NYCB’s Ashley Bouder’s flawless foutette turns at 6 ½ months pregnant!!!

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There are six principles of abundant living which, when woven together, produce a tapestry of contentment that wraps us in inner peace, well-being, happiness, and a sense of security. First there is gratitude. When we do a mental and spiritual inventory of all that we have, we realize that we are very rich indeed. Gratitude gives way to simplicity–the desire to clear out, pare down, and realize the essentials of what we need to live truly well. Simplicity brings with it order, both internally and externally. A sense of order in our life brings us harmony. Harmony provides us with the inner peace we need to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us each day, and beauty opens us to joy. But just as with any beautiful needlepoint tapestry, it is difficult to see where one stitch ends and another begins.

Sarah Ban Breathnach


Stand Name:  「 BALLROOM  BLITZ 」

Stand Type: Special(?); Close-Range Stand abilities, but sorely lacks in durability, physical strength, and communicates with it’s user.
Localization Name:
Onslaught Waltz
                               Uncertainty Principle; ‘The Six Teens‘

          Ballroom Blitz can release a 5m shock-wave of Uncertainty, which lasts for 5 seconds on those it affects. Both BB’s user + affected parties will foresee, and feel six possibilities that will happen within the next 5 seconds, following the Copenhagen Interpretation/Many-Worlds Theory.

         If the shock wave is released continuously, then six more probabilities will be added onto the original number of possibilities felt, with every 5 seconds that passes.

         However, this will burn out the user - or in Galatia’s case, have her gears overheated, and risk cracking/breaking her stand-arrowhead core.

         Galatia is not exempt from this ability of hers, meaning that if she or BB is hit, Galatia will feel foreseen, possible impacts.

          If BB’s user manages to kill you, your conscious self will be suspended between the realms of alive and dead. Your conscious and unconscious mind will be swapped continuously until BB is withdrawn. This renders everything physical untouchable, and your comprehension of reality to deteriorate. This follows a Schrödinger Scenario of being both alive and dead. This arguably counts as BB’s 2nd Ability.

           This Schrödinger Scenario can be undone if BB is defeated, but there’s always a 50/50 chance that you will end up alive or dead.

            Due to the nature of her stand, BB can’t really ‘kill’ you unless death is 100% certain in all possibilities. BB is a stand wherein it’s true power lies in the aftermath of it’s battles, where subjective concepts become a certainty

          An idea of how BB’s power works can be seen in Rick and Morty S2E1, A Rickle In Time, where there’s an overlap of possibilities occurring.

Destructive Power: C
A (Can physically attack you just from overlapping possibilities if you are in her range)
Development Potential: C

Stand Master: ‘Galatia Azimova’ (SSU-TYPE:IRON MAIDEN- GM-016)

A robot who’s part of the Synthetic Stand User Weapons Project, a concept thought up of during the Cold War by the Russians as an emergency weapon during the Nuclear Crisis. They did this by using either complete Stand Arrowheads, or excavated remnants of the 50,000 year old meteorite that landed in Greenland, as cores for the developing robots.

Sometime during the late 70′s - early 80′s, the head researcher of the project, Andrey Azimov’s daughter, Galatia Azimova fell horrendously ill, and slipped into a coma. Andrey, having exhausted his options, turned to Dio for help. His sick daughter would be given a flesh bud which would grant her immortality, and in turn, Andrey would give Dio all of the perfected SSU models as pawns.

However, Dio was killed before Andrey could finish it, and his comatose, and ill daughter mutated into a monster while in the hospital. In his grief, Andrey remodeled the first finished SSU model, Iron Maiden, to look similar to his daughter. The robot’s core had generated a stand which allowed paradoxes to coexist. SSU Type: Iron Maiden Galatia Model 016 had the strength of an android, but had personality, and mannerisms akin to a human being.

However, when the robot’s personality manifested, it’s behavior was nothing like Andrey’s real daughter. The scientist fell deeper into depression.

Eventually, Andrey decided to use the modified SSU model as a way to take revenge on the Joestar’s, who he discovered were the ones who killed Dio, and caused his human daughter’s mutation.

Years passed, and Andrey eventually spiraled deeply into sadness and anger, that when he tried to achieve his own stand, he died. Now, Galatia is simply trying to fulfill her subconscious order of looking for and ending the Joestar’s, as to not directly violate The Three Laws of Robotics.

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Jordan Hunt performing Fall, at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, May 2013.