Decisions, Part 5 - Epilogue

It’s finally here! I’m so glad to be able to post this. I hope you all enjoy it. I really wanted to give this fic and these characters (at least as they exist in this version of things) a happy ending. This is set 3 years after the last installment. 

Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve all given as I’ve posted these stories!! 

Three years later…

The royal ballroom is once again filled with nobility and sweeping orchestral music plays as couples float together on the dance floor. Once again, Drake stands by the bar sipping a whiskey. Once again Liam is the center of attention. So many things are the same, but really everything is different.

Liam steps up on the dais. He’s absolutely radiating joy and his voice is happy and excited as he addresses the crowd.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman! I am so pleased to be here today with all of you celebrating not only the 3rd anniversary of my coronation, but also the official announcement of my engagement!”

The crowd erupts in thunderous applause and Drake smiles. They’ve come so far.


It had taken six months of searching but with Liam’s help, they had finally found Savannah. In one of life’s strange, unexplainable twists, it ends up she’s been in New York the whole time and not even that far from Louisa’s own neighborhood.

Louisa stands beside Drake hand in hand outside Savannah’s door. His sister knows they’re coming. Drake has been texting her for a couple weeks, but he’s clearly still nervous, fidgeting with his shirt collar and shifting from foot to foot. Louisa squeezes his hand and gives him an encouraging smile. Drake takes a deep breath and knocks on the heavy wooden door. A moment later it swings open.

“Savannah!” Drake cries and all hesitation is gone as he pulls his sister into a tight hug. Savannah clings to him and starts crying. Louisa watches the two of them, tears welling up in her own eyes at their emotional reunion.

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Queen Elizabeth II Alphabet

C is for Royal Christenings 

Countess Svetlana Vladinova Zuyeva, 9th Generation (through diablerie) Camarilla Lasombra and Keeper of Elysium for Prince Valerie du Courdray of Savannah, Georgia as depicted by the talented @ultema.

Though our VtM campaign came to (an amazing) end, this character will always stand out as the one I was able to enjoy the World of Darkness with for the first time. Thank god for V20 translations and a patient ST.

The royal family will today gather at Sandringham House, Norfolk, for their annual Christmas celebrations, including the exchange of gifts. Tomorrow the Queen, her children, grandchildren and gt-grandchildren will attend Christmas Day service followed by lunch at the ‘Big House’. It will be a lively lunch with all of the Queen’s five great-grandchildren present: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Savannah, Isla & Mia. William, Kate & children will return to Anmer Hall later on Christmas Day where they will be joined by the Middleton family on Boxing Day.

Love is an open door!

Anna as Becca 

Prince Hans as Savannah 

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