I actually really like how casual roman and dean are about having to fight each other at Fastlane. Like they won’t even entertain the thought of their brotherhood getting destroyed  because of some competition. I think it sends a good message, you know? Plus, it makes perfect sense when it comes to comes to story-line continuity. I mean, Seth chose to destroy The Shield for the sake of rising to the top. It makes sense that Dean and Roman would refuse to be like Seth. They’ll get there together (even if it means sometimes having to fight each other) and they’ll have each other’s back no matter what happens along their path to the top. 

Large (Wikimedia)

Henry Meynell Rheam, a member of the Newlyn School, painted La Belle Dame sans Merci between 1897 and 1901.

As Christie’s writes, “Rheam was not typical of the Newlyn School either in his meticulous use of watercolour or his interest in literary subjects, which often suggest that he had looked hard at the Pre-Raphaelites.”

Here Rheam illustrates a Keats poem, La Belle Dame sans Merci—but he chooses an unusual moment. Most painters depict the knight-protagonist of the poem being sung to by the woman he has placed on his horse; all (that I’ve seen) depict them both awake.

But Rheam’s knight is already asleep, while la Belle Dame has risen to look imperiously down on him.

And in the background, Rheam includes the knight’s dream:

I saw pale kings and princes too,
Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci
Hath thee in thrall!”

Pomegranates (2009)

once upon a time  there was a girl totally in love for the Prince of Persia’s trilogy


Farah: What is your favorite color?
The Prince: Color?
Farah: Shall I repeat the question?
The Prince: Blue.
The Dark Prince: Blue? That’s not my favorite color.
The Prince: What is the point of this?
Farah: Must every conversation we have be so serious? I know so little about you.
The Prince: Very well, then what is your favorite food?
Farah: The pomegranate, of course.
The Prince: I do not like pomegranates.
Farah: What is wrong with you?
The Prince: They’re messy, impossible to eat with dignity. SO much work for a few small seeds.
Farah: But isn’t it the effort that makes them that much sweeter?
The Dark Prince: I think I’m going to be sick.

Prince of Persia © ubisoft

I love Roan because so far he just literally goes with the flow. Tells Clarke to be quiet so they don’t have to deal with those Ice Nation grounders? Instead she does the opposite and he’s just like, “Okay, do you I guess.” Lexa goes back on her promise and holds him prisoner? “Whatever, it’s cool.” Clarke doesn’t go through with killing Lexa and bows to her? He’s just like, “Cool, cool.” Gets held prisoner again? “I guess this is a thing now.”

‘Just you survived,’ I said sadly.

❮Just me,❯ he said. ❮No prince. No warriors.❯

I felt a sinking in the pit of my stomach. I think the others felt the same way. I guess we’d all kind of been hoping this Andalite would be like the prince. A leader. Someone who could take over the battle. Someone who would know more than we did.

'We’re young, too,’ I said. 'Too young to fight, according to the laws of our people.’

❮But still you fight!❯

'We feel like we don’t have a choice. Look, we don’t even know your name. This is Jake, Rachel, Marco. I’m Cassie. There’s one more. His name is Tobias.’

❮I am Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil.❯

We all just kind of stared.

'Ax,’ Marco said. 'Pleased to meet you.’

❮Who is your prince?❯

One by one we all looked at Jake.

'Oh, give me a break,’ Jake said. 'I am not anyone’s prince.’

But the Andalite had stepped forward. He bowed his head and lowered his tail. ❮I will fight for you, Prince Jake, until I can return to my cousins.❯
—  Book #4: The Message, pg. 114 (by K.A. Applegate)
Warrior Queen // Leia x Reader

Anon requested: I was wondering if you could do a reader x Leia friendship /protégé story where leia is sitting in command alone with her hand holding up her head and reader approaches asking if she needs anything. Leia gets real sentimental and compares reader and Poe’s relationship to hers and Hans. But Leia doesn’t break because she’s a goddess champion warrior princes general badass and she ends with “back to work!” ??

It was a silent day on the base. No one was doing anything and no one needed anything.

You decided to go into the control room to check to see if General Organa was in there and needed anything. As you walk in, there is no one inside. It’s completely isolated. That is until you see Leia, looking out the window watching the workers relax. She has her head rested against her hand, her gaze intent.

Walking over to her and siting down you smile. “Do you need anything, General?” You rubs her back as she turns to look at you. Leia gives you a half smile.

“Just some company that’s all.”

You give her a sad smile and rest your head on her shoulder. She brushes your hair off your face. “I can gladly do that for you.”

The both of you sat there, watching out the window in a comfortable silence as she brushes you hair. You knew she was hurting badly after Han’s death. It was completely unexpected and knowing that someone as strong as she was, was hurting made you upset and almost nervous for her.

“(Y/N)?” she speaks after a few minutes.

“Yes, General?” you answer, picking your head up. You look at her face as she till continues you stare out the window. She lifts a finger and points. You follow her sightline and see she is pointing to your boyfriend, Poe, the best pilot of the Resistance.

“I want you to stay with him forever. Hold onto him as long as you can and make sure to never let him go,” she begins, causing your attention to be captivated by her words. “Poe is an incredible man. He is charming and loving and I see the way he looks at you. It was the same way Han looked at me. It’s love, (Y/N). No matter what you two get yourselves into, you must stay together. That was my mistake. I let him go multiple times and I regretted it every time I did it. Yet, I continued to do it. Over and over again. It ended up just hurting me and not him. I’m sure there were times he got upset over it, but not as much as I did.”

Her words cause you to think about you and Poe’s relationship. You were definitely in love the both of you, but you never took Leia’s words into consideration.

“Han and I should have been married sooner. We should have gotten married as soon as we fell in love. That was our mistake. Take my mistakes as a learning experience. Are you truly in love with Poe?” she asks you, turning her face to you.

You smile. “Absolutely. He is my world.”

Her heart warms at your words. “Then go and get married. You don’t have to have a fancy proposal with a ring. It’s all to materialistic anyway. Just tell him you want to be married. Trust me, he will agree to the situation. Just be wedded as soon as possible. Have children to solidify your love. Raise them to be the best they can be. This is what life was made for. To find our missing half,” she tells you.

You nod your head. You were almost in shock that she didn’t start breaking down at the mention of Han’s name. She was a warrior queen.

“You loved him very much, didn’t you?” you ask, rubbing her back.

She let’s out a light laugh. “When I fell in love with him, I tried to talk myself out of loving him. But I couldn’t. He was always there. There was no escape,” she says, causing you to giggle. “I knew he felt the same. We were hopelessly in love. It was stupid, yes, but that’s what love is. It’s crazy and it’s stupid.”

The two of you sit in silence for a little while longer.

“I hope you take my directions, (Y/N). I know that we think the same way. No matter how ridiculous the love feels, know that it is genuine,” General Organa says.

“Yes, General” you reassure her.

She smiles. “Now get back to work.”

You stand up and hug her before leaving the room to go tell Poe about the wedding idea.

Harry Styles.

My elven warrior prince. My succulent little lamb chop. My noble of the high goblin court. My lively yet loyal springer spaniel. My magnolia tree in full bloom.  My celestial overlord born of the light from the first star. My elegant honking swan. My dimple-cheeked, most favorite courtesan in all the harem. My chestnut haired siren whose call has dashed my ship upon his rocks more times than I care to recount. My sweet babu. My bab. Bebe. bae. 

My Harry.