So it was Callisto and the Morlocks that saved Professor X after he got mugged and almost beaten to death by that mob in the last issue. She takes him back to the sewers, heals him up, and gives him a fresh change of clothes and a comfortable place to rest. Not weird at all. Hmm… I wonder why she put a bondage strap on his head?

Ca… Callisto.

Why did you put a bondage strap on his head?

(Uncanny X-Men #193 – May 1985)

Why Charles Always Wins Arguments
  • Erik:I hate you.
  • Charles:I hate me too.
  • Erik:How could you hate yourself? You are the kindest and most gracious being to ever walk the earth. You are the light of my life. You are the most generous person to exist, Charles. Without you I would be nothing. Whoever made you feel this way must be destroyed. You are a delicate flower and you must be protected at all costs. How could you feel this way, my love?
  • Charles:Gotcha bitch