“Rowdy” Roddy Piper
[April 7th, 1986]

The WWE just posted this never before seen photo of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper from WrestleMania 2, where Piper squared off against Mr. T in a boxing match. The two had a storied history, dating back to prior to WrestleMania, where Piper teamed with “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff to take on Mr. T and the WWF Champion Hulk Hogan. Although the bout was supposed be a standard boxing match, old habits die hard, as Piper threw a stool at the legs of Mr. T and bodyslammed him, leading to a disqualification.

Horrorshow incites a riot at Big B Pro Wrestling!
[March 25th, 2017]

I was hesitant to post about this because the details are still a little sketchy, but was just given clearance to do so.

On March 11th, Horrorshow made their Big B Pro Wrestling debut, as Jason Saint led Hayley Shadows into action against Scarlet. During the bout, Saint continued to get involved, which led to Jacob Black coming out to ringside with a chair, seemingly to aid Scarlet. However, Black slipped Hayley a chain while Saint had the ref distracted, which led to Scarlet’s downfall. When it seemed that Shadows was preparing to smash the head of Scarlet between two chairs as Saint and Black looked on, Scarlet’s former Van Zandt Family Circus ally Damion ran to the ring to make the save, chasing off Horrorshow and standing tall in the ring. At last night’s event, No Pain, No Gain, Saint and co were in the ring and revealed that they had slashed Scarlet’s tires, rendering her unable to appear at the show and asking Damion who would possibly want to team with him.

Much to Horrorshow’s chagrin, out came Mickie Knuckles, standing by Damion’s side and effectively destroying the strategy of Horrorshow, leading to a much more difficult match than they’d prepared for. As the two teams fought it out, it became apparent that this wouldn’t be the end of this war, especially when Hayley low-blowed Damion. Shadows then fed him to Jacob Black, who delivered a Death Valley Driver for the victory as Saint held Knuckles’ legs, preventing her from stopping the pin. After the bout, Damion and Mickie chased the dastardly team to the locker room.

Later in the night, Ox Baker Jr. was in a bout against Mr. Fitness that ended abruptly when Mr. Fitness scored a quick pinfall victory. After the bout, Baker Jr. continued to attack Mr. Fitness as Horrorshow came to the ring, urging Baker Jr. to continue to deliver heart punches. As Saint, Black, and Shadows were looking on from ringside, Mickie Knuckles emerged from the locker room, hellbent on attacking Saint but was cut off by Jacob Black. The two began headbutting each other until Damion came out to try to break up the melee, meanwhile Baker Jr. continued his onslaught on Mr. Fitness. The Owensboro, Kentucky crowd began getting violent, spitting and cursing at the members of Horrorshow and swinging at each wrestler in the fold.

Eventually, Big B Pro Wrestling owner Bobby Wilson took control of the matter, suspending Jason Saint, Jacob Black, and Mickie Knuckles for 30 days, and Ox Baker Jr. for 60 days! As Hayley Shadows tried to make her escape without being caught, Wilson caught her and made it clear that she would be facing Scarlet at the April 8th event, but Horrorshow were far from done with their madness, as Baker Jr. continued to try to get in the ring and the fans began pushing the guardrails forward. During all this, Knuckles led the fans in chanting “goodbye” to Horrorshow, taunting Jason Saint who removed his jacket and called out, “I’ll break you in half, you ugly BITCH!” As Knuckles continued to angrily berate Saint, the group were forced to the back by security.

After the event was over, Horrorshow had to be escorted to their vehicles due to fans who were ready to fight after the event. Unfortunately for Ox Baker Jr., the police were called by the building owners and he was taken into custody by the Owensboro Police Department for “inciting a riot”. Despite the fact that many wrestlers were involved in the melee, Baker Jr. was the only one who was arrested. Rumors have began to surface that the group may not be invited back to Big B Pro Wrestling, but the members of Horrorshow have signed contracts that show a multi-month deal between the two entities (the promotion and the group). Shadows will return on April 8th to take on Scarlet in a singles match, but the remaining members will be barred from the building.

UPDATE: Ox Baker Jr. just posted this photo, as Jason Saint made his bail.