The Prince of Cats by Ron Wimberly

“This hip-hop retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet focuses on Tybalt (derisively referred to as “the Prince of Cats”) and his Capulet crew as they do battle nightly with the hated Montagues.

Set in a Blade Runner-esque version of Brooklyn, PRINCE OF CATS is a mix of urban drama, samurai action and classic Shakespearean theater…all written in iambic pentameter! Don’t miss this original graphic novel written and illustrated by Ronald Wimberly (SENTENCES: THE LIFE OF M.F. GRIMM)!”

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Lee and Frank (post-series portrait) commissioned from E.K.Weaver

I commissioned this piece from TJ & Amal artist bigbigtruck about seven months ago, when the end of Prince of Cats was fast approaching, but still a good distance away.

Originally I called it “That AU commission I got from E.K.” but to be honest, it’s not necessarily an AU (standing for Alternate Universe.)  At the end of the comic, Frank and Lee live only about an hour away from one another.  There are countless ways they could meet up again.  And if one of those ways lead to a renewed friendship or romance, then a scene of them relaxing on a mattress in a shitty apartment together wouldn’t be that hard to envision as plausible.  Likely, even.

I’m so happy I had the opportunity to commission one of my greatest webcomic inspirations, and I hope you like it too!