I just find it really funny that Noctis was mocking Ignis

Utapri Music 3 Drama CD Synopsis

The Let’s Live Together Show (i swear its way better and more of a pun in japanese, and i can’t think of a pun for this)

For a variety show, the Shining Agency’s idols divide into teams for a survival project living together. By looking through the idols through these life styles, what do they truly act like?

Reiji, Otoya, and Syo

Syo: “Yahoo~!”

Otoya *let’s out a sigh of relief*: “It’s the beach!”

Right from the get go they start playing around at the beach like they’re enjoying a vacation.

The three actively enjoy the life at the island but when they get tired from playing around they finally remember about the survival project.

Reiji: “Fufufu. Young boys, leave it up to Rei-chan!”

How will this harmonious survival end?

Ranmaru, Camus, and Ren

In the beautiful island life, Ren thinks it’s not as bad as he thought it would be, while Ranmaru already made a move to start up a fire.

On the other hand, Camus, without breaking his usual pace, gracefully relaxes.

The start of this survival seemed to be pretty stable, even though they were working completely separately, but…

Camus: “More than that, my throat is parched, make some tea.”

Ranmaru: “There is no fucking water.”

Ren: “Strictly speaking, we don’t even have tea leaves.”

Will the three be able to work together and go through the survival life?

Ai, Natsuki, and Cecil

Right when they all met up, Natsuki and Cecil were moving around freely. Watching those two, Ai was a bit troubled.

Natsuki: “Here is my fluffy super large Piyo chan cushion!!”

Cecil: “Wow! Fantastic!”

Ai *sighs*: “Of course.”

But Ai was surprised to find out the two are actually interesting and…?

Masato and Tokiya

Masato and Tokiya are left on an island.

Even though they were perplexed at the situation at first, they collected themselves and looked at the situation and were about to go on the move to get food and a base but…

Masato: “Apologies Ichinose but please, just not the forest!”

Tokiya: “Wh-what has happened all of a sudden! Please raise your head!”

Getting along too well might be a problem!

The usually calm duo’s slapstick survival life!

Cherry Berry Lemonade

A refreshing drink from the United Republic Nations, made from squeezed cherries, berries, lemon juice, water and sugar. Mako and Bolin’s grandmother Yin offered this beverage to Prince Wu in “Remembrances”, Legend of Korra, book 4 episode 8. For recipe, press Keep reading. 

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This city is drenched in Prince and LEMONADE. In the past week, I’ve heard nothing but Beyoncé and The Artist Formerly Known As pouring from every window. LA, as are so many other pockets of the nation, is dripping in grief and awe and the pure power of music to change us. To illuminate. To make us feel. To make us angry. To make us whole.

At every red light, under every balcony, we take pause. We remember. The sheer genius, the brilliant queerness, the sex of Prince. We feel. The boundless artistry and fire of Queen B. We are a people possessed by music. And it is beautiful.

I’ve written a lot about Beyoncé before. I’ve written about Beyoncé and superfoods. About Beyoncé and being an all-natural bad-ass. And now, of course, I have no choice but to write about Beyoncé and LEMONADE. Because we can all go home now. Because Yoncé flipped the script on so many oppressions in one fell swoop that we are left feeling nothing short of free. Or, if not free, then awake. Awake to her anger. Awake to her love. Awake.

Read more and get the recipe here.