George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art Gets Greenlight From Los Angeles City Council
George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson spoke to the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday as they gave their unanimous approval to the Museum of Narrative Art, the $1 billion project to be built in…
By Ted Johnson

Very cool! I am a huge fan of movie making. I love big blockbusters and indie documentaries. I really get into it lol. I am so into this new Museum Of Narrative Art and I can’t wait to get the chance to see George Lucas’ vast collection. 

Check the link for more information on this new project.

Children Of The Bad Revolution (Demo 01)
Lana Del Rey
Children Of The Bad Revolution (Demo 01)

Recorded in 2010 and leaked in 2016, this demo of the unreleased song “Children Of The Bad Revolution” was written by Lana Del Rey, produced by The Rural, and is longer, and features different lyrics production than the final version.

Download this song from our masterpost

Finally got my hands on the third volume of the Flip Flappies. 
I laugh every time I look at Papika’s face on the cover illustration. Poor Papika, upset about her girlfriend being stolen :(

This volume’s booklet includes backgrounds + pure illusion environments for episodes 1 to 5. 

Tanu was in charge of pure illusion concept art, and man.. is tanu great at what they do. The environments are vivid and exotic and uhh creepy too even, but all in all, simply gorgeous. Flip Flappers did pretty well to immerse the audience into pure illusion too :D

Looks like Oshiyama made designs for the props, like the battleship and Papika’s home. Also Studio Pablo painted the backgrounds. Love their handpainted style.

Easily my favorite booklet (so far). 
Gotta say my favorite pure illusion is Pure Echo’s (#5), loved the yuri horror aesthetic :-)

Also, you can find tanu’s twitter here [x]