Prince(ess) Dean Winchester

Medieval Destiel AU where the Prince, Dean Winchester falls in love with his serving boy, Castiel. It’s frowned upon by all in the kingdom, but Dean’s not giving up any time soon.

Top Sekrit SPN Season Final and S12 Spoilers

YOu were warned!!!

Dean goes off to fight the Amara alone, certain that he’ll die.

As the two face off, Castiel shows up.  Yo.  I got this.

No.  I got this! Sam says, running onto the scene.

Crowley looks around, then at the audience.  What do you expect me to do?  Demon, king of hell, I’m not going to put my neck out for…oh bullocks! And Crowley shows up to help.

Actually, Chuck strolls over, Amara, I’m really sorry.  Let’s hug this out.  I’ll grab us a few brews.

Oh, okay, says Amara.

Chuck and Amara stroll off to make peace.

Dean looks at Sam.  Sam looks at Dean.  Sam and Dean look at Cas.  Cas looks at Sam and Dean.  Crowley strolls off to smite his mom.  Sam, Dean and Cas decide to go to Disney World.

SEASON 12!  EPISODE 1! Cas gets lost in EPCOT!

*worried Dean on the phone* “CAS! Where are you?!”

“I don’t understand.  I was just in Japan and now I’m in Russia?”

“Stay put, Sam and I are coming for you.”

“Just hurry, I think I’m being tailed by a mouse of unusual size.”