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Dear Once Upon A Time fandom...

First off, this blog is a small one. I have a whole of 136 followers, and I love them all for sticking with me! :) But this post goes out to all the thousands that consist the OUAT fandom and, mind you, I am not always good at keeping intense feelings hidden under beautiful words… So if this post costs me my followers, I will understand.

I woke up to a William Shatner calling out the haters on their shit towards Sean Maguire and his public appearances manager. William friggin Shatner taking a stand against the bullies of our fandom! The man who enjoys teasing Sean for stealing his dream TV girl! I was not familiar with the fact that this crazy attack had been keeping steady these past few days so I read only a couple of tweets in the conversation he started and felt shame. I felt disgusted and appalled! And then just closed twitter in order to calm myself, because I had literally started crying!

I don’t care what part of the fandom any of you come from. I don’t care if you are Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan, Swan Queen, Rumbelle, Snowing or God knows what else. I don’t care if you are a multishipper, I don’t care if you ship nothing and just enjoy the show. What I do care about is that you can’t use your “love” towards a show and a ship in order to start a campaign to get an actor fired, cause him trouble with his bosses and coworkers, harrass his pregnant wife, threaten his life and then have the audacity to say that you represent a certain part of our fandom!

There was one certain poster that complained to William that he was looking only at one side of the coin and that their fandom also received death threats and attacks for 4 years and has been called “weird lesbos” or something of that context. Excuse me darling, for a minute: is that a serious reasoning???? Are you telling me that the fandom in which you belong was treated badly over the years, so you decided to take it out on an actor who joined the show 2 years ago and has been NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE TO THE LGTB COMMUNITY??? Are you seriously telling me that all the other parts of the fandom have conspired against yours and called you names, insulted you and wished your death because your ship might consist of two people of the same sex? Are you telling me that you think this whole attack is OK by you just because you experienced the same from the Bad Apples of the fandom???? Stop speaking for your entire fandom because I cannot accept that everyone thinks like you do.

I refuse to believe that Swan Queens, or Swen, are like that. I met a whole lot of them last year in Paris and we made the greatest friends! And, oh look at the surprise, they all loved Sean and kept saying that he is one of the sweetest human beings they had met! Nobody said SQers are the Bad Apples of our entire fandom. Unfortunately for all of us, every ship and every fandom has its Bad Apples. What’s wrong with this is that we all sit back and let them wreck havoc on our favourite actors social media, which, by the way, were created so that we can interact with them and they with us, even if we are miles and tons of bodyguards away!

Sean Maguire is a great actor and a lovely person. He loves his job, he loves his fans and wishes he could interact with them every day if possible. He is dedicated, hard working, talented, extremely well behaved, funny, witty, with one of the kindest souls I’ve ever known and the greatest smile that if flashed upon you, you can feel the earth shaking :) . He has shown his support towards all parts of our fandom, towards his fellow costars who have also experienced attacks, towards all the people that may have been treated badly because of their personal life’s preferences… and has made the “terrible crime” of speaking up for himself and defending his name when publicly insulted. He does not deserve this kind of behaviour, he does not deserve to come on his twitter and witness such a mess, when all he wanted was to do something good for this world: give life to a fictional character that will take us away from our reality!

Enough is enough people. Each for their own, do NOT let your fandom’s Bad Apples take over and destroy this magical journey for all of us and for our favourite actors! Stop these shipping wars and stop this hate towards them! JUST STOP IT!!!

“Only love can conquer hate. Let’s do this together!” - S.M.

PS: A big thank you from my part too to kdanna03, a (mainly ;)) Captain Swan shipper who took the liberty of organizing the wonderful #MakeSeanARegular2k15 campaign. This is what it means for our entire fandom to be united against the bullies and show our love and support towards this cast!

Let’s follow Sean’s words and kdanna03′s example and DO THIS TOGETHER!


100 BAFTA Moments - 22 Days to Go

Alan Rickman win the Supporting Actor award for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1992, presented by Dame Helen Mirren!