Diary of Scarlett Enchanted – DO NOT READ

Diary, I guess what I’m really trying to convey is this- I’m leaving. Where I’m going, I’m not certain. After my birthday- it’s go time.

But I want to remember, need to remember why I left and what I’ve lost.

Wherever I go, we’re in this together.


PRINCELESS: Who needs Prince Charming? Save yourself!

Happy friday peeps hope everyone is getting ready for the weekend. I have recently realised that my youngest cousins are starting to get into comics and follow in my footsteps. So I am currently on the hunt for kid friendly comics that are great for a young girls that are starting to become as fascinated with comics as I am.

On my hunt for some books to send to them for their upcoming birthday I found the awesome book Princeless. To describe this book in one sentance Princeless is the action/adventure graphic novel for the girl who’s tired of waiting to be rescued and ready to save herself ! So come join me and the Eisner-nominated team of Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin for a tale of swashbuckling in the face of sexism.

Princeless tells the story of Princess Adrienne, a strong-minded, brave, and intelligent black princess who questions and challenges expectations and stereotypes associated with princesses. From a young age, Adrienne resents any limitations placed on her as a princess and struggles against them in order to define her own role. On her 16th birthday she is tricked into imprisonment in a tower, as is the expected fate of any princess in the land. Instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her, Adrienne escapes from her tower with the aid of her guardian dragon, trades her dress and crown for armor and sword and sets out to rescue her six sisters from their own prisons.

Here is a sneak preview of just how amazing and confident Princess Adrienne is

Bodyguard! Park Woojin

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: fluff, lots & lots of fluff
Warning: This is half actual writing/half crack lol 
Based off: this list of prompts
A/N: Dedicating this to @woojiniee who was probs the first woojin stan I met on this site? She is the cutest y’all so make sure to check her fics out! My next fic as requested by Dain (when both fluff writers are writing angst heh) would be an angst so here’s some cute fluff to counter that first!  

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”

