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Speculation regarding 11.13

It looks like they’re putting at least a bit more stock than usual into Dean’s hookup, given that they mentioned it in the promo and showed quite a large hickey on his neck. This could be just another hookup for Dean, but there’s a few things that make me think otherwise.

They didn’t show the girl Dean supposedly hooks up with, nor is there any hint given in the promo as to who it could be. There’s three possible reasons as to why: the hookup was not shown on camera and it was just brought up for laughs, because it’s someone we’re already familiar with, or because whoever Dean slept with turned out to be the actual monster they’re hunting (à la Slice Girls). Given that Jensen mentioned at a recent con that Dean has an upcoming love scene, I think we can rule out option one, but option two and three resonate due to plausibility.

If it’s someone we know, then it’s not something that’s coming out of nowhere. I’m going to firmly say at this point that it’s NOT Cas(ifer), just because it really doesn’t seem like the circumstances are right to make it canon in this episode. So who then? Amara? No, Dean would be markedly devastated, and I don’t think Amara wants him sexually (though that’s a discussion for another day). Donna? Unlikely, given that last week was already a Wayward Daughters episode, and they wouldn’t have her just casually sleep with Dean.

And that’s another thing: Dean’s casualness about the affair. If it was someone they knew, he wouldn’t be strutting around, advertising the damn thing on his neck like a prize. So that suggests it was probably a one night stand with a stranger. Just him getting back on the horse (no innuendo intended).

So third option then. Monster?

Here’s where it gets interesting. In the promo, is the monster not a male, dragging away the female victims that he’d seduced? Of course there’s always the possibility that he has a female counterpart, but usually on hunts, the vics have a common profile that links them– in this case, perhaps, namely female.

And even if it weren’t the monster, who’s to say it’s not a guy? They seem to be making a capital-B Big Deal about the episode; the editors even compiled their own promo for it, which they’ve only done for part 2 of season 11 as a whole. And at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be anything special. Just a Valentine’s Day episode, of all things. This suggests something Other, that something game-changing is going to happen in this episode. Maybe it’s the canonization of bi!Dean?

Fingers crossed.

Princess. Dean Winchester Multi-Shot.

Title: Princess. Multi-Shot Series.

Pairing: Female Reader x Dean Winchester.

Prompt: @supernaturl-team-free-will :  Can I request where you are Crowleys daughter and you wanna leave to go to earth and when you do you meet Dean him not knowing your Crowleys daughter and smut happens then he finds out … I don’t mind what happens make it your own

Triggers: None yet.

Enjoy :3

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The Secret Life of The Misfit Princess (Part Five)

A/N: okay so it’s been a while, sorry!! here’s part five, I hope everybody is ready for one crazy roller coaster because what I have planned for this next is going to hopefully tug on some heart strings!

Songs: Friday I’m In Love by The Cure Mr. Jones by Counting Crows Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer and of course I dropped a little something about Ziggy in there so anything Bowie in honor of the man himself.. 

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The morning light stung your eyes as they flickered open. You felt like you’d been ran over by a truck. You rolled over and let out a sigh when you felt your hand land on a firm chest. Then you remembered everything from the night before. The kiss. The fight. How drunk you were. Your eyes flew open and his eyes were already on you.

Benny grinned over at you and you immediately pushed yourself away.

“Well good morning to you too.” he chuckled. You covered your face with your hands and shook your head.

“What happened?” you exclaimed in a panic, peeking through your fingers at him. “We didn’t…?”

“Jesus kid, no!” Benny let out a laugh and rolled out of bed with all his clothes from the night before still on. Relief washed over you and you tried to remember what happened. “You and Dean fought, you stormed off, me and Ruby walked with you but you were too drunk to bring home or bring you to Ruby’s so I brought you here.”

“Oh thank god… No offence.” you let out. Benny rolled his eyes and threw you a towel.

“Go get a shower, you stink.” he demanded, pointing to the washroom. As soon as you stood up your stomach felt the effects of the night before and you rushed to the toilet, puking up anything and everything. Benny took a glass of water off of his night stand and brought it into you, helping you hold your hair back.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.” you said once you were finished, sitting back against the tub and taking small sips of water.

“That’s what best friends are for, right?” Benny chuckled and sat down next to you. “Now do I need to beat up Dean for you.” You had almost forgot. All of a sudden you felt sick again. But not because of the hang over. Because your heart hurt that much.

