A Breath of Fresh Air.

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Prompt: Dean waking up from surgery and saying all kinds of stuff about Cas while Sam is there.

Dean is hurt, and it’s my fault.
Dean is hurt, and it’s my fault.

Sam had been sitting in the hospital for eight hours, completely unaware of anything that was going on around him. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t even think straight. All he knew was that Dean had taken a bullet to the stomach after he jumped in front of a demon aiming at Sam.

Sam had just been trying to protect Castiel, who was held captive and tortured for a week by Abbadon. The demon queen was sure the Winchester’s would come to rescue their precious angel. She wasn’t wrong. Cas was badly hurt in the fight, and Hannah was tending to him at the bunker, but Sam had no information on how Cas was doing. He was upset. Lately, everything seemed to be Sam’s fault. He couldn’t even carry out a simple task: make sure that Cas didn’t get injured any further.

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Name of your Muse: Sam Winchester

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Two head canons you have never told anyone about your muse:

1. Sam doesn’t want a normal life anymore, he doesn’t think he would be able to stand it. It’s nice for awhile but after that he gets restless and wants to do something productive.

2. Sam enjoys drag… its a guilty pleasure. (This one is influenced by a thread megyourmaster and I are doing)

Three things your muse does in their spare time:

1. Catch up on pop culture. Sam can’t help it, he caught Dean watching Doctor Who once and was hooked, now he’s trying to watch and read everything considered popular that he can.

2.  Look through the Bunker and organize it. It isn’t Sam’s favorite thing to do, but he finds a lot of cool things, depending on the day. He works on manifesting everything they have just in case. This includes the library.

3.  Sleep. Sam doesn’t get much sleep while he’s on cases, so he needs to catch up on it when he has nothing else to do.

Five people your muse loves/admires: (Some of these might be based on RP partners)

1. Dean… he’s Sam’s brother, and Sam will never stop admiring and loveing him

2. Castiel. Cas has saved Sam more times then he can count and admires the angel… ex-angel greatly

3.  Meg Masters She is a good friend and he admires her bravery and really loves hanging out with her (Based off rp with megyourmaster)

4. Bertha Mason (or Winchester) :)  Bertha is Sam’s wife and Sam loves her very much (based off Rp with mxdxmeguillotine)

5. Charlie Bradbury. Sam admires how much Charlie dedicated herself to hunting… even after everything that had happened to her. He misses her very much.

Three fond childhood memories:

1. One of Sam’s fondest memories is the time he ran away, adopted a dog, and lived in a motel room for a week before his dad and Dean found him. It was a lot of fun for him 

2. Sam used to love it when Dean read him bedtime stories. Dean stopped doing so after Sam turned 10

3. Sadly… that’s about it… Sam didn’t have an amazing childhood

Two things your muse regrets:

1. Trusting Ruby, he should have stayed away from her

2. Leaving Jess to go with Dean… she would still be alive if he hadn’t

One thing they’d go through Hell or Heaven to save /change:

He would save Jess and at least brought her with them on the case, having already told her about his past.

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