Queer is not a slur.

Not when used as a self-identification, and not when used as an umbrella term within the community, at least.

See, here’s the thing: The most common identifier used by bi, pan, and trans people to describe their sexuality? Queer.

Given that multiple studies have shown that bi people alone comprise about half the community, that makes it by far the most common term we use to describe ourselves.

What’s more, it’s not just an identifier: it’s a rallying cry. It’s a banner the whole community has assembled under forever. “We’re here, we’re queer” is a cliché for a reason. It’s a statement of power, and of pride - yes, we’re weird. We don’t fit into the “acceptable” categories cisheteronormative society gives us. And that’s a good thing. It’s a call to demolish those “acceptable” boxes, to build a world we’re all part of.

Its rejection is a relatively recent move by the same homonationalism that brought us “Bi people don’t belong,” the thrilling sequel “Trans people don’t belong,” and the stunning conclusion “Ace people don’t belong.” It’s a deliberate strategy employed by respectability politicians seeking a seat at the table - taking the work we’ve put in and distancing themselves from us so they can tell the straights “We deserve your respect because we’re just like you! We even hate queers!”

(And don’t think it’s a coincidence that the community suddenly forgot the massive, massive overlap between “queer” and “poly” when building the very self-conscious image of two clean-cut upper-middle-class smiling young professional men or women either. Anything that wasn’t “respectable” enough had to go. My deepest thanks to the person who pointed this out.)

In the rush for our place in an oppressive hell, we’ve lost our revolutionary edge, lost our fire, and lost a lot of what drove us in the first place. Fuck. That.

I’m queer, and you will never take that away from me.

Shoutout to the woman who are full of self love, who know their value, and who refuse to entertain people who don’t acknowledge their light. Shoutout to the woman who aren’t full of self love but who are on a journey to recovery and those who aren’t on a journey, may you find peace in 2017. Shoutout to the woman who recognise when to let go, who aren’t bitter and those who hold peace in their hearts. Shoutout to the women who are still angry, who aren’t over things and who still hold pain or resentment in their hearts, may you find peace soon. Shoutout to the queens who are focusing on bettering themselves so when they cross paths with a King or a Queen, they are ready to love and exchange reciprocated energy. Shoutout to queens who society deem as unworthy, ghetto or lost. You’re none of the above. FUCK them. Stay true to yourself - you are royal. Shoutout to the women who support each other and don’t tear other women down. Shoutout to the women who fight for the rights of other woman. Shoutout to the women who are patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate and empowering. Shoutout to women who aren’t familiar with these traits due to circumstances beyond their control. You are still lovable and deserving. Shoutout to the women with mental illnesses - we may never understand your daily battle but we salute you for waking up and facing another day. Shoutout to the women who conquered abusive relationships and R.I.P to those who lost their lives. Shoutout to the women who hold their families together, with or without recognition. Shoutout to the children stuck in women’s bodies who were forced to become women too soon - to those who had to become mothers to their siblings, to those who lost their innocence by force and those who never had a childhood, you survived and you will continue to strive! Shoutout to the single mothers and the necessary sacrifices you had to make in order for you to provide a better life for your children. Shoutout to the stay at home mums who have put their careers on hold to raise a family. How you did it all - we will never comprehend. But thank you. Shoutout to the grandmothers who had to become mothers to their children’s children. Shoutout to the women who had to make the most difficult decision to let go of their children. Shoutout to the women who had to bury their children - words fail me, just stay strong. Shoutout to the women who had to battle cancer. Fucking Fuck cancer. Shoutout to the entrepreneurs, the business women, the pioneers and all the professional women, you have pushed the boundaries, your struggle was not in vain. And finally, shoutout the women who are still on their journey to fulfilment.

{PART 1} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You drive to your boss‘s house with the intention of returning his wallet he left at the office. You feel uneasy, seeing his manor for the first time - Jungkook also feels uneasy, but for reasons that you could never begin to imagine.

A/N; This is the first instalment of a request I received that I decided to turn into a series that will contain smut. I’ll release a new chapter every Tuesday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time), I hope you enjoy part 1 ^^

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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One thing that turns many people off from feminism is that it’s more crowded with middle-class white women than a Sarah McLachlan concert. Not because they’re afraid of homemade jewelry – although you do not wanna catch a macrame bracelet to the eye, trust me on this one – but because these middle-class white women tend to brush off the unique struggles of working-class and/or non-white women, which are like a triple-crotch punch of discrimination.

Take the wage gap. Women are paid 79 cents on the dollar compared to men – if they’re white. It’s worse for Native women, worse still for African-American women, and worst of all for Latina women (who only make 54 cents on the dollar).

