Realization after the Blackrock Ending

ok but upon realizing that Zoey is the princess of an entire realm, do you think that Rythian began to feel unworthy of her? think about it, he already felt dependent on her for being his reason to live and giving his life meaning. he already went through that angst period where he felt like he was the luckiest person in the world for being around her. he established himself as a lowly outcast from society. do you think he decided he had no place next to a princess with a larger claim to life than he did? do you think he started to fall into a depression of sorts and that Zoey then had to knock him out of because hey, she’s the same person she always was and she has always valued him and all they had been through together and nothing could ever change that. do you think Rythian began to realize how ridiculous that line of thinking was and the two of them embraced afterwards?

because he totally would overthink every aspect of their lives and believe he’s inadequate compared to everything she is

“There is no light without darkness.” - Rythian “Hellstrand” Enderborn, mysterious vigilante of the night.

Easily the tallest of the cast in LabBuddies, Rythian is a looming shadow in the night. Juxtaposed to Proasheck and Sabriel who save the day with great bravado and rainbows, Rythian stalks the night hunting down the dimension hopping endermen, ruthlessly cutting them apart to take their pearl-like hearts; A guaranteed way to kill off the eternal creatures from the End. When he isn’t snuffing out the immortal beings, he frequently keeps tabs on Yoglabs activities. He harbours a great hatred for the company as a whole, seeking vengeance for crimes they have committed, however only a very few key members of the organisation deserve the knife from the dark.

Despite his frightening appearance and mysterious nature, Rythian is less of a monster then the media makes him out to be. He cares deeply for those around him, even if he doesn’t always let on to that fact. He frequently runs himself ragged, forgetting or straight up ignoring to take care of himself, all for the sake of the city he has come to know as his home… Luckily for him, he often finds small packed lunches tucked in with his gear along with notes of encouragement (and reminders to take out the trash) from Zoeya.