The Iron King Part 10

Rated M

Summary: The former warrior prince has claimed the throne and rules his kingdom in peace. But the neighboring King Natsu rubs in his face that Gajeel remains unwed poses a frustrating question. What is a King without his Queen? Natsu’s wife Queen Lucy brings a certain blue friend along with her to the duel between Kings. What will happen when he lays eyes on Lucys friend Lady McGarden?

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Thoughts are expressed in this format. Thank you @bluuesparrow for being my beta.

In the armory, Lily secured the last of the armor on Gajeel as they prepared for the duel. Some of the nobles would attend the event along with most of the castle staff, only those that were on duty weren’t going to be in attendance. Gajeel rolled his shoulder back, he grimaced slightly at the tightness he felt in his muscles. Overall his body was sore from the previous day’s events, he knew that it may hinder him slightly in the duel. “You sure you want to do this?” Lily commented as he pulled the shield off the wall and running a cloth over it. “Natsu would understand if we need to delay it.”

“I’ll be fine.” Gajeel picked up his helmet and tucked it against his side. A soft knocking on the wooden door interrupted the pair, and Levy pushed the door open. She wore the same dress when he first saw her, but now she had the metal tooth necklace hanging around her delicate neck. “I thought you were outside with everyone else?” Gajeel asked with some confusion. 

Levy moved towards him, observing that he was about ready to head out for the duel. “I was, but I wanted to see you first.” Gajeel shifted slightly as she stood before him, the armor made him look fierce like a metal dragon. “I wanted you to have this.” Looking up at him as she pressed the headscarf into his free hand. “For good luck.”

Gajeel smirked and let out a small laugh. “Never needed luck.” Placing the helmet gently into her hands, arms dipping slightly at the weight. “But for you I’ll wear it.” Securing it snugly on his head, he reached over to grasp the helmet out of her hands and tuck it back under his arm. 

“Now then.” Holding out his other arm out for her to grasp. “I got a duel to win.” Levy nodded and slid her hand into the crook of his arm as they proceeded to walk out. The warm sun against her skin was a different and pleasant contrast from the cool metal under her hand.

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female awesome meme: (1/6) warrior characters
Diana Prince (DCEU) — “I used to want to save the world, to end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learnt that inside every one of them there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know… that only love can truly save the world.”

Things I absoulty love about the relationship of Moon and River Butterfly

1) He calls her “moon-pie”

2) River married into HER family, and not the traditional way around.

3) Moon knows, and doesn’t really care that her family doesn’t like River and vise-versa

4)They are are actually a super strong power couple who could beat you down in the blink an eye. She’s called “Moon the Undaunted” for a reason and River wrestles wild animals with his bare hands.

5) He calls her “MOON-PIE”

6) They come from different worlds but still love each other. River was a warrior Prince and Moon’s family are posh magic users.

7) Young River was an adorable mess.

8) “I cant believe I just called the queen "pal” “

9) Moon kept the apology meat

10) River was the only one who didnt baby her and insisted that she had a voice in the whole "peace treaty or war” matter

9) Moon probably likes River better than the other dude because he doesn’t treat her like a frail damsel.


11) Moon doesnt mind her husband being so dependent on her.

12) River automatically reaches over for moon in the morning.

13) River tries to party away his sadness because he misses Moon

14) Moon is worried about River, but is trying to focus on protecting Star.

15) “Of course I love my husband!
And Im worried sick!”

16) As soon River sees Star is okay after being reunited, he asks for his wife.

17) He CaLls HeR “MoOn-PiE”!!!!!


Sheith Month Day 1: ‘YES, SIR’

Watercolor on HotPress Paper

Voltron AU

A bastard and his knight. They grew up together, and they are more friends than a prince and a warrior. But with the royal family all gone and a war against the invading hordes to fight, their separation is inevitable. 

‘Promise to me you’ll return.’

‘Yes, sir.’