  • You were the heiress to one of the largest companies in South Korea
  • Your father was the owner of various transportation companies while your mother was a model turned fashion designer of an extremely successful clothing line
  • Since young, you had a lot of exposure to the public as you were the only daughter of your family
  • Many wondered if you would take after your mother whom you inherited your looks from so you were used to attending events and stuff
  • But it went too far when journalists started stalking you that your dad started hiring bodyguards
  • NGL you hated your bodyguards with a passion
  • The bulky and muscular men were always emotionless and never giving you space like bRO
  • They wouldn’t even let you use the bathroom in peace ffs
  • Sure it was their job but it wouldn’t hurt if they could give you a proper reply when you ask them how was their day rather than just grunt and then whip out to speak on the walkie talkie 
  • Or how would they literally follow you everywhere and even go as far as to make sure your friends weren’t secretly enemies by harassing them
  • Let’s just say that it made you lose a lot of friends as result
  • They were uncomfortable and you would always tell your father that if he hired you a bodyguard, at least get one with a personality
  • Your father would shoot back, telling you they were meant to protect you and not to entertain you
  • That was how you develop a streak of running away from your bodyguards
  • It was up to the point where you had a reputation for being one of the hardest clients to deal with
  • You grew up with 2 brothers, Taehyun and Sungwoon, whom basically taught you everything you need to know about escaping from others (Y'ALL GO & SUPPORT JBJ)
  • Well, their original intentions were to tell you how to run away from kidnappers and not from your bodyguards;;;;
  • Your bodyguards had to spend almost every day trying to search for you in your school, mansion etc
  • Many eventually just resigned at the first month cause you were literally making it impossible for them to complete their task
  • That changed when you met your newest bodyguard, Park Woojin
  • When he was first introduced to you, you furrowed your brows when you noticed how he wasn’t like others
  • Appearance wise, he was slim yet toned and looked like he belonged to the runway with his perfectly crisp suit and leather shoes
  • Rather than a man in 40s with bald hair, he was around your age
  • You were hoping that he could amuse you but your hopes were gone when you looked at cold facade
  • His features were piercing and sharp with eyes the darkest shade of black you had ever seen 
  • His inky black hair also added onto the cold yet threatening demeanour (I NEED BLACK HAIR WOOJIN IRL)
  • His voice was smooth and he had you mesmerized for a moment but hey, he was still a person wanting to trap your freedom in the end
  • No way in hell was that ever going to happen
  • You thought to yourself of a flawless plan to escape him so he would resign
  • You were already betting how many days this new guy would last
  • After all, how much patience a guy like him could have?
  • Based on your experience: zero
  • It was that day itself when you tried to sneak off to visit your best friend, Yongguk (he is so cute in their variety show IM MELTING)
  • But he caught up to you instantly
  • “What the hell …..”
  • You realized he was a lot agile because unlike the rest who were just bulky with way too much unnecessary muscles
  • He was the perfect balance between too much & too little which made speed definitely at his side
  • “I used to be the bodyguard of a 6 years old. It would be embarrassing to myself I can catch her and not you as she was a lot sneakier and faster.”
  • You didn’t even know if that was a compliment or an insult for comparing you to a 6-year-old but you shrugged him off
  • Telling him that he was thinking too much and that you were TOTALLY not scheming anything 
  • He gave you a knowing look before you went to room, sighing internally as it was the first time your plan had failed
  • Moments later, he came in and told you if you wanted, he would give you the permission to visit Yongguk ALONE
  • Which was a first and you looked at him surprisingly
  • “Isn’t he your best friend? I trust he would look after you and I don’t have to do my duties.”
  • You instantly smiled as you realized maybe this one was good enough for you to stay
  • Being with Woojin realized that asking for a bodyguard with a personality was maybe too high of a request
  • Not only were you getting personality, you were basically getting thrashed by him at any moment …..
  • He was basically savage with you 24/7
  • “You look pretty, Princess.”
  • “Princess?”
  • “Well, you are bratty and rich. Doesn’t that nickname suit you perfectly?”
  • “PARK WOOJIN!!!!”
  • Ever since that one time he left you to your devices, you two had definitely become closer
  • You two exchanged friendly banter all the time and that frown of his became more of a smile
  • You two actually became friends???
  • There was one incident where he taught you how to play tennis when your instructor was gone for a week 
  • He taught you far better than the coach your parents hired from overseas
  • Which made you learned that he could play a variety of sport since young
  • You were like why are you not an athlete???
  • He was a bit embarrassed and blushed when he told you that you were looking too highly of him 
  • But because of that, he also became your coach other than your bodyguard LOL
  • Also well maybe you became a tad bit speechless when his hands were there to guide you into the right stance …… 
  • He was pretty harsh on you when it comes to training but everything suddenly seems okay when he comes to train you with a black tank top and grey sweats 
  • Like wow ??? 
  • And when he’s sweaty and runs a hand to wipe off the sweat, you were like is this real life wtf
  • Cause this was a different side of his you were definitely not used to 
  • He acts like he taking care of you because it’s his job but low key buys you a bunch of chocolate when you get stress cause it wasn’t allowed at your house 
  • One night, you prepared yourself for a party at Yongguk’s house as his parents were celebrating their company’s 20th anniversary
  • Woojin could sense that you were absolutely bored when he took your hand and lead you to the middle of the dance floor
  • “Dance?”
  • You followed his lead and prayed the heavens that your mother had forced you to take ballroom dance classes when you were younger or you will already be tripping 