“I think I love him Benny.” you sighed. “It’s pathetic but I can’t see any other reason why it would hurt this bad.”

“I know kid. Everyone could see it. But even the people we love make mistakes.” Benny said, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“I know… But the things he said to me.” you cringed at the thought. You could hear the words coming from his mouth now. “I’m just going to get a shower and maybe head down to the harbour for a bit. Clear my head.” Benny nodded and got up to leave.

“Kid?” he said, turning to look at you before leaving the room. “You’re going to be okay. You’re the toughest person I know. I love you.” Benny smiled.

“I love you too Ben.” you replied. Benny turned and left the room. The minute you stepped into the shower you felt all the crap from the night before wash away. For a while you let your mind clear of all the pain you were feeling. After washing up you got out and noticed that Benny had left a pair of his sisters jeans and one of his flannel tops on the counter for you. You slipped into the clothes and came back out into Benny’s room.

“There’s my girl. Here take this.” Benny smiled and handed you another glass of cold water and two pills. “For the headache.”

“Thanks.” you said, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek. You swallowed back the pills and sat on the bed, hauling on a pair of socks. “Got any paint?” you asked. Benny smiled and went to his closet.

“What colours?” he asked.

“Blue, red and black.” you replied. He came out with three cans of spray paint and handed them to you to put in your bag.

“Don’t go getting into trouble, you hear?” Benny let out.

“I won’t.” you smiled and walked past him.

“And kid? I know you don’t want to hear it but… Dean’s a good guy. Give him a second chance.” he said. You smiled and slowly nodded before leaving the room and headed for the front door.

Benny didn’t live far from the harbour so it was an easy walk. You put in your headphones and tuned out the world around you as you listened to David Bowie on bust. You tried to block out everything. Bury the pain. You stopped when you came to the spot. The ally where you first felt something for Dean. But you didn’t want to think about that right now.

You snuck through the loose fence board and made your way into the ally. Everything was the same. The empty bottle of vodka was still on the ground where you left it. Yours and the others paintings were still on the walls. But Dean was missing. Before when you thought back to that night, you laughed. You were so happy. And Dean was part of that. Now when you looked back on it, it felt like a lie.

And you pushed it back again, trying to clear your mind which is what you came to do. You started to paint. You didn’t know what at first. But it seemed the anger inside of you came out with every movement as you sprayed your feelings on to the wall. It was the only way to get it out. You wanted to push it down but you had no control. Involuntarily you started to cry, your tears blurring your vision. You kept painting.

You stopped painting when you ran out of tears. Looking up at the wall you fell back against the wall behind you and slumped down to the ground. You held your head in your hands and sighed. You were emotionally exhausted. You’d never poured so much of yourself into art before. You couldn’t believe he could do that to you.

You reached over in your bag and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels that you had from the night before. It was only half gone and you decided to take a few swigs. You kept your gaze on the wall in front of you. It was half of your face done in black and red. You made tears with the blue paint. The other half of your face was covered with a blue heart with a big black x through it. At the very bottom of the painting were the words “the cold hearted bitch that everyone thinks you are – by nobody…”

You smiled and took another swig of Jack. You heard the loose fence board move and quickly got up afraid it was Jody Mills coming to bust you again. You were almost relieved when you seen Cas appear from the ally. But then you remembered everything he had said last night. How important you were to Dean. That was all a lie now too.

“H-hey.” he said softly. You gave him the fakest smile and sat back in your spot against the wall.

“What do you want?” you snarled.

“Benny said I’d find you here. It took a bit to get him to give you up, wasn’t easy.” Cas chuckled. You kept a straight face and stared back at the wall again. Cas came and sat next to you, grabbing your bottle of Jack and taking a swig, cringing at the sting of alcohol as it slipped down his throat. “How do you drink that straight. That’s nasty.”

“Cas… why are you here?” you sighed, looking over to him. His smile left his face and he stared intently at you.

“He’s sorry you know.” Cas half smiled. You rolled your eyes feeling tears coming on again.

“I know he is… Doesn’t make up for what he did, what he said.” you let out, gesturing to the wall. Cas looked up at the painting.

“You don’t seriously think he meant that, do you? You don’t think that’s who you are, right?” Cas asked. Your silence was answer enough as you stared down at your feet. “Y/N. I know I don’t know you that well but you most certainly are not a cold hearted bitch. And I know Dean and I know he never meant it. He’s just an idiot and he says stupid things that hurt the people that he loves because he’s so scared of losing them. Trust me, I’ve known him for a while and I’ve had my fair share of it.”

