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Since this screenshot from Wreck-It Ralph 2 was officially released today and Disney fans are going crazy, I wanted to describe it as much as I can since the whole scene was shown at two panels at D23 Expo last year and I was one of the lucky ones who got to see it (note that this was about a year ago so I apologize for not remembering some details!) The entire scene is refreshing self-aware for Disney, so it’s really funny XD

-While traversing the Internet, Vanellope goes to a Disney fan site (I think it’s Oh My Disney) where she accidentally ends up in the middle of the princesses’ chamber room

-All the official Disney princesses are in the scene, so others like Ariel and Merida are present even though they’re not in this particular shot

-Merida was talking to Vanellope in an (exaggerated) Scottish accent, and then Vanellope whispers to the others that she can’t understand her, and one of the princesses (I think it was Rapunzel) says “yeah, we can’t understand her either, she’s from the other studio!”

-When something about Vanellope not having one or more parents comes up (don’t remember exactly) all the appropriate princesses chime in, “Neither do we!”

-Vanellope gets the princesses to try casual clothes like she wears, and they end up liking it and confessing about how they’re not as “perfect” as they seem: for example, Jasmine confesses that she’s allergic to cats despite always cuddling her tiger Raja (she then proceeds to take a puff of her inhaler!)

-Anna and/or Elsa (don’t remember if it was one or both of them) say “Wait, what?”

-Ariel sings a little bit

-Meeko (Pocahontas’ raccoon) acts vicious towards Vanellope for some reason

-When they first see Vanellope, the princesses ask her if she has any special traits that would make her a “princess” such as singing, talking to animals, magic hair, magic hands (Elsa asks this as she whips up a little ice in her hands XD)

-I think the reason Pocahontas is mad is because Cinderella is taking the leaves out of her hair (she wants them there!)

-C-3PO is apparently in charge of the princesses’ appearances in the Disney site, and they tease him by calling him names of other droids (R2D2 and BB08)

@justlookatthosesausages @disney-rapunzel-merida-vanellope @carrieasagiri @super-mam-te-moc Thought you guys would be interested in this (though you might know the details of this scene already from other sources)


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