did. Production on this game will continue to work on regularly, with my ultimate deadline to finish it being in October.

The main focus this time was on collective dreams, which as a few have pointed out to me, are a lot less optimistic than some of the dreams in You May. Worry not, not every dream will be that dreary, just the ones made for this demo.

Current progress so far:

  • Walking Charsets made for Yarn, three of Yarn’s Effects, and Nyla.
  • Four Effects are currently programmed, one is missing a complete walk cycle.
  • The Bedroom is mostly finished minus adjusting some things (like the chest next to Yarn’s bed), the rest of the house is only basically laid out. There will be a dialogue box from Nyla to access other dream worlds as a placeholder.
  • Eight collective dream worlds are laid out, one/two have mostly finished chipsets and just need trees looped properly, two have basic assets thrown together that can be made much more coherent and more visually pleasing, three are simply laid out with pre-existing tiles and need a lot more work, and one is a black void lacking most of its NPCs.

Things left to do:

  • There are at least seven basic dreams planned, and at least six disconnected dreams planned, along with at least one more.
  • NPCs need to be made, and many assets (especially in a certain lie world) need to be cleaned up.
  • Effects are all currently aesthetic at the moment, minus a few map events.
  • A lot of the events are not playtested and are mostly thrown together at the last minute to make the game basically playable. There’s still a lot of experimenting left in the common events, and I’m sure the game is very easy to softlock.

Thank you so much for everyone’s continued support. I may be notorious for never finishing anything, but I really do hope to finish this and other projects one day, and hopefully one day soon.

Almost done with the soriel animatic! Just need to draw a couple of filler panels and that’s it. And then I can go draw answers for asks at @royalbluetale . And then actually draw the next comic of Royalblue. And then start working on the @sorielweek entries. My schedule is pretty much full until August.

I swear this hobby takes more energy and time than my actual work.

June 20th update: Show an Effect

Here are the three main Effects planned for the first release of you&me, referred to in game as “Stuff”. From left to right, they are Ball of Yarn, Blankee, and Sheep. Stuff that was also found in the first game.

Theoretically, there can be up to nine different Stuff, such as in You May. I’m still debating whether or not to reuse all of them, or if there might be some new ones thrown into the mix.

Stuff can be collected in the collective dreams, but can also be used in the real world and in other dreams for different purposes. Finding some Stuff will allow more exploration of the real world. Rather than going through a menu, Stuff are activated via the number keys, and have more actions with the Shift key.


The Board Game Hannigram - Hannibal series explained as a board game - help Will Graham to play hard to get
(it’s actually playable!! Feel free to print these pages and play if there are fannibals in your neighborhood. Love you all guys=) the game is still in progress, so i’ll be updating this post, I ’ll add  about 80 “situation cards” and other stuff)

Stageplay subbing update

JSYK I’m still alive, and still doing this stuff.

  • Yowapeda Hakone chapter  - the Sleeping Straight-Line Demon: final check in progress
  • Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Katsugeki Love: editing and proofreading in progress (past the hour mark! yay xD)
  • Next I’ll work on one of the Yowapeda plays again :)

It’s just quite busy atm because convention crunch time is here, and after that it’s only a month and a half before I go to Japan for 2 weeks c: 


For anyone who stumbled upon our Tumblr and is curious about how much progress we’ve made you can find out from the video above!

anonymous asked:

so how goes the feyrexcassianxazriel piece?

Well, I haven’t been able to work on it since my last update. I’ve been busy with commissions and I took a mini vacation to the Grand Canyon with the hubs. I expect most of my weekend will be spent scribbling at it, so I’ll have another update (at least) to post sometime this week.

June 16th update: Give everyone a preview of a finished map (either a partial or a full screenshot)

I can’t say it’s a finished map just yet, but here’s a sneak peak at a map in progress. This here is one of the first dream worlds of the collective dreams Yarn will visit.

Maps continue to be my bane it seems. So far, there are 10 main collective dreams planned, with 6 disconnected dreams and a handful of basic dreams. Four have been started so far and are generally laid out, they just need cleaned up assets. This one, for example, needs a fixed fog graphic, the trees need cleaning up (as I try to figure out how to top them off cleanly- may even make them a tile taller if possible), and a panorama graphic needs to be made.

