Let’s think about this for a minute.
A gun is an inanimate object, and has no rights.

So, it can be bought sold in a retail store, at public shows, and auctions; it can also be passed down from generation to generation. They are also kept in boxes and safes.

So basically she wants to be a Muslim woman. Bought and sold at the discretion of her owner. In either a private or public sale and kept in a cage.

Don’t forget trigger locks which would be cuffs and chains

You cant vote guns arent allowed in polling areas You can be discriminated against anyone can tell your owner they cant come in with you Etc etc ect
ive got it
  • Tah the Trickster: ok i have a plan
  • Tah the Trickster: theres a private island for sale in south carolina
  • 🔪: omg
  • Tah the Trickster: listen,
  • Tah the Trickster: its roughly $24mil for the whole island
  • 🔪: we can get that together right
  • Tah the Trickster: its 4680 acres large
  • 🔪: finally island of gays
  • Tah the Trickster: the smallest country in the world (not including the vatican) is only 500 acres large
  • Tah the Trickster: which means you could fit more than 9 of Monaco into this island
  • Tah the Trickster: monaco has a population density of 42,000 people per mile
  • Tah the Trickster: so 42,000 people per ~7 miles (from the acreage i got earlier) we could fit just under 295,000 on this island, possibly more
  • Tah the Trickster: which means each person would have to chip in just under $100 apiece to buy this island
  • Tah the Trickster: gofundme when
  • 🔪: GOFUNDME!!!!
  • Tah the Trickster: oh i almost forgot the best part!!! we all move in and then secede from the union
  • Tah the Trickster: my city now