Been asked about the recent episode The Times They Are A Changeling and how that affects the comic. That episode doesn’t affect the comic for the following reasons:

  1. The comic was started long before the episode aired and I don’t want to make the kind of changes that line up the comic with canon concerning Thorax. With the path that’s laid out for the comic, Thorax couldn’t fit in anywhere without seriously distracting from the regular cast.
  2. MLP the cartoon is a child’s show. They have to ‘soften’ characters like Chrysalis so she remains 'kid friendly’. The comic is not a kids comic as shown on page 11.
  3. This is also 'realistic comic’ in some ways. Chrysalis is reflective of just about every real life dictator/tyrant in the present and past. Simply put - dictators do not care about their people. Also the Changeling Hive reflects real life insect hives, not the ones found in the movies Antz or A Bug’s Life.

Twilight: “On one hoof, they’re both ADORABLE and want to cuddle. On the other, one is my lifelong idol and mentor from fillyhood and the other is my GIRLFRIEND. I need to find a way to get them back to normal before I lose it and before their absence from the affairs of state become too obvious.”

Celestia: “After ice cream!”

Twilight: “…After ice cream.”


((Just finished finals woot! Submitted my dissertation. Done and dusted. For those of you still having finals or working real hard, have this comic. I sure could’ve used someone like Luna while I was burning the midnight oil. For those of you who have finished finals or don’t even have finals, congrats! You’re free!! Expect more updates to come ^^))


It’s Day 3 now and I’m gonna post something I’ve never posted on here before. Bad art time, guys. These are the original concept sketches that eventually led up to the creation of this blog!

2 years ago, I was originally drawing these for the @lunadoodle blog where I drew a doodle of Luna a day to submit there. But I kept drawing Luna with Celestia and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed drawing the two of them just being cute and interacting together. So much so that I made this tumblr.

In the description for the first doodle: “ Who knows maybe I’ll use it in a comic someday.” pffhaha little did I know. It’s really cool to just see the style develop, and just remember where I was back then.

Anyway yeah enough with me rambling. Hope you guys enjoy this little piece of blog history ^^