Cramming cartoon practice while watching #AlphaHouse because I am a professional.
Via Christopher Hart’s “Humongous Book of Cartooning”
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Bird-banding is definitely one of the more exciting activities I’ve become involved with. Since our campus is a migratory corridor, the fall is a great time to see some unique species.

Mist-nets are used for capture - tall, fine, mesh hoisted into small clearings. Each bird is sexed, aged, and identified, given a small metal identification bracelet, the wing length, fat content, and bird’s weight are measured, and the bird is re-released.

This project is overseen by several seasoned birders in the area, and several student participants as well.

Morning Insta-followers! We’re back! We hoe you had an amazing little break, by its over now! More tips, more humor, more wit is coming from TKB!

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Finding a Job These Days: A Practical Guide to Unconventional Job-Hunting

One of the most common questions I receive from this site is: “How did you find your job?” “How can I find one I love just as much?”

Here is my attempt to answer this question with as much step-by-step practicality that I think is more or less universally applicable whether you are hunting for your first, second, or fifth job, have a PhD or a high school diploma, are an engineer or a fashion designer.

It’s also focused on social and slightly unconventional job-hunting.

Hey, you asked how I did it.  This is what actually WORKS!

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🇺🇸✨❤️💥️🇺🇸 This is how I’m spending my Independence Day - studying! Or should I say celebrating the freedom to learn. I trust that the hard work will pay off as I reach for another degree. I am working hard now so I can enjoy family time with John and the kids later. I hope you’re having a spectacular day. 🇺🇸🎉💥❤️🎉💥✨🇺🇸 #study #teacher #independenceday #learn #professionaldevelopment #knowledgeispower

Trying to figure out ways to document my work and decided (about 10 mins ago) that ill have a go at video, this is just the first test to kinda see how it will work, I need to definitely change the camera angle and use a tripod plus the lighting is bad. But hopefully i’ll be able to get my head round it, and it will convince me to work rather than the video showing me wondering around being distracted like how most of my projects end up.

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Potential Leaders All Over.

There are hidden gems all around us. I see this everyday. The interesting thing is that many of them are doing very simple work and do not fit the mold. They are not over the top educated. They are far from perfect.

On the other side of the coin, they care about their people and their craft like no other. They are not doing a particular job solely based on compensation or recognition. They do not just tell you what you want to hear so that they can take the next step on the ladder.

Recently I started another part time job within the same organization to switch things up during a slow time of year. Over the last two weeks I have been trying for another low level position. One of my new colleagues who had much experience in the role was working with me in the beginning but also ended up leading me through the training later in the week.

At first I thought he was going to complain all the time, never follow protocol and just be a difficult colleague. What I learned after working with this colleague for a couple shifts was that he came off this way because he overly cared about the clients that he was served. At no point did he want to deliver a poor product, experience or service. He was very particular about how he prepared the product while keeping the customer in mind. He wanted to prepare the product as awesome as he would for himself, as for the customer. He went out of his way to deliver on that experience. This sometimes meant bending the rules slightly. This also made is difficult from time to time when working with others that did not care. 

The thing that really stood out about this individual is that he took extra time to work with me, educate me both in the process and explain why he did each thing he did. He explained the little nuances very clearly and why they were in the best interest of the customer. Bear in mind this is a position that pays just above minimum wage where most people really do not give a shit about the product because they are making so little for their time.

This same young man is in his early early 20′s, covered in tattoos, does not look overly professional and might give off the initial impression that he is rough around the edges. Although my interactions with him were quite the opposite of the initial impression. If an older, experienced professional were to take this young man under his wing, he could really thrive as a leader.

Do me a favor and throw the thought of the initial impression right out the window. Learn what a person is all about, learn who they are, learn about their character. They could be a solid professional inside that intense exterior, give them the time of day, support them and you might be surprised what happens.

Generation WHY?

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As the next generation of young adults enter our workforce… I am sure that many of you have noticed some differences of perspective when it comes to attitude, skills and approach to labor.  You will respond to this and how you respond will make an impact.  This is powerful.  Your reaction has the potential to shape our future leaders.

I don’t like to use the term ROLE MODEL… But that is exactly…

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