I love that

each day the tag for characters in Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild grows more and more as people meet them in game. It makes me so happy, because new characters I liked, I would look up and found 0 results for are now getting results in their tag as fan arts are drawn and fanfics written about them AND I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!

Link: [I am a warrior, a protector of Hyrule and beyond. I may act childish but that is rarely, and I am very, very serious. Nothing can fluster me or set me off-guard.]

Prince Sidon: Hello, warrior Link!

Link: *Frantically, his face lighting up* [I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT BA-]

the signs as voltron "a family can be ten dads" memes

aries: a family can be 5 paladins, a princess, and a gorgeous man™
taurus: a family can be one purple prince and 4 alien warrior women
gemini: a family can be a cheerleader pyramid of robot lions
cancer: a family can be one tired man and several of his clone replicants/au selves
leo: a family can be five leaders, who despite coming from cultures which were vastly divergent, and in some cases had been warring for generations, managed to look past their differences in an effort to protect their common interests
virgo: a family can be a rebel militia trying to overthrow their own race’s oppressive empire
libra: a family can be four colorful and useful psychic mice
scorpio: a family can be two 10,000+ yr old dark quintessence reanimated corpse creatures
sagittarius: a family can be one Cuban boy and his Cuban parents and his several Cuban siblings and his Cuban nieces and nephews
capricorn: a family can be a one-legged bounty hunter, an alien babe and their cyber unit, beezer
aquarius: a family can be one fighter pilot, one mechanic and one communications officer named… who the heck is pidge gunderson?
pisces: a family can be several mermaids wearing jellyfish on their heads

Cuddle with Me

Request: “Can you do a Harry hook imagine where uma puts reader though a really hard training session,and she wants to go to sleep and her and Harry just kinda cuddle the whole night? I love your page!!! Keep being awesome!!”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“Alright Y/N.” Uma started off. So there you were on the docks with Uma ready to continue your training. It was a little bit past morning and even though Uma had told you that you were in great condition and ready to take on the bad guys with her and the crew she decided to continue your training one last time.

“Today we’re going to finish strong so if you’re sore in the morning just be glad that you made it that far. This will all be over before you know it I’m just trying to help you out.” Uma finished.

“Thanks I appreciate it. Now let’s get started, the sooner we start the sooner we’ll finish.” You said.

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Hello Ali

Look at your girl

Now back at me

Now back to your girl

Now back at me

Sadly, she isn’t me, but if she stepped up her game, she could be me.

Look down, back up.  Where are you?

You’re in Germany with the girl your girl should be.

What’s in your hand? Back at me.

I have it, it’s a gold medal!

Look again, the medal is now a puppy

Anything is possible when your girlfriend is me and not Ashlyn Harris.

I’m on a horse

Saw a post the other day that tried to explain what men think women find sexy versus what women actually think is sexy and they used two magazine covers of Hugh Jackman. One was him as Shirtless Angry Wolverine and the other was him in a soft sweater on a Woman’s Health magazine.

Let me tell you Soft Sweater Jackman had to be about the blandest, most un-sexy picture of him I’ve ever seen, and that was supposed to be the one I’d find more appealing.

Why do you think every crappy romance novel is about some Vampire or Demon Prince or Archangel or Warrior from the Fantasy World falling in love with the protagonist? Why do you think every Marvel superhero is a ridiculously ripped dude with a completely hairless chest?

Don’t get me wrong, women all have different preferences out of men the same way but it really feels like whenever women try to make the “Male objectification is a false dichotomy because Male Power Fantasy” argument, it seems more like an excuse to fap to sexy men.

Really the same women on this site who try to make the claim that female lust is somehow inherently different and ‘purer’ than male lust are pretty much the same ones who can’t contain their thirst when their anime husbando gets some real fanservice (spoiler alert: that “fanservice” is not of them rescuing a kitten or talking about their feelings, it’s about that time the camera panned on their butt or crotch).