“And Lisa? What about Lisa Cas?” you shouted. Cas sighed. He didn’t know what to say.

“It was a mistake Y/N. He knows that. You know what he said when you left?” Cas exclaimed.

“What?” you said through gritted teeth.

“She said you were nothing. He told her to get out. He said you were everything.” Cas smiled. You paused and let your eyes land on the painting again. You felt tears stream down you face again and you quickly ran your hands under your eyes, trying to stop.

“You know what? Tell Dean he’s going to have to do a lot better than sending the puppy dog eyed best friend to clean up his mess.” you shouted as you stood up and gathered your things. You started to walk away but Cas grabbed your arm. “Let me go.” you screamed, tears streaming. Cas pulled you into him and you couldn’t help but let it all out in his arms.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I know it hurts. It’ll be better soon, I promise.” he said as he held you close to him, brushing your hair back out of your face. Cas walked you out to the parking lot at the harbour where he was parked. You got in his car and he started to drive.

“Where are we going?” you asked, sniffing as you wiped away tears.

“Where do you want to go?” Cas smiled over at you.

“Can we go watch a movie.” you asked trying to put on a smile. Cas nodded and drove to the theatre. When you got there he bought you popcorn and got the tickets. You went to see Star Wars, you were both fans. You were feeling a bit better but every now and then you caught yourself crying. Cas reached over when he saw you crying once and held your hand.

None of it meant anything, he was just being a nice guy. He wanted to fix things, for your sake and Dean’s. Cas was slowly becoming a good friend. You smiled and squeezed his hand for comfort as you laid your head on his shoulder. Cas smiled down at you.

“I just wish it didn’t hurt so much, you know? I wish he never did that to me.” you whispered.

“I know.”


Dean watched as you left the ally with Cas’ arm around, basically holding you up for support. He knew you’d be there. He hated himself for doing that to you. You were so strong, you shouldn’t need someone to hold you up, you should be able to do that on your own. But he hurt you. He couldn’t take back what he did. Once the coast was clear and you and Cas were gone, Dean got out of his car and headed into the ally.

He thought back to that very first night he spent with you. He couldn’t believe how hard he had fallen for you in just one night. The way you made him feel. He wondered if he’d ever get that back. He looked up at the wall and saw the painting you did that night. Next to it was a new painting. Still beautiful but angry. His heart sank when he read the words.

The cold hearted bitch that everyone thinks you are… -by nobody

Anger boiled inside of Dean as he stared at the words. He wasn’t mad at you, though he did hate it when you called yourself nobody. No, he was mad at himself. He couldn’t believe he put you down like that. After all the times he tried to bring you up. In just a few simple words he had taken that all away.

Dean slammed his fist against the brick wall. He stared down at the ground and saw the bottle of Jack you had left behind. He picked it up and took a swig. It stung his throat but he felt he deserved the pain. He deserved a lot of things right now. He threw the bottle at the wall in anger and let the glass fly back at him, getting a cut on his arm.

“Damn it.” he shouted. Dean was never going to forgive himself for this. He didn’t know if you would but he had to hope. The sound of sirens scared him off and he made his way out of the ally and back to his car. He knew you wouldn’t forgive him today, or tomorrow. Maybe he would try Monday. Maybe Monday you would forgive him.


You spent the rest of your weekend either in your room alone, like usual, or in Benny’s room, with Benny. On Saturday night you drank there, just the two of you. You got drunk on a bottle of wine while you listened to Radiohead on vinyl. You tried not to think of Dean but it was impossible not to. But you didn’t cry because you couldn’t. You couldn’t let yourself. You had your moment of tears and heartache and now it was time to move on.

Sunday you got up and picked up Benny and went out for breakfast at the local diner. You had pancakes and coffee and Benny had bacon and eggs. He did up a playlist for you on cassette which you thought was cheesy but the two of you listened to it all morning while driving. You drove two hours out of town before realizing you even left.

You picked up a hitch hiker on the way back named Bob, but you didn’t think that was his real name at the time. He was a couple years older than you and Benny and he was trying to get to town because he found out that his birth mother lived there and was sick. He wanted to meet her before she passed away. He told you about all the places he had been from hitch hiking all the way from New York City, the people he met. You found it fascinating the stories he had to tell.

