The Princess Plan (Cinderella AU Pt. 9)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,029

Warnings: Copious amounts of fluff

Summary: Well the title kinda says it all but you’ll all find out soon enough ;) I just really want to thank the lovely jensennjared for helping me out when I got stuck!!! You’re the best darling!!! :*

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A Breath of Fresh Air.

Requested by: pansexual-penguin-princess
Prompt: Dean waking up from surgery and saying all kinds of stuff about Cas while Sam is there.

Dean is hurt, and it’s my fault.
Dean is hurt, and it’s my fault.

Sam had been sitting in the hospital for eight hours, completely unaware of anything that was going on around him. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t even think straight. All he knew was that Dean had taken a bullet to the stomach after he jumped in front of a demon aiming at Sam.

Sam had just been trying to protect Castiel, who was held captive and tortured for a week by Abbadon. The demon queen was sure the Winchester’s would come to rescue their precious angel. She wasn’t wrong. Cas was badly hurt in the fight, and Hannah was tending to him at the bunker, but Sam had no information on how Cas was doing. He was upset. Lately, everything seemed to be Sam’s fault. He couldn’t even carry out a simple task: make sure that Cas didn’t get injured any further.

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