;“Wow…what an honor! But…How does one even relax in such company?!“

((thank you @letsaskprincesscelestia for your ask! Err… suggestion! I’m sure you and Breezy will have a lovely time…when she stops panicking :D — also, it seems any updates will have to be traditional for now…. my computer has stopped working. Some kind of issue with the video card. Not sure when it will work properly again, but I’ll be saving up for a new one! Hopefully traditional is fine enough :) ))

tchernobog  asked:

Well Steamquestria by egophiliac had something like that - they were mostly augmented with tech/replacement limbs and such. Instead, I guess you could do the princesses having all steampunk-tech regalia instead? Tinker princesses! xD

I tried and this came out?? Sorry, they don’t look really steampunk-ish, Luna is the only one who kinda fits the style ^^” And Cadence doesn’t even look like a princess… I like Celestia tho XDD

Happy Chinese New Year Everypony!!

You may be wondering what Scoots is doing there. Well that’s cos it’s the year of the Rooster! Chinese New Year is a huge celebration where I come from (Malaysia) and lasts half a month. For more Chinese New Year Trivia and what this holiday is all about, keep reading below ^^ Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the new year bring good fortune and prosperity to you all!

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