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Alriiiiighty guys! It’s The Day! The first day of Libra’s intuition augmentation challenge, or as I’ll be abbreviating it - L.I.A.C!

The first challenge will be up shortly, but for now, here’s the prize info! You could win that pile up there!
- A copy of probably THE best book for intuitive tarot reading - 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card
- the infamous Celestial Journal
- a cedar smudge stick that I harvested & dried
- some incense (full disclosure, I totally stole one of the cones and discovered I’m allergic to them sooooooo sorry it’ll be a cone short…)
- and a pair of hand knit wool reading gloves (like you wanna think about wearing gloves it’s gonna hit 40C here this week but by the time I’m mailing the prize out it’ll be cooler!)
- ETA - I’m also throwing in a selenite tower & labradorite piece!

Ok, so how do you get your mittens on … um those mittens lol? You do my challenges! There’ll be 15 of them posted this month, on odd numbered days. If you complete 10 of them, you get 1 entry. You complete all 15, you get 2 entries! You make it easy for me to see you’ve competed 10 or 15, I’ll double your entries! Plus, there’ll be a couple of bonus things mid-month to earn extra chances! (And, if you do something I deem Cool, you might arbitrarily earn another entry…)

Soooo get ready! I’ll be posting the first challenge soon! For it to count for the prize,you’ll need to do the challenge, and make a post about it! Photos are nice, but not necessary. What IS necessary is tagging your post with “L.I.A.C.” To get your entries doubled, add “1/15 completed” “2/15 completed” “3/15 completed” until you get to the first milestone - being 10, remember? When you’ve completed 10, link me into the post - @resonance-of-libra. If you help me out this way, I’ve got less digging to do and you’re rewarded with 2 entries for completing 10 challenges, and 4 if you do all of them! And then, keep your eyes peeled for that bonus entry later on! You do NOT have to do the challenges the same day they are posted, you can play catch-up at any time! You could even do them all on the last day if you wanted to go beast-mode! Also, don’t need to be following me to win & I’ll ship anywhere!

Clear as mud? Awesome! Now let’s get to that first challenge!

The Challenges
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Bonus Stars available until Aug 6, 6PM PST)
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9



i’ve been talking about doing this giveaway forever, while its finally here. 6,000 of you are crazy enough to be following me and i want to show how much i appreciate you guys, you all rock so here we go. 



  • You must be 18+ to enter, not negotiable. No it doesnt matter if you get your parents permission, i will not get in trouble for sending stuff to minors
  • Must be following me, i WILL check
  • Sadly i can only ship to the US or Canada. (you need to be willing to share your address with me)
  • Do Not Tag as Giveaway, tumblr WILL take it down, do not reblog to giveaway blogs
  • Only Reblogs count as entries, i will be using a random number generator to pick the winner so you can enter as many times as you want just please dont spam your blog with it, one reblog a day is way more than enough. 
  • There is only one Prize Pack, therefore i will only be picking one name. The winner with have 24 hours to respond, after that a new winner will be picked, sorry you had your chance. 
  • Giveaway will end at 12am EST Sept 4th when i get back from Chicago
This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr. The prizes equal to about $50 plus the cost of shipping. any information shared between the winner and myself will remain private, this includes names and addresses. 


Thanks for help me out with this important experiment. I think we’ve proven definitively that while there may be no stupid questions, there definitely are plenty of stupid answers.  I feel like we’ve made significant progress for humanity today. Thanks, guys… I’ve got a tea party to run off to, but don’t forget to register for before tomorrow at 1 PM PDT if you want to win the autographed prize pack from me!




On May 6, head to your local comic book store to pick up a preview copy of the original Miraculous Ladybug comic book in your best cosplay or Miraculous-inspired outfits!

Take a picture of you AND the comic book in front of the comic book store and post it on Instagram/Twitter with #MIRFCDAY. We will pick FOUR WINNERS to receive a Miraculous PRIZE PACK (worth $200+!) Don’t worry if you’re not in the US, this is a WORLDWIDE COMPETITION!

You can find your nearest comic book store here:

Make sure you call ahead in advance to see if your comic book store will carry the preview! And don’t forget to follow us to see who wins! We’ll pick two random winners from Instagram and two from Twitter. (That means you can post on both and get double entries!)


GUYS, WE HIT 1K???????????

i love all you cuties so so much and your unwavering support never fails to amaze me. as a thank you, i’m going to be doing another giveaway! 

the winner will receive $40 of sims games! 

the winner is free to customize their prize. either one expansion pack, two game packs, four stuff packs, or a game pack and two stuff packs. 

must be following me. 1 reblog = 1 entry. spam it all you want ( but don’t yell at me if you get hate for it okay ).

the giveaway is going to end on my birthday, march 24th!

