Imagine Loki tagging along with the Avengers on a mission for his probation. They find a baby and freak out, they’re superheroes not babysitters. But Loki just calmly takes the baby and it stops crying immediately. it takes a liking to his face which makes Loki giggle, causing the baby to giggle as well. After some persuasion the Avengers allow him to adopt the baby. Few years later when the baby is now a toddler, Loki is devastated when he finds out they’ve been kidnapped by Thanos

Imagine Loki being released on probation. He has to help the Avengers, and if he does something bad, he will go back to prison. Out of everyone, you’re the only one who trusts him. The two of you become friends, often teasing and snarking at each other, and casually flirting.

Then, one day, Loki does something really bad by accident. You walk in on him doing it and he begs you not to tell anyone because he doesn’t want to go back to prison. You can see how scared he is of being locked away again, and you promise to keep his secret.

Later, you tell the Avengers that it was you who did it because you knew they would instantly suspect Loki because they don’t want him there and would love to get rid of him. Loki feels guilty that the team is treating you bad because of what he did, and finally, after a few days, comes clean about what happened.

You explain that you only did it because you knew they wouldn’t believe it was an accident and would send him back to prison, and you couldn’t let them do that because you care about him. In the end, the both of you get off with just a warning from Fury, and the Avengers apologize for their treatment of you and decide to give Loki a chance to prove himself.

Later, Loki tells you that he’s grateful for what you did, and says that he cares about you, too. You kiss, and decide to give your relationship a chance.

One week till I am officially not a criminal anymore!

It has been 358 days since i was sentenced to 1 year of probation for a MIP. Let me just say it’s been a long fucking year. I have felt like such a worthless person for being considered a criminal and treated like one for doing something literally I’d say 80% of teenagers do. I drank alcohol. I’m in fucking college I thought it was the norm for college kids to get drunk on occasion. I really do not think I did anything wrong but let me tell you, I have learned so fucking much this year.

As one of the many terms of my probation I had to do a total of 84 hours of community service (which was 3.5 solid days of my year) doing everything from making safe sex kits for kids who live on the street, shovel snow for 8 hours with a spade(one of those dirt shovels), clean the same bathroom like 10 times, to cutting down invasive tree’s and burning them. I also am forced to go to AA meeting and pretend like I think I have a problem. Which is really awkward to do when your sitting in a room of 30 people who are significantly older then you, telling you their battles and struggles and heart wrenching stories. Things that would make anyone break down and cry and to see that they really need these meeting to keep them sober, and then I’m just sitting in the background silently listening and knowing that in the next few moments I will have to lie to the whole room. 

The thing I am most excited for after next Wednesday is that I will no longer have to wake up every single morning at 6am and call a hotline where a anonymous voice(which I’m still not certain  is a male or female) tells me whether or not my color has been called for alcohol testing. So I will no longer have to get out of bed for an hour 3 times a week at 6am to drive to downtown Pontiac to blow in a tube. I will on longer be considered a color in a system; Coral . (which I didn’t even know was a color, now I’m going to subconsciously hate sea coral for the rest of my life)

This shit has been going on since October 23rd 2011 the night I got my ticket. IT’S FUCKING 2013 NOW! I’M READY FOR ONE MISTAKE I MADE 2 YEARS AGO TO BE FINALLY OFF MY RECORD!

Okay I’m done.

If anyone read this thanks.