Hey everyone! Check out my painting in @pipedreamszine which is now available on Gumroad, pay-what-you-want! All of the proceeds will go to so please at least spread the word if you can. :-)


Look, I made a video about green tunic man!


時の勇者 by mochio on pixiv

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i’m too sad and tired for “real” art, so i decided to make more pokemon sprite recolors instead of jumping off a cliff. for oot, i used fire red/leaf green sprites to avoid repetition with my symphonia b/w sprites (found here.)

row 1: beauty ruto, protagonist link, lady malon

row 2: cooltrainer ♀ nabooru, roughneck ganondorf

row 3: crush girl impa, pokemon ranger zelda, pokemon ranger sheik

Day four! Ruto!

I always thought the Zoras were really neat :3

And real quick, a general idea of what I’ll be uploading: daily Zelda doodles until Breath of the Wild is released. Weekends are when I’ll have time for other things so if you’re here for Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, or OFF stuff don’t worry! I still have a shit load of projects lined up that I want to work on