Okay, guys, thank you so much for all your insightful questions! 

I’ve had a great time on this Answer Time, but Bogg the bird says it’s time for me to go, so I’m signing off now. 

But guess what? 

I’ve got a little surprise for you!

Anyone who registers (or has already registered) for  GISHWHES before 11:59 PM PT tomorrow night, June 14, 2016, will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind exclusive prize pack from me!

This prize pack is really incredible, if I do say so myself. It includes:

  • An ipad pro
  • ipad pro case
  • A Castiel backpack
  • Castiel with wings POP Funko (signed by me)
  • Sam & Dean POP Funkos
  • A Supernatural script signed by the cast!
  • An exclusive “Supernatural” prop book signed by Rob Benedict
  • My last wrap party pass (used)
  • A giant rainbow slinky (also known as “Kim Rhodes’ jump rope” and “Osric’s PHXCon Obessession”)
  • And more surprises!

Hurry over and register for GISHWHES! Tell all your friends and family to register, too.

This prize pack is truly one of a kind, never to be repeated. So don’t miss out! Register for Gishwhes today!

so i have 2 copies of Beach Bros left and i would like for them to have a nice loving home. what better way to ensure that than by offering them to you guys? *i would like to note that they both have flaws on the cover (bc of how risographs are made, some pages may have ink roller marks on them), which is why i kept them. the interiors are fine tho! 


  • must be a follower! 
  • only Likes count as an entry, reblogs Do Not count! 
  • gotta be comfortable with sharing ur address if u win (i’ll ship anywhere!)

(2) people will each get a copy of Beach Bros. (1) person will get a small prize pack with a few prints!

I will randomly select (3) winners on April 1st. have fun!


True Crime Magazine Giveaway #2 - All-Star Edition🌟🌟🌟

Thanks to the huge success of my last magazine giveaway I am doing it again, with more opportunities to win!!!

I am giving away SIX magazines in prize packs of TWO each to THREE lucky TCC members!!! 👌👌👌Good luck!


Real-Life Crimes Issue #67: Jeffrey Dahmer

Real-Life Crimes Issue #6 : Richard Ramirez


Real-Life Crimes Issue #10 : Ted Bundy

Real-Life Crimes Issue #16 : Charles Manson


Real-Life Crimes Issue #31 : Aileen Wuornos

Real-Life Crimes Issue #46 : Edmund Kemper


All you have to do is like and reblog this post, with the prize pack number you want in the tags! 🌞


- You must follow my blog
- You must include the prize number you want (1,2, or 3) when you reblog, otherwise your entry will be invalid.
- To make it fair for everyone, only one prize pack per person.
- You can enter as many times as you want!!!!
-This competition is for over-18’s ONLY.


- This competition is open internationally
- These magazines are in English only
- Please allow up to 8 weeks for your prize to arrive; shipping from New Zealand is expensive.
- stay tuned for more giveaways!!!!!


What is Sandy’s 3000 follower competition?

It is a friendly competition to celebrate Sandy reaching 3000 followers on tumblr! Let me know what you think of this idea and I might do more of these in the future! 

How to enter:

  • Choose at least one CAS screenshot from this imgur folder to edit! 
  • You can choose to edit either Marley, Nick, Andrew, Sandy, Kit, Saskia, Yuriko or Pasha. 
  • There are no rules surrounding how you choose to edit your submission! The more individual the better! 
  • I will choose my three favourite edits on the 20th of June! 


  • You can only submit one edit (you can use multiple cas images in one edit, but you can only submit one actual image) so choose carefully!
  • The edit you submit must be your own!
  • You must post your edit and tag me so I can see it!
  • You must send me an ask/message once your edit is posted! (I miss a lot of posts that I’m tagged in and don’t want to miss any of you!)
  • You must submit your edit by the 20th June!
  • You must have fun!
  • If you have any questions don’t be afraid to send me an ask!
  • If you don’t want to enter the competition but you still want to edit a picture for me that’s perfectly fine, just don’t send me an ask after it’s posted and I won’t include your URL on the list of entrants! 


  • 1st place: A game pack of your choice!
  • 2nd place: A stuff pack of your choice!
  • 3rd place: A stuff pack of your choice!