And that’s not all. Most women in general are in service or clerical jobs, but a white woman is more likely than a woman of color to work in a professional or managerial capacity. Women of color are also significantly less likely to be promoted. This all amounts to less money, more hours, and fewer opportunities for time off. When white feminists don’t understand this, it creates situations like what I saw at the Women’s March in Seattle: a woman yelled to the crowd that she wished she could join us, but unfortunately, she had to go to work. The women in the crowd, some of whom would no doubt be confronted by their bosses with some damning news footage come Monday, told her to just call in sick. It didn’t even occur to them that, for hourly wage slaves, calling in sick might mean getting fired, or that she just can’t afford to skip those eight (or 10 or 12) hours. They might as well ask a person with no legs “Why don’t you just stand up?”

Ignorance is one thing, but many white feminists don’t even try to understand. 

Why Feminism Could Use Some Serious Rebranding

“In real life, Moffat doesn’t work with women. He doesn’t hire women and he doesn’t collaborate with women professionally.“

I think that will come as a big surprise to Sue Vertue, Rachel Talalay, Sarah Dollard, Sheree Folkson, Rona Munro, Beryl Vertue, Nikki Wilson, Caroline Skinner, Hettie MacDonald, Catherine Tregenna, Rebecca Eaton, Denise Paul, Beth Willis, Catherine Morshead and many others. Hate Moffat all you want, but let’s not erase all the great work these women have done on Doctor Who and Sherlock as writers, directors and producers. 


Black Women Of Twitter Share The BS They Put Up With At Work Every Day

“Black women on Twitter are fed up with the way they are treated in the workplace so they are sharing their experiences on Twitter.

Activist Brittany Packnett kicked off the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork on Tuesday afternoon in response to the disrespectful ways in which two prominent black women were treated by public figures throughout the day.

On Tuesday’s morning episode of “Fox & Friends,” the network’s Bill O’Reilly mocked Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) by saying he was too distracted by her “James Brown” wig to listen to anything she had to say about President Donald Trump. He has since issued an apology, claiming it was all “a jest.” Later in the day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer scolded White House correspondent April D. Ryan and told her to stop shaking her head. This happened before a room full of journalists, and it was televised and broadcast on national TV.

Packnett said that both incidents were unacceptable, but also unfortunately familiar.

“I’m surrounded everyday by brilliant, confident, incredible black professional women who get demeaned despite their prowess. Today, I was over it,” Packnett told The Huffington Post. “I have deep an abiding respect for Congresswoman Waters and Ms. Ryan who are both trailblazers in their fields.  They are to be respected, just like every other black woman who rises each day to contribute to this society in ways that are all-too-often taken for granted.”

Read the full piece and see more Tweets here

Bill O’Reilly, you racist, misogynist sexually harassing piece of sh*t, GET OFF THE AIR.

Here’s a shoutout to all the women who aren’t ultra talented, rocket scientists, published writers and artists or professional athletes. You are women, you are as valid and deserving love and respect as those other women. You don’t need to justify your existance and their success doesn’t mean your  failure. Happy International Women’s Day

Ride of the Valkyries

This was meant to be for a book that was put together by about a hundred women professionals, all illustrating females in Fantasy. The project got too big and unmanageable, and officially ended this month. The book won’t happen, unfortunately, but fortunately, I can now show this!

There’s prints of it too. :)

Wait for me

Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: Can I request and imagine were you’re an Ex of tommys but he always looks out for you so he gives you a job in the company, when grace comes around she forces him to fire you out of jealousy , he does it his family go crazy at him and you can choose how it ends

Running through the streets of Small Heath, tears pouring from your eyes as you made your way home. The last person you wanted to see right now was your ex boyfriend but it’s like the big man had it out for you today as you collided with a man and fell to the ground.

“(Y/N)?” You knew the voice too well, you looked up into those icy blue eyes and cursed the heavens, of course, it was your ex.

“Shit sorry Tommy. I have to go.” You say rushing past him. He runs after you calling your name but you don’t want to speak to him not now. It had been 6 months are so since you ended things, it wasn’t really working out. Neither of your families was happy about the split and no one saw it coming but you tried to remain friends.

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A Week of Pride & Thanks

Our intern Kevin loved this new book from Sarah Prager, Queer, There, and Everywhere: 22 People Who Changed the World, and felt compelled to say thank you for all they did. In the book, Prager outlines the extraordinary lives of LGBTQ figures throughout history – a project of painstaking research and devotion, and a task not made easy by the many who have erased and revised the rainbow’s visibility within some of our world’s greatest contributors.

This is a series of Thank You notes to those figures featured in Prager’s book who have paved the way toward today, where Pride parades (or marches) may dance down city roads, streets clogged by the sheer multitude clamoring to participate in festivity; where marriage equality drapes its long laced veil across a vastly more accepting world, nation by nation; where LGBTQ stories win the highest cinematic awards; where LGBTQ athletes can proudly reveal their truths; where LGBTQ world leaders stand tall amongst their peers; and where there’s still terrible things we need to fix, but we know it gets better when we look behind us and see all that has hitherto been accomplished.