There is a lot I want to say about these dream worlds, but I will bite my tongue for now. I will say this- corner pieces are the devil.

Current progress so far:

  • Three Effects are made and done in terms of activating and charsets, may make at least one more, up to eight. Still need to make their action events.
  • Four dream maps laid out and have basic assets made. No panoramas made yet, at least two of them will need one.

Need to do:

  • Rest of maps, clean up, events and teleports
  • Cutscenes and dialogue
  • Sound design and Animations

Sunday Progress Update:

Welllllll…this week has not been my best.  Not even close.  It’s been much more mental exhaustion that has kept me from working out every day like I always intend to.  Between work being hectic and requiring me to be “on” even more than usual and my mother being in the worst mood ever, I’ve just done far too much sitting around watching OITNB (least favorite season so far) and reading (Before We Were Yours was awesome, and I really enjoyed Allie and Bea!).  My mother is currently on her “I have no life so I wish I could just kill myself” kick…which then leads to her “But I would never do that because God is just testing me” kick…both of which put me through the emotional wringer.  She qualifies for respite care services; however, due to a fun late-in-life-onset bout of racism, she is “too scared” to leave a stranger alone in her home because I told her that NO she is NOT allowed to request a “white caregiver only please.”  WTF?!?!?!  I seriously blame her membership in the cowboy church–I loathe that she’s become a member of that backwards cult…but that’s taking us off topic.

Long story short, it’s been a taxing week.  I’m not in the mood to beat myself up for falling short.  I should FINALLY be able to work my summer hours for the first week ever next week, and I’ll compensate for this week’s poor showing.  Annnnd, because I sometimes make brilliant decisions, I took Monday off!

Thanks for the support on yesterday’s post!  The husband is extremely patient with me, and he pretty much left me to my own devices all day and I felt so much better!  Then, we went on a early evening date, enjoyed some no-kid-in-the-house sex, and then headed over to our friends’ house for poker night!  The husband won $130!  And, that will now finance tonight’s dinner at our favorite pub! 


Believe it or not these are all from the same day; I love how you can actually see how much more confident and comfortable I am when I can be myself (: I had to go do some legal stuffz and be in boy mode because sometimes that makes things more convenient, but I rewarded myself with a visit to the hair salon! Next time I’m going to try color!!! 😆

Miss Immortal’s PSA:

Ah, apologies for the lack of updates this evening/morning/day/afternoon (wherever all you lovelies are)! I spent the whole evening spazzing out about something very silly LMAO- but I’m working on a GladioxOC one-shot, where Papa!Cor makes an appearance! I just want to let everyone who has submitted requests know that I HAVE SEEN THEM ALL AND I WILL GET TO THEM AND FILL THEM ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE SUCH GOOD PROMPTS, YOU GUYS ARE SO CREATIVE AND IT IS YOUR CREATIVITY THAT FEEDS MY MUSE <3 I know I am slightly slow nowadays, and that’s because I’ve started real work xD Which is a good thing- I can now support my favourite cosplayer on patreon so that’s nice! Oh, and help out the family with bills and stuff- but mostly support my fave cosplayer LMAO! Either way, from tomorrow I shall strive to get at least one request filled per evening after work! :D I love you all, thank you so much for reading and sticking with this odd, angsty, fluffy writing blog! <3

Now… it’s bed time. GOOD NIGHT/DAY FROM AUSSIE LAND! :D <3

P.S: Feel free to start a conversation with me via PM, or even asks (on anon or public) if you’re shy, about ANYTHING- I adore making new friends! <3

progress looks small but it was a whole bunch of shots with way more animation and effects going on than the others have got! got a lot done today but not enough to put together a full edit for class tomorrow. it’s fine because it’s not really due for another week. 

I still have a fresh new reel made to present but since it’s so close to completion, I’m saving it for when it’s all put together with sound and everything

The Life is Strange Fans site on Twitter and Facebook recently highlighted this project! I’m honored, thank you so much. It’s been a long and difficult road with a lot of mistakes and learning, but it’s getting there. Thanks to the support and friendship of many fellow creative fans in the fandom, this project is coming together, and I’m determined to see it through to its end.

I’ll be making another big update to the visual novel’s presentation, as well as posting Chapter 15 of the fic, on this coming Monday 29th.