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What is Royally Fucked?

‘Royally Fucked’ is the name I gave to the ship that tejoxys and airagorncharda introduced me to. It’s my OTP in ToA consisting of Emperor Peony and Princess Natalia.

Royally Fucked took over AschTalia as supreme OTP.

Royally Fucked ruined my life.

Royally Fucked is (imho) an A+ ship in which both parties stand on equal ground, give as good as they get, aren’t afraid to show affection with one another, and are generally just in a healthy and loving relationship. It’s what Natalia thought she would have with Asch (strong and wise warrior prince type! Treats her with respect, but also understands that she can be utterly human!) but never really got to have.

Royally Fucked is a politically active power-couple ship and I love it to bits and am trying to make more of it.

can I

just take a moment

to gush over

Reika Arikawa

and her cosplays


because she is currently


ruining my life right now




If you want to use your money to show Disney you’ll support them if they make more movies about folklore from other cultures, buy a copy of Arjun: The Warrior Prince instead of a ticket to see Frozen on November 27th. The film was written and directed in India, Inspired by the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, and co-Produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Supporting Disney’s effort to branch out and give studios in other countries funding to tell their own stories does more to show them the direction you want them to head than skipping another movie they’ve made. Boycotting one movie tells them what you don’t like, supporting another shows them what you do.

Plus, if they see movies like this selling well in America, it stands a better chance of convincing them to make more like it in America.


from Mirkwood soldier to Prince of Woodland Realm


Found a subbed trailer *v*