Half-Blood Princess

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Hannah (Twin Sister)

Length: 2466+ words

TW: Descriptions of Injuries. Character death. Just sadness and angst all over (I made myself cry writing this tbh)

A/N: I’m sorry (but not really sorry) for all the angst. Feedback is encouraged!

Being half a Winchester usually never ended well. With Adam being in a cage- it was safe to say that if you’re not a full-blooded Winchester, your fate is very bleak. Very, very bleak. You on the other hand, never believed this. Neither did your twin sister, Hannah. When your mom died, she gave you the address of a Bobby Singer who then introduced you to your brothers- well, half brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester. They were one of the strongest men you’ve ever met in your life, and to say you weren’t a little bit intimidated was a lie.

You and Hanna were complete polar opposite. She was outgoing, and very easy to talk to; whereas, you were a bit on the shyer side, always anxious about saying the wrong things. But you got along pretty well. She understood you, and always tried to do her best to make you comfortable. Despite being quieter, it didn’t mean you were bad company. You had a lot of friends who thought you were the life of the party- well, before you moved to the other end of the country. Life with your brothers wasn’t exactly what you were expected. They bonded so well with Hannah (as expected), and you could see yourself becoming distant from them.

It wasn’t until they started training you two to hunt that you saw the clear favouritism towards your sister. You were equally as good as Hannah when it came to picking up the skills that your brothers taught you, but you were never praised. You were never given a high five, and offered to go out for your favourite treat. You were absolutely sure your brother had no malice intentions when doing these things. It was just your personality.

Dean was an extrovert through and through. You thought you could win him over through your cooking, but apparently he didn’t like anyone else working in the kitchen but him. By the time you found out his love for pie, he had already banned you from using the kitchen.

Sam was good-natured, and you were sure that you and him would get along very well. But, Sam was too excited at the prospect of a sister that he became more of an extrovert as well. He wanted to socialize, go out, and do things with his little sister.

It’s not like you hated going out or anything. You were fond of spending time with your family, but socializing drained you, and you were already quiet from the beginning. It was hard to get close to your new brothers when all they wanted to do was outgoing activities, but you did try.

You sat in when Dean was fixing his Baby or washing her, but he didn’t like the silence, so in the end he turned on his music. That’s when Hannah came in. She made a joke about his taste in music which he took full offense to, and she started asking questions about his car, and next thing you knew, he was teaching her everything about Baby- forgetting that you were even there.

With Sam it was a little easier. He was better to be around since you both were avid readers. You sometimes would read with him, but that left no room for communication, and you were left with a gap between you and your brother. There was one time where he wanted to go to the library, and you wanted to go as well, but that was until Dean piped in, and said that he wanted to go alone so he could ask the cute librarian out. Immediately, you backed out- not wanting to latch onto him when he wanted some alone time.

Cases like this kept happening, and it was harder to try. Too much time has passed, and you got nowhere closer to your brother than when you first met.

Then, there was the day that changed everything.

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Winchesters in glasses

I’m not saying I have a problem, I’m not saying I don’t have a problem. Help @wheresthekillswitch @arryn-nyxx @pinknerdpanda @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @sis-tafics?

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I TRUST YOU (Reader x Bucky)

You are a normal girl from New York but your world and future changed as you met a very special man, but what about your past? Is your past still buried or will it influence your present and future?

Part One 

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

Part Seventeen

Part Eighteen

Part Nineteen - The End

BLACK TEARS (Reader x Bucky)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2


Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

Pt. 6

Pt. 7

Pt. 8

Pt. 9

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Pt. 11

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Pt. 18

Pt. 19

Pt. 20

Pt. 21

Pt. 22

Pt. 23

Pt. 24

GHOSTWRITER (Reader x Winter Soldier)

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3


A/N: Several one-shots about the history and adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester and the reader of the Crossover series. But you don’t have to read the crossover for this stories

The beginning

A rough start

Wendigo, or: How Dean was wrong


Karaoke Night


You are a huntress and work with the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam for some years. But after a terrible hunt you decided you need a break of your previous life. You still want to help people and you joined the Avengers. But will it work? And can you ignore your real life?

