Someone else has to be listening to the penumbra podcast and can scream with me about Peter and Juno because I am incapable of shutting up about it I am like screaming every 4 seconds because it is so good I really cannot contain myself. this it is literally literally the best thing I have ever listened to. it’s better than critical role. it’s better than The Adventure Zone and fucking dying here kids somebody has to be here so I can talk to them about Peter and Juno.

My beloved private eye son and his dashing intergalactic theif boyfriend….on mars… I’m compromised.


to your left, you’ll see the ghost of Sasazuka Eis— Neuro put the baby down you are not a stork this is not a Disney movie

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Rupaul’s drag race au where jack, the first openly gay hockey player, is a guest judge who just can’t stop staring at the cute drag queen Georgia Peach.

RuPaul: just between us squirrelfriends, what do you think?

Jack: give Georgia Peach the crown

RuPaul: this…this is only the second episode, jack


Contestant Nursey: *says anything*

Cut to Contestant Dex in the private interview room: *rolls eyes* girl, whatEVER


RuPaul: today, you will all be working in teams of two

Holster & ransom: *grab each other’s hands at lightning speed*


I have been cursed blessed with neuyako!Karma

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Private Eyes || May & PJ

Tonight was one of the nights May had prefect patrol. It was far from the first time, but it was the first time she would be doing it with a friend. It had been a little while since she’d spoken with PJ, but that was mostly her own fault. She’d spent so much time with work and the way her other friends lives were falling apart, she hadn’t given him the attention he deserved. Luckily, the scheduling tonight had worked in her favor. 

Braiding her hair to keep it out of her face, May waited by the doors of the Great Hall where she was supposed to meet up with PJ. It was closer to the ground floor, and they would start in the dungeons and work their way up. 


Sugar & Spike, private eyes! Written by Keith Giffen, art by Bilquis Evely, colors by Ivan Plascencia

Keith Giffen: The basic hook is, what happened when they grew up? I’ve had this in the back of my mind for years. I wanted to play with Sugar and Spike as older kids. What are they doing now? […] They’re the private detectives that would be called on by superheroes, to handle the stuff that superheroes are kind of embarrassed about.

And once we had the detective thing in place, it was a labor of love.

Nrama: I think it’s also a love letter to anyone who enjoys whacky stories from DC’s past.

Giffen: Yeah, just the idea that Wonder Woman’s carrying around this memory of, “Oh my God, I almost married an alien,” which is something that happened in the comics - just imagine that she’s go this thing in her past.

And now the alien is threatening to go on, like, the Maury Povich show and say he did marry her. She doesn’t want to have to deal with it. She’s got other things on her mind.

So Sugar and Spike are a resource she can use and go, “Yeah, just make this go away.”

And when we went to look for the stories that the characters, as detectives, would take on, we found that we had quite a few.

So choosing those stories was pretty easy. There were really so many. For awhile there, DC used to have every cover be some weird variation - the Flash with a big, futuristic head; Green Lantern fighting giant gila monsters (which is probably my all-time favorite Green Lantern story)…

DC had an almost childish wonder about these stories. I don’t think anybody was thinking about continuity or does this work in terms of the character. If it could make the story work, you did it. And if it was kind of goofy, you just fit it in.

Nrama: And to be clear, even though they’re grown up now, they’re just friends.

Giffen: Yes, yes. As I wrote Sugar & Spike, the characters… they embedded. I suddenly understood who Sugar and Spike were. And one of the things I swore to myself is, they’ll never be an item. It’s not a story about a romance between these characters or a budding romance between these characters.

It’s a guy and a girl. They’ve been friends from childhood. There’s nothing wrong with friends. I have plenty of friends that I don’t have a relationship with. And that’s what I tried to get across with these characters.


A private eye is only as good as the favors he has coming to him. That’s why I stopped by the DMV.
“Hey, Marty. I need to call in that favor you owe me. Need you to run these plates, find out who the cars are registered to. Think they’re mafia, so it’s not gonna be easy for you, and yeah, if you get caught by your boss you’ll get canned as fast as a tuna in Japan, but you owe me one.“
“Frank, that favor you did for me was far, far easier. You helped me shovel my driveway. And my driveway is tiny. Can’t even fit a smart car in it, let alone one that didn’t go to college.”
“So what? A favor’s a favor. Also, when you get the information, I need you to help me break into the car owners’ homes, and gather more intel. You’re gonna need a gun, so buy one illegally. We might need to rough up some kids.”
“Don’t forget after I shoveled, I opened the door for you to get back inside.”
“So the fuck what? You opened a door for me so I have to illegally buy a gun to help you trespass and beat up children?”
“Marty, you wanna be a guy who doesn’t honor his favors?”
“Jeez, this is crazy, Frank! I need a cigarette.”
“Here, let me light that for you.”
“You’re welcome, but now you owe me another favor. You gotta help me kill God.”                                                                                                            “FRANK!”