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Have you heard of Alexandra Trusova? She's 13, and she barely made it in to the Junior Grand Prix Final, but she's already in first place after the short!! She's also already practicing quads!!! She's 13!!! (Also, in the kiss in cry, she does indeed hold a Makkachin plushie)

Aaaahhh it won’t let me include links to her quad!! T-T Idk it’s on the isu figure Twitter

ohhh I haven’t heard of her but honestly I’ve been skating since I was 5 and the only skater I know is Patrick Chan (and I only know him from watching the olympics ahaha;;; canadian pride;;; ;v; ) But I watched a bit of her short program and I loved it!! ;O;;; I got shivers watching it (in a good way) asdfjk; and yes I see that makkachin plushie <333 //ahaha and I kind of imagined young viktor ;7;;

extra: (not so far away at the same time)


Huracan by Divyesh Dajee
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