Disney Princesses + Friends !!! Which is your favorite one? 👑


Here is my Christmas art for the year! I made this back in September, lolol, when you get an idea, you gotta get it down. 

I wanted to incorporate Helsa, Kristanna and Flynzel Eugenzel Rapunzel and Eugene, (I don’t know their ship name ^^;)

I hope you all like! I’m really happy about this! Except Eugenes face that kinda derped…


My new princess drawing!!! Which is your favourite one? I hope you like it :D

So, in my Life Drawing class yesterday, our assignment was to pick a character and draw them in the model’s place.
I picked Anna.
Felt nice drawing her again, but it’s been so long I had a hard time getting her down properly. Gonna get plenty of practice though because we have to use this character from now on. ;)

 This was a 10 minute gesture with a conte stick.


Character aesthetic ➤ Princess Anna of Arendelle.

“Snow, it had to be snow. She couldn’t have had tropical magic that covered the fjords in white sand and warm.”