BLESS private sale in Berlin

Remember when we entered the BLESS HOME in Berlin and met with it’s lovely resident Mira Schröder? Mira’s home, like a cabinet of curiosities, also doubles as the BLESS showroom.

If you were as in love with this place as we were, you should definitely pass by the BLESS home private sale this weekend and meet with Mira, who will show you around the world of BLESS.

Bless Private Sale is today, Friday 22nd of November until 8pm, and Saturday 23th of november from 11am until 6pm, Ernst-Reuter-Siedlung 15, Berlin.

Picture by Marlen Mueller

1 bedroom condo for sale

I’m hijacking Architect This City today to help my mother out and try something new.

She is looking to sell her 1 bedroom condo in the Radiocity Condominiums, located at 285 Mutual Street in Toronto. It’s called Radiocity, not because the developers thought New York was cool (my pet peeve), but because the site used to be the headquarters of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) way back when.

The 2-tower complex is located north of Carlton Street, between Church Street and Jarvis Street, and is adjacent to Canada’s National Ballet School (designed by KPMB Architects). It’s close to College Park and Yonge & College.

It was completed/registered in 2005 and won a number of design awards, including one from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Notable about the design is the way it integrates townhouses at the base, a public courtyard (with public art) between both towers, and the Ballet School. (A deal struck with the developer and the CBC allowed the school to buy their portion of the land for $1). 

The buildings were developed by Context Development and designed by architectsAlliance, which is actually the same developer-architect duo behind the building I currently live and own in. I’m clearly a big fan.

The suite is about 560 square feet. It has 9’ exposed concrete ceilings. It has one full bathroom (tub), with a stacked washer and dryer. The bedroom is about 10’ x 10’ and is setback from the outside windows and enclosed with 3 x translucent sliding doors from C-Living. (I had them installed myself and they’re much better quality than the sliding doors you’ll find in most new builds.) The kitchen and living area is open concept, and there’s a north facing balcony that overlooks a quiet private courtyard. You basically get a view of trees, greenery, and the city. The suite is located on the 7th floor.

Here’s the floor plan:

And here are a few photos. They are all the right proportions and haven’t been stretched to make the space look bigger :)

The building has 24-hour concierge, visitor parking, and 3 floors of amenities. The amenities include a gym, aerobics room, party room, saunas, media room, boardroom, multiple lounges, 2 x guest suites, a party room, and a billiard room. 

College subway station is a 7 minute walk (600m).

The Loblaws grocery store at Maple Leaf Gardens (which is awesome and also includes an LCBO) is a 5 minute walk (400m). Though I’m fairly certain you could do it in 4 minutes.

And you’re a 6 minute walk to Ryerson University (500m).

The asking price is C$349,900. The maintenance fee is $426.64 per month and the property taxes are $2,039.19 per year.

It’s a private sale, but she is willing to cooperate with buyer’s agents (2.5% commission). It’s currently furnished, but you can have it either way you want (unfurnished or furnished).

If you have any questions or would like to book a viewing, please send her or me an email. If you’re an agent just looking for a listing, please don’t. Thanks for reading. Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.

Image at the top of this post is from architectsAlliance.

We Love ArtWeLove

We recently had the privilege of chatting with Laurence Lafforgue, founder of ArtWeLove (yes, the one you saw on the Nate Berkus Show).  We are so grateful to Laurence for answering our questions because she is literally about to leave for the hospital any time now to have her second beautiful baby – a little boy! AWW!

We have an amazing selection of stunning ArtWeLove products right now on Totsy, so, we thought it was the perfect time to share our Q & A with this incredibly bright, dedicated and thoughtful mompreneur.  Thanks Laurence!

“ArtWeLove is a perfect source to personalize your space and to give something to someone that is really meaningful.” – NATE BERKUS, interior designer. Watch full TV segment:

Q: Laurence, first things first, why did you start ArtWeLove?
A: I created ArtWeLove because I’ve always had a love of contemporary art and found it very inspiring.  But I felt like art should be in everyone’s lives.  I realized that because art has the connotation of being too expensive for most people to buy that there was a big disconnect between the number of people who get to enjoy art and the number who should be enjoying it.  So, I created ArtWeLove so that affordable, but unique collectible pieces of art could be available to everyone.

Q: How does ArtWeLove work?
A: We have world-renowned artists and ask them to come up with actual works that are a good fit for everyone and also would be inspirational for little ones, too.
All art created for us are limited editions and all come with a certificate of authenticity, an embossed seal and are signed by the artists! So, these are collector’s pieces.

Q: Why contemporary art pieces for kids?
A: Upon becoming mom, I realized contemporary art should be a part of childhood.  Kids respond well to bright colors.  Also, kids love abstraction and are very conceptual!  In fact, it’s not until after the age of two before kids begin drawing stick figures of themselves and their families.  Until then, it’s all very abstract and what they call ‘representative’ art.

Q: As a mom, what do you feel our kids can learn from art?
A: I believe contemporary art will incentivize creativity in children.  Each time they see a piece of art they will see something they’ve never seen before. Each day it could be the foundation for a new story they make up. It’s perfect for the imagination!

Q: You’re a mom with a second on the way- How will you incorporate ArtWeLove in the new baby’s nursery?
A: Well, I’m actually redecorating now because we will be putting both kids in the same room.  It is New York, after all! I already have some prints in my daughter’s room, but since we’re expecting a boy, I’m going to redecorate and incorporate colors that will work for both of them – like greys and greens.

Q: How do you think art changes and/or adds to the dynamic of a home?
A: When Nate Berkus did a segment on us, he really said it perfectly. He said that from a simple tactical home décor standpoint, art allows you to get by without too much else.  In other words, a few great pieces of art can pull together the room because the eye gets drawn to the art.  The pieces from ArtWeLove will grow with your family. Our pieces aren’t ‘juvenile’ so you might put something in your kid’s room now, but move it to the living room in a few years.  You don’t have to worry that you’ll outgrow it.  And of course, it makes a great gift, too!

**Check out the ArtWeLove sale on Totsy here: - sale opens tonight 3/16