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

Pt. 6

Pt. 7

Pt. 8

Pt. 9

Pt. 10

Pt. 11

Pt. 12

Pt. 13

Pt. 14

Pt. 15

Pt. 16

Pt. 17

Pt. 18

Pt. 19

Pt. 20

Pt. 21

Pt. 22


Full Moon  (Reader x Bucky)

Touchdown (Reader x Dean Winchester)

Watching over me (Reader x Dean Winchester)

Eggnog (Reader x Dean Winchester)

Nutcracker (Reader x Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester)

Lullaby for a soldier (Arms of the angel) (Reader x Bucky)

Freezing Princess (Reader x Dean Winchester)

You’re hot when you’re cold (Reader x Bucky and others)

What would Yoda say? (Reader x Dean Winchester)

Death (Reader x Dean Winchester)

8 days ‘til valentine’s day… (Bucky x Reader)

I will always love you (½) (Bucky x Reader)

I will always love you (2/2) (Bucky x Reader)

All night long (Bucky x Reader) (smut)

Always (Bucky x Reader) (smut)

Don’t call me baby face! (Bucky x Reader) (smut)

Vodka (Bucky x Reader) (smut)

The voice inside your head (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)

By your side (Bucky x male reader) (fluff)

The girl with the sparkling blue chucks (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)

Just cuddling (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)

Blind Date (Dean Winchester x Reader) (fluff)

I have you back (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)

I have you back pt. 2 (Bucky x Reader)

I have you back pt. 3 (Bucky x Reader)

I have you back pt. 4 (Bucky x Reader)

Ice Cream (Dean x Reader)

Let me love you (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)

“Loki no!”, “Loki yes!” (Loki x Reader)

“Loki no!”, “Loki yes!” pt. 2 (Loki x Reader)

Oh my god! (Loki x Reader)

Nightsky (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Blogging (Bucky x Reader) (fluff)


Blind Spot (Reader x Chloe Decker x Lucifer Morningstar)


Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Hunting with Dean.

Pairing : Dean x Reader 

Warnings : Idk…language I guess 

Word Count : 1,557

A.N . : Heey guys this is my first fan fiction that I wrote, I took your advice yesterday and give it a try, hope you liked it. And also if you do, the request’s are opened! Enjooy. 

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Hunting with Dean was always a new experience. You knew he didn’t want you there, although Sam was able to convince him every time that you are good asset to them. You are an occult professor at the university for God’s sake, you could have helped them at every case they got if the older brother wasn’t such a stubborn ass and refuse to let you come with them. 

But this time?  This time was hella different, they caught a wiff about some wicked witch from the ‘500 and they sure needed your help.

So now you were standing in the living room of the bunker with a smug grin on your face.

“Cut the smirk Y/N, you are not impressing anyone sweetie.  ”

The deep voice of Dean made your knees go weak and that made you awfully aware of what you’re wearing, some ripped shirt and some black yoga pants you put in this morning not even bothering yourself to care. But now? Now you we’re regretting everything, it was no secret that you’ve developed a bad crush on the older Winchester, that obvious that even Sam and Cass knew about it and they were pissing you off all the free time to telll Dean. Not gonna happen so soon tough, plus you didn’t even know if he even liked you that way.

“Bite me Winchester!  You need me, But you are an ignorant ass who doesn’t want to recognise that they need a woman to help them.”

You throw at him, seating in the chair opposite from him and trying not to strangle him. Some times you wanted to kill him, he was indeed an insufferable asshole and a ladies man all the way, and despite everything bad you tought about him,  didn’t seem to help you forget him. To help you not wanting him, not wanting to feel his rough skin on you body,  and those plump lips on yours.

Damn stop it Y/N !

You tought, you couldn’t get yourself hot and bothered for nothing.  

“Good morning Y/N, here’s your coffee .”

Raising your head you smiled gratefully at Sam and thanked him.

“So with what are we dealing ? ”

Sam put a folder in front of you and you laugh. That couldn’t be possible.

“This can’t be possible, you want me to believe that we are after the ghost of Rebbeca Bishop?  The witch from Salem ?  ”

That was unbelievable even for you, and you saw enough to not be impressed so easily, but the Salem witch was crazy even for you.

“Oohh are you scared baby? ” Dean said in a baby voice making you wanting to smack that beautiful face of his.

“Oh shut up ! I guess we need to make a trip to Salem then. ”

Dean groaned and let himself on the chair with his hands besides his head. It was clear that Dean hated witches and he had his reasons too, that doesn’t mean he gets tired of complaining every time they have a case with witches. This time makes no difference.


Five hours and as half later you groaned stretching your legs, being in baby for that long made you itchy and tired.

The motel you were staying at wasn’t making you feel better either but it will do for now.

The bad part ? You all were gonna be staying in the same room, that means bickering with Dean all the freaking time, good news ? Maybe….maybe you’ll get to share the bed with the same  asshole you seemed to like so much.