By the time you got in town he had told you his real name was Scott. He didn’t know why he made up a fake name, but he said he never told anyone his real name the whole entire trip. You dropped him off at his mothers and watched as he met her for the first time. You even cried a little. That’s the first time you thought of Dean since the minute you woke up.

You told Benny that when school was over, the two of you were going hitch hiking just for the hell of it. He agreed and you both pinky swore to do it. He brought you home and your parents yelled at you for being gone so long and not answering your phone. You turned on your walkman and put your headphones in and turned on the cassette tape that Benny gave you, completely blocking them out and storming up to your room.

The first song on the cassette was Friday I’m In Love by The Cure. You laughed because he was trying to toy with your emotions. You were in love on Friday. And now you weren’t, or at least you didn’t want to be. Only you and Benny had that kind of humour and it didn’t make you sad. You just laughed. And then you went to sleep, dreading the next day.


As you pulled into the parking lot of school the first thing your eyes landed on was his jet black Impala. The car was beautiful. Not anymore. It made you sick. As you parked you grabbed a cigarette and lit it. You knew you were going to need a lot of those today. Headphones in and walkman on you casually walked into school, purposely a few minutes late, listening to Mr. Jones by Counting Crows. Benny had made a really good tape.

Dean’s eyes immediately landed on you and his breath hitched in the back of his throat. You wouldn’t even look his way. He watched as you ran into Ruby’s arms, kissing her cheek and passing her a cigarette without the teachers around noticing. He wanted to walk up to you and he would of but Cas’ hand landed on his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

“Not right now man.” Cas sighed. “See that smile. You don’t want to take that away right now. Just wait.” Dean nodded. He knew Cas was right. But he also knew that was a fake smile. Still, fake or not, he couldn’t take it away.

You watched him in the corner of your eye as Cas put a hand on his shoulder and stopped him from walking over to you. You thanked Cas for that. You weren’t ready to face him. Not yet. The bell rang and you made your way to English. The only thing keeping you together this morning was the thought of talking about Shakespeare for an entire hour. And Dean wasn’t in that class. But he was in Bio.

When the bell rang you had five minutes until the next class started. You gathered your things and quickly went to the parking lot, hauling out a cigarette and lighting it, taking a long draw and then sighing as you blew out the smoke. You couldn’t believe you were acting this way over a boy. But you couldn’t help it.

You rummaged through your bag and looked for your keys and that’s when you felt his hand on your arm. You turned slowly and met his green eyed gaze that was locked on you. You froze. You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t even look at him without feeling sick.

“Going somewhere? Not skipping class because of me, are you?” Dean half smiled and that’s when you felt the anger boil up inside you. You shook his hand off and slapped his face. Dean’s eyes grew wide and you raised your hand to your mouth, not expecting yourself to do that either. “Alright, I deserved that.” Dean chuckled. Your face went blank and you turned away from him. Dean put a hand on your shoulder to turn you back towards him and that’s when you snapped.

“Don’t touch me.” you yelled, turning back toward him. “You- you fucked up. Deal with it.”

“I’m trying to. Can’t you see that.” Dean spoke harshly.

“I mean leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to look at you.” you screamed. Dean’s head dropped down and he stared at the ground for a bit before looking back up at you. You wouldn’t even look him in the eye.

“You’re hurt, I get it, I’m-” Dean started but you cut in.

“No Dean. No. I’m mad. I’m furious. I’m past hurt. I hurt all Friday night and all Saturday. Now I’m pissed.” you said through gritted teeth. Dean knew you weren’t lying, he could see the anger in your eyes.

“Alright. Okay. Just don’t leave school because of me.” he said.

“I’m not leaving because of you Dean. I always skip school. I don’t like school and I can leave when ever I want and I don’t need it to be because of you.” you snarled. Dean shook his head and put up his hands in surrender. He backed away from you and you quickly got in your car and drove off.

Dean stormed back inside. Cas was waiting to ask him what happened but Dean walked on by. But he didn’t look angry or hurt. Cas was surprised and quickly caught up to him.

“What happened?” he asked. Dean wore a foolish grin and turned to Cas, stopping in the middle of the hallway. “Why are you so happy?”

“She’s not hurt. Well maybe she is somewhere deep down. But right now, she’s just angry. I can fix that.” Dean smiled. Cas furrowed his brows and looked at Dean with confusion. “It’s only one day. I’ll try again tomorrow.”