  • If editing is not your forte you may instead choose to submit a short (less than 500 word) piece of writing based on this song. You can interpret it however you like! You may use up to two sims screenshots (edited however you like) to accompany your writing, if you wish!
  • If you already own all the game packs or stuff packs your prize will be the simulation game Orwell, and it will be gifted through steam.

I will be tagging all posts related to this as #3kcomp, so if you don’t want to see any of these posts block that now! This competition isn’t associated, sponsored or endorsed by Tumblr yada….yada… etc. and so forth!

Now, have fun and get your friends involved! Good luck!


Hey guys! As you all have noticed, I’m becoming very inactive on tumblr and my content has sort of changed
so yes I’ve switched fandoms + I no longer have the time to make edits etc as im starting year 2 in college so I will be going on a hiatus!
BUT I will be giving away all of my 5SOS merch and it is opened INTERNATIONALLY and I will pay for the shipping :-)

1x SGFG autographed version
1x SLFL setlist
1x luke, calum, michael guitar picks
1x rolling stone [the naked issue lol]
1x SLFL soundcheck laminate
1x SLFL tour shirt
1x SLSP us tour edition
1x Hey! lets make a band book
1x tour SLFL photocards
1x SLSP [Single & EP]
1x Don’t Stop [ Single & EP]
1x kerrang magazine
1x Amnesia LP
1x Amnesia Single
1x she’s kinda hot single
1x gotta get out
1x 5SOS self titled album + B sides

1x Michael, Luke, Calum guitar picks
1x 5SOS wristband
1x plectrum necklace
1x SLSP [Single & EP]
1x ROWYSO photocards
1x people mag
1x 5SOS album shirt
1x don’t stop [Single]
1x AP Magazine

1x She’s kinda hot
1x tour poster
1x livesos
1x good girls cd
1x luke photocard
- reblog as many times as you want but ur username will only be included in the draw ONCE (likes doesn’t count, only for bookmarking)
- you don’t have to follow me on tumblr
to get extra chances
- follow my instagram [ +1 Chance ]
twitter [ +1 Chance ]
once you followed, message me on tumblr your ig/twitter id
winners will be chosen at RANDOM by a generator so all is fair and all is square
*note: all pics are taken by me however i do not have some of the pics of the prizes bc they’re all packed in some of my boxes which can be a hassle to take out HAHAHAH IM LAZY SUE ME.


You have the opportunity to win the most ultimate Thomas Kinkade “Beauty and the Beast” prize pack, thanks to Art Brand Studios! To enter, all you have to do is share this painting to your Instagram with #KINKADEBOUND!

The prize pack includes:
- A canvas wrap featuring “Beauty and the Beast II”, courtesy of Thomas Kinkade Studios
- A mug featuring this print, courtesy of Trend Setters Ltd
- AND a puzzle featuring this print, courtesy of Ceaco

Contest closes on Friday, February 10th at 11:59pm EST!

They say you can’t have it all in life. “They”, as usual, are wrong… and we’ll prove it. We’re giving away this one-of-a-kind prize pack so one lucky gisher can “have it all!” Join by 11:59 PM PDT on July 5th for your chance to win!

Here are just some of the fantabulous things you could win as part of this awesome prize package:

1. iPad Pro
2. iPad Touch
3. Apple watch
4. Apple TV
5. Wacom Touch Drawing Tablet
6. Go Pro
7. Kindle
8. Limited Edition Sock Monkey Hat
9. Weekly World News Tabloid: Straight off the set of Supernatural and into your hot hands is this copy of Weekly World News— and you could own this one-of-a-kind prop!
10. Supernatural Messenger Bag
11. Supernatural Backpack
12. Signed Supernatural script: Get a copy of an actual Supernatural script, signed by the stars. They touched it. Maybe even drooled on it.
13. POP Team Free Will: Re-enact your favorite Supernatural scenes… or ones you make up (we don’t want to know) with these Signed Funko POP Vinyl figures featuring Team Free Will (Castiel not pictured.)
14. The real star of the show: BABY. A signed die cast pocket edition of Baby, the Impala, for you to carry around with you. Keep her safe, guys.
15. Gishwhes exclusive snuggle: Cuddle up under this Fograt-emblazoned, 2012 limited edition gishwhes snuggle!
16. Gishwhes Flape: Get a signed 2015 Dinomite limited edition Flape, signed by Misha Collins!
17. Supernatural burned wood jewel box: Keep demons away from your family jewels with this hand-crafted Supernatural devil’s trap jewel box!

So when you join, not only do you get a week of incredible world-changing experiences, but you could win all It All. (Already registered for the Hunt? You’re already eligible to win!) Join now:

PS: Of course, the best thing about “having it all” is sharing it with those you love, so don’t forget to get your friends & family to join, too… it’ll increase your chances of winning, and there are so many incredible items in this prize package, everyone can share!