The only problem? It was only 3 pm and they needed to go out and start questioning people and stuff, you would have come with them, but your acting skills were zero, and you would’ve put thei cover in danger, so you choosed to stay in the motel,  and so some research on how  to kill the witch that seams to cut their victims on the stomach and splatter the organs, now you were sure she is her, I mean that’s how she was killed, in Africa. The only thing you didn’t know was how was the ghost still here….on what object she was attached?  You did online research, called one of your friends  from college and collect as much intel as you could, but still, you were not having a single clue on how to kill that bitch.

Somewhere between the hair pulling and the cries of helpness, Sam called you, and his voice was erratic.

“Y/N we found how to kill the ghost – it sounded ironic to you, the ghost theoretically was already dead but… - It’s attached on some ring from some history museum in town, could you help us with some you know, historian to another? “

You sighed, it shouldn’t be hard to talk to the historian from the museum, but you didn’t know if he or she would let you touch the ring, how were you supposed to grab him form his hold and destroy it?

“Kay, meet me at the hotel, I need a ride and to discuss the plan with you” .

Closing the call, you put the fake badge of an historian, cause let’s face it, you weren’t really an historian, just a professor, and get out of the motel room. Puttin the gun in the back, you put the shirt over it and took a jacket over you too.

“Couldn’t you take longer?”

Was the only snarky remark coming from Dean when you pop in the car, and you rolled your eyes, a break, you needed a fucking break from his behaviour, but did you get it? Noo, why should you?

“You know what? Kiss my ass will ya? “

You almost scream at him when he didn’t stop with sarcasm, and he looked at you with wide eyes. Then a pervert smile came on his face making Sam almost wanting to vomit, but he choose to say nothing…that traitor!

“Oh, you wish princess, name the place and hour I’ll do it happily!”

You blushed like a fucking lava and put your hands under your breasts from instinct, making them look bigger than they actually were.

You wanted to strangle him, kiss him and fuck him at the same time, and you didn’t know wich one was worse.

“Just…can we solve the fucking case and go home? I need a break from Don Juan here.”

Sam snorted and Dean gave you the “I’m gonna kill you “ look, that didn’t seem to scare you, so he grunted and resumed to driving.


“Hi there, Regina it is? – You asked looking at the historian name tag. – My name is Clair Smith and I’m coming from the history museum a few towns from here, these are FBI agents Clarcke and Johnson, wee need you to gave us a look about the ring of Rebbeca Bishop.

Getting the ring destroyed was hard, hard when the ghost was possessing Regina’s boddy and, boy she did everything in her power to stop you and the brothers to destroy it. You didn’t escape being hurt either, and when you arrived at your shared motel room Dean started to shout  while Same did go out to take some medicine for your shooted arm.

“What the hell were you thinkin Y/N ? Were you even thinking at all? You almost got killed! That’s why I don’t want you on our hunts, you always get hurt slowing us from everything!”

He yelled furiously and you flinched, that stung….actually that fucking hurt, you knew he couldn’t stand you, but you hoped maybe for some restrain from him but no….

“Why do you fucking care huh? It’s not like I’m your favorite person in the world, I didn’t expect you to get so rilled up about nothing! So I got shot, so what? Is my boddy not yours. “

You could see the fury in his green eyes, that sparkle that make your knees go weak, the sparkle that made you wanting to rip is clothes off and have your way with him.

“You are so fucking stupid Y/N…so stupid.”

“Excuse me…”

You couldn’t finish your sentence, in a few big steps Dean was in front of you, his big and rough hands on your face and hair and you couldn’t say a thing, he was touching you, feeling you and you couldn’t say a damn thing, he was good, you needed to give him that.

“How could you not see that I was trying to protect you. I care about you ok?”

He whispered with his lips almost touching yours, it was an undescribible moment, the feeling he gave you…

You moaned and his lips crashed with yours letting you without breath, this kiss was everything you imagined and more, teeth touching, tongues dancing, your hands in his hair pulling him close, his hands on you waist this time, everything was perfect, unbelievable almost.

“There’s not going back now Winchester, you’re with me from now, I’m not going back to that school, I want to help you! “

The older brother sighed and took you in his arms, your head on his shoulder, you could feel his heat and that made you instantly sleepy.

“I wouldn’t dream about letting you go now, princess. “


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You hated Prince Humperdinck with a passion. When he had asked you to marry him, you said yes only because you didn’t have much of a choice. Your one true love was dead and you had lost all purpose to live.

