- “How dare you, half witted scruffy looking nerfherder!? Don’t you remember Darth River is chasing me for having the Blood Moon’s plans?”

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Well, there’s my AU of choice, I could’ve drawn something for a background, but I made it PNG, cause I don’t have my tablet, and maybe it could’ve looked worse.

@wholesome-week is over. I enjoyed so much this week and I hope everyone liked it too! Finishing a fusion of a fandom I’m in since I was a youngling, and the other that it’s currently my second favorite one, it was heaven to me (even if I didn’t make it with my digital tablet). Yep, the trash is strong with this one…

P.S: I’m already trying to make this AU work correctly, so, maybe I’ll post other things about it. I’m trying to make this a great alternate universe… And yes, without my tablet Star’s dress came awful, Marco looks a lot better

I worked yesterday, but as soon as I came home I scribbled up my favorite rebel because I wanted to show my love and support and admiration for my friends and the millions of people who marched yesterday. That unity is powerful, and it sends a clear message: we will resist complacency, we will resist division, we will resist hate.

Princess Leia, thanks to your portrayal of femininity and strength, we have generations of women who will resist the notion of inferiority based upon gender.

Carrie Fisher, thanks to your candid, unapologetic attitude and open embrace of your struggles, your vulnerabilities, and all the things that the rest of us hide and hurt over, I have the courage to make work, share it and stand by myself.

Since yesterday, I know I do not stand alone! Love to everyone, be kind, be brave, be strong.


Here’s some pics from the Women’s March on LA today. It was my first protest rally, and even though I went by myself, I definitely did not feel alone.

I was really scared to go to this. So many things could have gone wrong. But I advocate so many causes here on Tumblr, I reblog, like, comments but that doesn’t do enough. I went because it was time to put my money where my mouth is, and actually step out of my comfort zone to show I am NOT going to just sit down and accept what is happening.

So I stood up and I marched. I marched for my my Tumblr friends like @politicalmamaduck who is always posting things that teach me more and more about how to be a better feminist. I marched for @solikerez who is a lovely and talented young black woman and I will never accept a government that would marginalize her. I marched for my boyfriend @androidalx22 who taught me about the nightmare of the immigration process, helping me to understand who so many come here illegally. I marched for his daughter, who is going to be a bright young woman, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone take away the rights and opportunities due to her in the future. I marched for my real life friends Marcella, Khounny, and Sandra-all women of color who were the only ones who spoke up with me during work conversations about the election. I marched for my mother, who grew up in an era where she could not date men of color out of fear of being disowned by family or of retribution from others.

And I marched for me. I grew up in a strict Romani lifestyle that would not even allow me to wear pants after the age of 12. That taught me I was for cooking, cleaning, and having children. That told me when I reached puberty, I would be sold into an arranged marriage, and that even if he hit me, I still had no right to leave him. That told me I was strange for attending school past third grade, and that as long as I knew how to count, I didn’t need to know how to read. That told me the gadje (Non-Roma) were only good for money and we’re never to be trusted, especially black people. I grew up in a repressive, patriarchal bubble that was meant to teach me I wasn’t going to be anything other than someone’s wife; but instead, it produced a liberal feminist that walked away from literally half her family because they would not let me just LIVE.

I marched in continuance of that march away from them. And with four hard years ahead of a facist, patriarchal administration with ideals that sound just much too familar to me, you better believe I’ll never stop walking now.