  • He chuckled at how stiff you seemed to be he as his hand was wrapped around your waist as he twirled you
  • When the music ended, you had to tell yourself that this was in fact, not a dream
  • After that, a twinkle appear in his eyes as he whispered to your ears
  • “Princess, let me challenge you to a game of hide and seek.”
  • “Hide and seek?”
  • “Try and escape me for the rest of the party. If I can find you within 5 minutes, you get the rest of tomorrow to yourself.”
  • “Deal!”
  • You scampered off quickly, hoping he would at least give you a headstart
  • You found a nice hiding spot within the gardens of the colossal house
  • You took off your heels and sat on a bed of flowers, not even caring that you might be staining your $500 Vera Wang’s dress
  • You started counting down from 5 minutes and when it reached the third minute
  • You had the fright of your life when someone tapped on your shoulder
  • It was Woojin who found you, his smirked implicating that he obviously won
  • You gave up in defeat as he ruffled your head, telling you that you two could always play this again
  • That became a routine for you two whenever you had a ball to attend
  • Half an hour into it, you will magically disappear and that was his cue that the game had started
  • But somehow, as if he could trace your scent, he always found you within the time given, never giving you a chance to win
  • You were so used to him being around you that it was odd to say you couldn’t picture how the house would be without him 
  • Like you found it weird without him making a comment about you or how his arm would snake around your back at events to ‘protect’ you
  • When you woke up, you were surprised to not see him standing outside your room while handling your plans for the day
  • Your father told you that he was giving Woojin a well-deserved day off for being able to stay as your bodyguard for almost a year now
  • You felt incredibly lonely when you travelled to school by yourself
  • You missed seeing his face and your days with his presence
  • At 3am, you woke up to a sound of ‘thump’
  • You were worried, was there a thief or some sort???
  • You started panicking because not only was your personal bodyguard gone, your dad had actually the other guards a day off as well
  • The noise came from the floor below you and you quickly dialled a number
  • “Princess?”
  • The sound of the ringing was replaced by Woojin’s soothing voice
  • You did feel bad for making him come at this hour if you were in your right mind but you were desperate to have him by your side, telling you everything was okay
  • Your sentences were disjointed from fear as you had a trauma from young when journalist would stalk you
  • Soon enough, there was a knock on your door and in came Woojin
  • He held your cat in one hand as he approached you
  • “It was just Coffee.”
  • As he laid your cat down, you immediately pulled him into a hug as you cried onto his shoulder
  • He saw the panic in your eyes and your uneven breathing as he used his thumb to rub soothingly across your spine
  • His existence calmed your mind and cleared your head as you could smell the faint yet familiar cinnamon scent on him
  • Judging from his disarray clothes which were a black graphic tee and sweatpants with equally messy hair
  • You could tell that he probably woke up and came immediately after you called
  • After you had calmed down, he looked into your eyes, the gaze he carried was far softer than you imagined
  • “Do you know how worried I was?”
  • His stern tone betrayed his expression as a smile took place, probably thinking it was cute that you did mistake an intruder for your own cat
  • Sure he probably got 20 fines for breaking every single traffic rule, but it was worth it seeing that you were safe …… 
  • That was all he could do if he wanted to remain by your side
  • You were more than just his client but he knew not to overstep his boundaries
  • You felt incredibly guilty when you saw his tired eyes and how kind he was to just rush over regardless of the situation
  • How he wasn’t even scolding you for making him wake up at this hour
  • Your guilt seemed to overtake you as you thought about how undeserving you were of his kindness
  • Maybe it was you being tired or just the fact that you were never willing to face yourself that you liked him
  • He looked just like he did the first time you met him, even without the fancy suit, there was an aura around him
  • Your fingers traced his jawline to his other features and Woojin breath momentarily stopped
  • He was like a living sculpture to you, with his smooth bronze skin and his pool of eyes which was now your favourite colour
  • Before he could stop you or say anything else, your lips were pressed against his
  • You didn’t fear of anything as his hand soon found its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest
  • The other held onto your face desperately, as if not wanting to let go of you
  • The sensation of his lips on yours was filled with warmth and you slipped your fingers into his hair
  • The pleasure was more than what you could have imagined when you felt his breath as he melted close
  • “I need you by side so please don’t ever leave me.”
  • You whispered when your forehead met his as you started into his irises and your nose gently brushed onto his
  • He was more than your friend, more than someone who was hired to protect you
  • He was the only person you wanted to be selfish with, someone you wanted to never leave your side
  • Woojin moved a strand of stray hair as he placed a kiss on your forehead
  • He didn’t care if this was this was against his job whatsoever
  • But then again he was pretty sure that the contract never stated he could have a personal relationship with the client
  • It didn’t matter anymore to him as he embraced you in his arms and pulled you to the soft bed 
  • He will just do the explaining to your parents and his boss tomorrow
  • “I love you. I love you a lot.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)


Welcome Back to the Disney Princess Rainbowcy

Since it’s been a while, there are a lot of kiddos, and they look a little different now since I gave them some makeovers, here is generation one: 

Founders: Snow and Charming

Kids #1 and #4: Attina and Aquata. Aquata aged up as soon as I opened the save and was sad that no one celebrated her birthday. 

The Twins, #2&3: Alana and Adella

The Kiddos, #5-7: Arista, Andrina, and the heir, Ariel.