Princess Nefertiri

rebornsnake  asked:

“Nothing like a funeral to bring the family together.”

SCREAM 2 | @rebornsnake

At the other woman’s words, Nefertiri’s head snapped up and her eyes shot daggers. The remark burrowed under her skin – each venomous syllable sowing another seed of hatred in her heart. How dare she? What RIGHT had she to be here? Anck-Su-Namun, the young CONCUBINE who had caught her father’s eye, even as her mother – now laid in her tomb – lay sick and dying. And the woman dared utter the word FAMILY in the presence of her mother’s departed ka?

Nefertiri turned on her heel to follow the procession of mourners back to the palace. But as she passed Anck-Su-Namun, she hissed a parting epithet. 

                          “Perhaps – but YOU are not family. You are nothing.