We interrupt your daily feed to bring in this BIG announcement from Toyfair 2016:

Kidrobot will produce vinyls for The Fractured But Whole game.  Including THREE medium vinyl of the most popular in the hero lineup: The Coon, Mysterion, and Professor Chaos.

But even better is if you look closely on the display box for the blind box 3″ vinyls, you’re going to see spoilers for the game.

We have our FIRST female South Park vinyl in the form of Cat Girl [Wendy].

Scott Malkenson will return to game form as Captain Diabetes.

Jimmy is retaining his role from Stick of Truth as The Bard, oddly.

But I saved the most exciting [at least for me] last because it looks like Craig will join in the game as Super Craig.

Does it suck that Tweek won’t be getting a vinyl, thus leaving his role [if any] in the game up in the air? Yeah.
Is it thought-provoking to wonder if Jimmy is replacing Timmy on the team or that Kidrobot doesn’t have the capability to cast Iron Maiden in their style [or it could be a copywrite issue]? 

Still, let the speculation and fanarts begin.


I think I am headed the right direction to cosplaying as many characters as I can from South Park.