It didn’t take you long to find out what sort of man Humperdinck really was. He was conniving and cruel. He longed for power and he would stop at nothing to get it.You could never love a man like him.

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Pairing: Wade Wilson/Deadpool x Reader(platonic), Bucky x Reader(kinda)
Summary: Wade is your roommate and you finally convince him to come and eat dinner with you, with Wade blaring the TV it’s hard to miss the Avengers on the screen but someone catches your eye.
Warnings: Language? Near Death experience? Mentions of sex. Mentions of face sitting ;)
Word Count: 2222

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I’m posting a Purgatory!Dean fic tomorrow so he’s been on my mind a lot lately . Let’s all swoon shall we? @wheresthekillswitch @pinknerdpanda @arryn-nyxx@eyes-of-a-disney-princess @sis-tafics

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As You Wish

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Stumbling along, Castiel continued to pull you along. You were going deeper and deeper into the wilderness and all hopes of escape were gone. The last thing you expected to hear was Zachariah ranting about the man in black catching up.

“Inconceivable!” He reached over and pulled you away from Castiel. “Finish him off, and then catch up with us.” Zachariah started pulling you up the hill.

“I don’t understand. What am I supposed to do?” Castiel looked up at Zachariah in confusion.

“Finish him! Finish him your way!” Zachariah yelled in annoyance.

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The Littlest Winchester - Princess Tea Party

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Warnings: None

Word Count: 766

Author’s Note: I added something to the title because it’s going to be a part of a set, but the story has not been changed. The stories in this set do not have to be read in order.


           “Daddy! No!” The four-year-old grabs the empty plastic cup from Dean’s hand and rather forcefully sets it back on the play table. “It’s not ready yet!”

           “But what if I’m thirsty?”

           “You gotta wait.” She crosses her arms and glares at him.

           “Gosh, you’re bossy.”

           This makes the little girl laugh as she tries to maintain an in charge attitude.

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My Little Princess

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 2,486
Warnings: smut, choking (slight bdsm), cursing, fluffy stuff
Author: Sam
A/N: I also need to state that this fan fiction was actually inspired by one of my followers ;) lol but at the same time I’m having some sexual difficulties today and have been deprived, so this is how I’m releasing my sex drive. Let’s see how long it lasts before I lose my mind sexually. Like guys, the biggest warning here is that this is just the smuttiest shit I’ve written with literally, and absolutely no damn plot lol.

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None Of Your Business-Part 4

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving to people that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

A/N:  So She chooses FINALLY, and there is SMUT!  YAY!

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Beta! Kevin Tran

Part 1

The sound of my ringing phone pulled me out of the jet lag induced coma I was currently in. I reached out an arm to silence it, and only succeeded in knocking it to the floor.  “Dammit!” I muttered as I leaned over to look for it.   Without warning my middle was seized with excruciating cramps.

No.  NO.  Not here.  Not now.  This wasn’t supposed to be happening.  My heat had arrived and I was in London, thousands of miles away from Dean.  There was a team from Wesson here to woo a potential new client.  I had a huge presentation in a few hours in front of Sam and a bunch of other important people.  This was bad.  Really bad. 

This was my first heat since I had started sleeping with Dean, and I had thought it would be easier.  WRONG.  I finally managed to locate my phone under the bed.  It was Sam who had called.  Just the thought of Sam’s long, lean body caused me to break out into a sweat and a low whine escaped my throat.  I could feel my core throbbing and my legs slick with arousal.

I dialed his number with trembling fingers.  “S-sam?  You called me?”

“Hey. Want to have breakfast and go over the meeting notes?” He said.

“I think I will just meet you there.” I said weakly.  I couldn’t catch my breath.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” He sounded concerned.

“I’m just a little tired.  I’ll see you soon, okay?”

I headed to the bathroom for an ice-cold shower and a triple dose of suppressants.  I don’t know how I am going to make it through this day, let alone the rest of this trip.

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The world of Tumblr wasn’t always the most peaceful of places. Ship wars destroyed much of the land and the random hearts and double-arrows popping up in the sky could get a bit distracting. But most of the fandoms were able to get along peacefully, most staying in their respective districts/ factions /camps.

Wizards & half-bloods patrolled the districts under the leadership of Admiral Holmes, making sure everything was going well and making sure that the demons, cannibalistic doctors, & makeup-wearing aristocrats stay in place.

 Each day, grand ceremonies were held by the people of the blogs in prayer to the Gallifreyan God of the Tardis as Supreme Princess Dean Winchester oversaw it all on his floating Chevy Impala.