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All week long we’ve been celebrating Doctor Who by reminiscing about where we started, who got us into the show, and talking about what being a Whovian means to us. To end our  #NewToWho week - let’s share the show with someone new! 

Being able to share your love for a show/movie/podcast/brand twitter/fanfic/etc with each other is the best part about fandom, and when you can share your fandom with someone else, it’s a fantastic feeling. It’s also very rewarding, because showing this thing that you love so much to somebody else gives you the opportunity to support them through the roller coaster of emotions they experience as they watch for the very first time. It’s like being #NewToWho all over again! 

And don’t forget that one of the best things about Whovians is that ANYONE can be one. You can watch an episode with your parents, or your dog, your cat, your librarian, the person who does your taxes, local zookeeper, a friend who lives on the other side of the world, the ghost that haunts your room sometimes, your friend’s cat (make sure you ask permission,) imaginary friend, adipose plush, literally anybody.

And what better way to introduce someone new to the show than with a surprise #NewToWho digital prize pack? It has reaction gifs for your new Whovian friend to use on Tumblr, a cheat sheet for your friend to learn about the show, some fun trivia facts (just because they’re fun), recipes for your next viewing party, and a special letter from Doctor Who Tumblr. You can download the prize pack here!

So tell us a story about how you’ve shared the show with others in the past or how you plan to do it now, make a post about it using the hashtag #NewToWho, and we’ll be reblogging some throughout the day. 

You can grab the entire pack here (53MB zip file.)

You can grab the entire pack as individual files by clicking the links below. 

(We tried to keep the images at sizes that would suit most people’s computers, so make sure you’re viewing the images full sized before printing. If you want any of these bigger pop them into your fave photo editor and blow ‘em up!)


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Support Alison’s campaign for School Board Trustee by participating in this Saturday’s orphanblack #VoteAlisonHendrix Watch to Win GIVEAWAY!


Tune into Episode 3.07: Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate this SATURDAY, MAY 30 at 9/8c on bbcamerica!


  1. Watch the live broadcast.
  2. When the hashtag #VoteAlisonHendrix appears in the lower right corner of your screen, TWEET IT. You can tweet the hashtag as is, or you can tweet it with delightfully witty commentary.
  3. …That’s it! You entered.

We’ll keep the entry window open during both the East/West coast airings. Click here for official rules.


The prize for this Watch to Win giveaway is an official ALISON CAMPAIGN PRIZE PACK, including an Elect Alison Hendrix t-shirt and winter hat straight from set, as well as an Alison Funko Pop! There will be two lucky winners in this giveaway AND ONE LOSER WHO GETS A DIRT BROWN RE-ELECT MARCI COATES SWEATSHIRT. Yeah, that’s right. Two winners, and one winning loser!

We’ll see you on Twitter this Saturday night. Good luck, #CloneClub.


The next Dragons: Race to the Edge Challenge is now open!

Upload a photo of  your Dragons: Race to the Edge fan art to Twitter or Instagram with #RTTEFanArtContest for a chance to win a Dragons prize pack.

Browse through this album to see the new look of the vikings in Dragons: Race to the Edge or watch the First Look to spot new dragons from the show:

For contest rules, visit


Well, I am getting close to a rather amazing number of followers, and because you people have been so wonderful to me during this time in my life as good things are happening, I want to pay this happy karma along. So from now until I hit that next thousand, I am running a follower appreciation contest. Rules and prizes are:

  • mbf me, obviously;
  • new followers are welcome, but no fair just following to enter the contest and then unfollowing after;
  • likes count as bookmarks, to enter please reblog, you can do so as often as you want;
  • 1 grand prize: your choice of a captain swan pillow (picture 1) captain swan necklace (picture 2) and a full set of beautiful OUAT bookmarks by the lovely winter-by-the-sea. plus a promo on my blog and a fanfic drabble by me to fulfill your express and personal prompt. i may also throw in some chocolate or other goodies in your prize pack, just because. :)
  • 3 second prizes: your choice of captain swan necklace, plus OUAT bookmark set, plus promo on my blog. also prone to surprise prizes being included…
  • 5 third prizes: OUAT bookmark set and a promo on my blog.

i will ship worldwide and i will also include a handwritten card with every prize. i love you a lot and am looking forward to doing this for you. good luck!

Win a “Drive” Scorpion Jacket or “Drive” Prize Packs!

Drive is coming back to the Arclight Hollywood for a week-long run starting 1/6/12. FilmDistrict is raffling off a scorpion jacket from the movie & 10 prize packs during the Q&A w/Albert Brooks after the 7:20pm show on Friday night, 1/6!

If tickets are sold out for the Friday show, fear not. The film will play at the ArcLight through 01/12 & the contest will run all week on The Drive Facebook page.

Here’s how to enter:
Take a picture of yourself next to the Drive poster in the main lobby of the Arclight Hollywood (by coffee bar) & post the photo of yourself on the Drive Facebook page NO LATER THAN Thursday night, January 12, 2012. One random & lucky contestant will win a scorpion jacket & another 10 people will win Drive prize packs.
Drive comes out on DVD/Blu-ray on 1/31, but you can pre-order it now from

GIVEAWAY: Win the Ultimate Insurgent Prize Pack (U.S. Only)

Good news Initiates and Theologians! We have partnered up with Lionsgate to give away (2) exclusive Insurgent Prize Packs to celebrate the release of “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” worldwide.

This is what will be included in each of the prize packs:

  • 1 Silhouette Letter Poster
  • 1 Insurgent Final Poster
  • 1 Insurgent T-Shirt
  • 1 Google Cardboard VR Viewer
  • 1 Character Poster – Tris
  • 1 Character Poster – Four

To win check out the Rafflecopter form below for 2 chances to enter. You can tweet your message or, if you don’t use twitter or just simply want another chance to win, you can comment on this blog post with the question asked on the form.

RULES: U.S. ONLY. Prizes will be fulfilled by Lionsgate. Contest ends at Midnight on 3/20.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I am so proud of this crazy girl for KILLING it in such a short amount of time. Not only did she make some serious changes to her body, but she bettered EVERYBODY around her, and made some serious mental gains. She motivated me and countless others in the Crush group, and always had a positive outlook on the entire process. She knows that she’s just getting started, and will continue to make changes to her body in the next few months.

I’m so proud of you Emily! Enjoy the insane prize packs and I can’t wait to meet you when I open the first Crush Fitness Center.