500 Follower Giveaway!

Today we reached 500 followers!  We’re all so hyped and grateful to you all for sticking with us, so we’ve decided to so something special for you all - a giveaway!

This is an event only for our followers, so you must be following us to participate.  (And yes, we’ll be checking!)  The raffle will run for one week - so from March 23 to March 30.

The rules are simple.  One like = one entry.  One reblog = one entry.  There will be nine winners, and you can only win once.  Winners will be drawn using and will be asked to choose their prizes in the order in which they were drawn.

And now let’s list the prize packs!

  • 1000 K-Ching
  • 1000 K-Ching
  • 500 K-Ching
  • One fic by Mod Time
  • One fic by Mod Ash
  • One fic or art piece by Mod Ruby
  • One fic or art piece by Mod Lune
  • One art piece by Mod Crimson (no ship art, though!)
  • One fic or art piece by Mod Ceae

(Please don’t ask for NSFW in the fic/art prizes.  K-Ching winners must play either Void or NA.)

Prizes will be drawn Friday, March 31, so be aware of that!  We hope this blog keeps going strong!

So, I’ve decided I’m going to do a goal reach giveaway! There will be a total of four winners! 

About the Giveaway:

  • The giveaway will end when I reach a total of 5,000 followers!
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way. 
  • This giveaway is not sponsored by any third parties.

Prizes: (Pictures will be added later! Please note some objects will be lightly used, but all are in great condition.)

  • Prize pack one will be gender neutral and contain, two coloring books, a small stuffie, four tubs of Play-doh, a pacifier, a bottle and a sippy cup, one diaper in size M or L, and a crayola ultimate’s collection pack containing 152 crayons! Value: Around $80.

  • Prize pack two will be femininely gendered containing two princess or fairy themed coloring books, two tubs of Play-doh, a 32 pack of crayons, one Rearz princess diaper in size M or L, a princess sippy cup, and a pacifier. (You do not have to be female identifying to win this pack.) Value: Around $60.

  • Prize pack three will be masculine themed containing two coloring books, two tubs of Play-doh, a 32 pack of crayons, a pacier, a blue sippy cup, and one diaper in size M or L! (The diaper will be bambino classico or ABU space.) Value: Around $60. (You do not have to be male identifying to win this pack.)

  • Prize pack four will be gender mixed and contain four coloring books, four tubs of Play-doh, a small stuffie,  two puzzles, a cute REGULAR cup, and a 160 pack of crayons! Value: Around $40.


  • Follow the guidelines on the form! If the form are filled out incorrectly, you will be disqualified from the give away.

  • You must be following me. I will check. 

  • YOU MAY ONLY APPLY ONCE. If caught sending multiple entries, you will be disqualified. You can only apply for ONE pack. So, be sure it’s the one you want. 

  • You must reblog this post at least once. (NOTE: REBLOGS DO NOT COUNT AS ENTRIES. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FORM.)

  • You must be willing to give me your address, duh. You can live anywhere though. I will ship internationally.

  • You must be an age regressor or caregiver. I don’t care which community you belong to as long as you are not anti-cgl and do not think cgl is a kink.

How to enter:

Fill out this form! 

Be sure to have read the rules carefully! And be sure to read the description of the giveaway on the form AND the descriptions of each pack!

Winners will be randomly selected once I reach 5,000 followers!

Okay! That’s it! I will add pictures later! Best of luck, lovelies!

500 Follower Raffle!

A couple of days ago this blog reached 500 followers, which is amazing! I never thought I would get ten, much less 500. So thank you so much to all of you for following this blog and encouraging my writing and general goofiness! <3

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to do a little raffle featuring four of my favorite artists here on Tumblr! Here’s how the raffle will work:

The raffle will be a random drawing with one winner. I will pay for the winner to get up to $25 (USD, before standard shipping costs) of art from one of these artists.

@flurgburgler: Digital commissions (no store)

@jerseytigermoth: Society6 store (no commissions)

@teapirate: One of her original Sith Obi-Wan drawings plus two mini-prints (no commissions)

@themadknightuniverse: Redbubble store (no commissions)

Who can enter? You must be following this blog, writegowrite, to enter.

When can I enter? From right now until midnight CST on July 23, 2017. I’ll announce the winner a day or two after that.

How do I enter? Make sure you are following this blog, and reblog this post to be entered. That’s it! One reblog per person, please.

FAQ below the cut…

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