Dear Eleanor Roosevelt,

Thank you for the strides you made for women and human beings around the world. Where you saw progress could be made, you struck. Though you were not able to live alongside a woman whom you loved, openly, you nevertheless grasped at any human rights within reach, whether for professional women in the White House or on a global scale. Thank you for your diplomacy that was felt throughout the world at the time, and now, many decades later.

Dear Abraham Lincoln,

Essentially, you lived a life we dread for ourselves, one of secrecy and uncertainty. Who was Joshua Fry Speed to you? Time may have eroded this relationship, polishing its grooves into the smoothest stone, but we who look at history can see what may have been there. Your most famous act was freeing the enslaved people. Now, we can wave our nation’s flag with pride, while in the other hand, we wave one of rainbows. Thank you.

Dear Albert Cashier,

Thank you for literally running across open fire to pick up a fallen Union flag and climb a tree, waving it high, proudly. Today, we can’t take for granted our ability to wave our flags.

More thank you notes throughout this week.

Find out the full true stories of these people and 20 others in Queer, There, and Everywhere, on sale now here.

“Resist, Insist, Persist, Enlist”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

Professional Business Women Conference
San Francisco, California

Hillary Clinton spoke at the Professional Business Women Conference in San Francisco, CA.

While she championed women’s and girls rights, she also spent time criticizing Donald Trump and his administration — without saying his name once.

“There is no place I’d rather be than here — other than the White House,” she said to laughs from the audience of almost 6,000 people.

On Trump’s Administration:

“Women’s representation in the current administration in Washington is the lowest its been in a generation.”

“Too many women, especially women of color, have a lifetime of practice taking these indignities with stride,” she said about Sean Spicer “patronizing” reporter April Ryan during the White House press briefing, as well Bill O'Reilly criticizing Rep. Maxine Waters for her hair.

“How can they not have women at the table?” she said about the now-infamous photos showing only male politicians making decisions about women’s health.

“Where some may see a future of carnage in this country, I see a shining light for creative change,” she said about Trump’s speeches that paint America in a dark light.

“I was delighted at every sign I saw quoting my speech saying: ‘Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights,’” she said about the Women’s March.

When the GOP healthcare plan failed, “it was a victory for all Americans,” she said, adding that it was a major sign the resistance is working.

On practicing activism under Trump:

“Let me let you in on a little secret — the other side never quits…we will need to fight back twice as hard.”

“We need to reset the table so women are no longer required to accept or adapt to discrimination or sexism at work.”

“As I think about the outpouring of activism, I think about 4 words: resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

“We need to resist bias and bullying, hate, and fear.”

“We need to insist on putting people first…including making health care more affordable, creating upwardly mobile education and employment ladders.”

“We need to persist, as we saw so dramatically in the Senate when Mitch McConnell went after Elizabeth Warren and said she could not read a letter from Coretta Scott King.”

“We need to enlist. Enlist in this effort, get in the arena…That can mean many things…running for office, starting a business, championing women and girls, mentoring, standing up and speaking out…there’s something for everybody here.”

“Sure, the last few months haven’t been exactly as I envisioned. But I still know what I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for a fairer, big-hearted, inclusive America.”

“And the unfinished business of the 21st century can’t wait any longer…Now is the time to demand the progress we want to see and make it real in our own lives…in the government and the world…and I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

Hey Unicode, where are the professional women emojis?

Women, want an emoji other than a neutral face? Your options are a princess, a bride, twins that resemble Playboy bunnies, a dancer in a red dress and “information desk person.” Men meanwhile have a policeman, a guardsman, a detective, a construction worker, a horseback rider, a bowler, a runners, a golfer a swimmer and more. This may not be the most pressing feminist issue of our time, but it is a symbol of our world.

Success is Attractive

Successful women are attractive.

Professional women are attractive.

Business women are attractive.

Smart women are attractive.

Confident women are attractive.

Upstanding and classy women are attractive. 

As I grow older and strive for success myself, I began to find smart women with a business mentality and success-driven personality more and more attractive o.o

BREAKING NEWS: Actors/actresses are humans; they have friends, family, and yes, significant others. Shocking news, right? No. Said actors/actresses and their friends, family, and significant others should be treated as humans as well.

If anyone, and I mean anyone, unfairly attacks the supportive, lovely significant others of actors/actresses because for some outrageous reason, you think attacking them will somehow belittle the target and therefore impress said actor/actress into “being with you” or some other sick stuff… come on. Something’s wrong with you, and you’re ruining positive vibes that a fandom and a show have.

Get. Over. It.

I am frightened to read some of these alleged posts, but know this: Esther Kim and Shelby Rabara, from what we can tell based on what they’ve posted and how the cast has interacted with them, are lovely, supportive, professional, intelligent women who wonderfully support not only Matt and Harry, but the show, its entire cast, and each other. They avidly support the show, and frequently make appearances with their partners to support it. Don’t even get me started on their awesome social media support.

Heck, did you see Shelby’s and Esther’s posts from the GLAAD awards? They were so excited for the show and their guys. They do not deserve to be treated with disrespectful, rude behavior.

Back. Off.

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