Princess Commander

all bottom wlw before they kiss their gfs: cool, confident, probably carries around a sword, smooth af

all bottom wlw after they kiss their gfs: Oh Look I’m A Walking Disaster


This scene gets me every time. See the expression of acknowledgement on Clarke’s face? She can’t deny Lexa’s words. She knows them — as does Lexa — to be true. And it’s so fucking beautiful, because of the progress they made.

Clarke went from wishing that she’d killed Lexa instead of Finn — to loving Lexa with all her heart; to loving her so much that she couldn’t hate Lexa however much she wanted to; to missing her before they even parted; to consummating their love because she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Lexa without showing her how she felt. Clarke went from wishing she’d killed Lexa to wishing she could have saved her. And Lexa… Lexa went from knowing that Clarke hated her, to knowing that Clarke loved her; from knowing Clarke wished she’d died, to knowing Clarke couldn’t kill her if she tried; from knowing Clarke wished to have killed her instead of Finn, to seeing with her own eyes how desperate Clarke was to, but tragically could not, save her.

These two went from thoughts of killing each other to the notion that they couldn’t live without each other. They could, can; survive alone. But Lexa only started living when she started falling in love with Clarke, and Clarke stopped living the moment life robbed her of the chance to openly love Lexa.