I’m Anne-Marie Imafidon and I’m the youngest girl ever to pass an A-level in Computing (done aged 11 instead of 18) and am one of the youngest to gain a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University (aged 20). I was UK IT Young Professional of the Year in 2013 and currently work in technology at a bank.

I set up the Stemettes project in 2013 to inspire girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (collectively known as STEM) by showing them the lovely women already working in STEM. Since February 2013 we’ve held panel events, hackathons and exhibitions around the UK, where hundreds of girls have been able to create their own mobile apps, games & data visualisations, as well as meet all kinds of women from across STEM.

I started the project because I love my job and can’t believe that the number of women going into STEM in the UK is so low and has been falling. Girls are missing out on a whole word of creativity, fun and being able to impact lives - so I’m doing what I can to show girls that they can have a full, fulfilling, happy and normal life if they join this industry.

In the future, I’d love for Stemettes to be something that all girls can access and try out some of STEM for themselves - being it creating their own mobile app, mixing up their own cocktails or attempting to create and prove their own theorems. Maybe then, we’ll have more girls trying to and succeeding in the increasingly important (and exciting) STEM industry.

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