(PS that infamous comic about a woman redesigning Batman based on what she as a woman would find sexy? It was written by a man)

anonymous asked:

Would you mind talking about each of the Targaryen crowns, their meanings and why each of the kings wore them?


Aegon the Conqueror’s crown was a circle of Valyrian steel set with square-cut rubies. The use of Valyrian steel accomplished a few goals. For one, it served as a reminder of the Targaryens’ Valyrian, dragonlord origins, of the race “above the common run of men”. For another, it recalled the power of Valyrian steel in weaponry, a fact any Westerosi House with a cherished family blade would know well; Aegon the Conqueror was a warrior, and his crown would be made of the same material as his fearsome sword Blackfyre. Setting the dark Valyrian steel with red rubies also nicely echoed the new red-on-black royal sigil, a uniform approach to the imagery of the new regime. Altogether, Aegon’s crown was Valyrian and martial in nature, the crown of a dragonlord who ruled by right of conquest rather than right of birth. 

Aenys wore a “different” crown from his father’s, “all gold, much larger and more elaborate”. It was typical of Aenys’ love of courtly pageantry and the arts that he would favor an elaborate, showy crown. He was distancing himself from his warrior father; this was the crown of a peace king, a courtly king, a king to be seen in his splendor rather than in a suit of mail. 

Maegor wore the Conqueror’s crown, a move I would think was partially if not entirely Visenya’s idea. With Maegor being far more a warrior than his brother Aenys - the youngest-made knight in Westeros in his day, the bearer of Blackfyre, the rider of terrifying Balerion, a man who relished in bloodshed - a crown with war-like overtones would be far more fitting for Maegor. Too, and this I think would have appealed to clever Visenya, by wearing the Conqueror’s crown Maegor emphasized the point that he, and not Aenys or his sons, was the true heir of his father Aegon. He carried his father’s sword, and wore his father’s crown; he was the true successor to Aegon, not weak Aenys.

Jaehaerys I was crowned with his father’s crown, a neat move which stressed his claim as coming from his father, skipping over usurping Maegor. However, the crown Jaehaerys wore as king was one of his own design, a simple gold band set with seven gemstones of different colors. The rainbow of gems was an obvious reference to the Faith of the Seven, which is fond of using rainbows in its imagery, and indicative of the Conciliator’s famed peace with the Faith. Jaehaerys’ crown was an advertisement of his reign’s central policy: he was a peacemaking king, but an active peacemaker (unlike Aenys), one who would work so that the realm would not bleed again.

Viserys I also wore his grandfather’s crown, probably to emphasize that he was the true successor of Jaehaerys the Wise. With the succession problems that had plagued the dynasty in the closing years of Jaehaerys’ reign, and Viserys succeeding to the throne only two years after the Great Council of 101 AC had confirmed him as the heir, loyalties might still have been divided over who was the rightful heir to the great Jaehaerys. Wearing the Conciliator’s crown implied a continuity of succession, reminding onlookers that Jaehaerys had chosen Prince Baelon, that the Great Council had named Baelon’s son, and that that son now sat the Iron Throne in that right. 

Aegon II, as noted by Gyldayn, wore the crown of the Conqueror. Being that he had been named explicitly in homage to Aegon I, wearing the Conqueror’s crown further served to underline the connection between the first Aegon and the second. He was the successor to Aegon the Conqueror, another warrior-king wed to his sister-queen who would fly out on dragonback to meet any threat against his dynasty. 

Aegon III wore his own crown, “a slender gold band, no ornament”. As with the crowns of Aenys I and Jaehaerys I, the Dragonbane’s crown perfectly matched the personality of its ruler. Somber, withdrawn Aegon III desired no grandiose ornament for his crown. Westeros had bled under his mother and uncle, and he himself was deeply scarred by the horrors he had witnessed during the Dance. His rule would be a simpler time of healing and reunification, and he would set the example with his simple, sober crown. 

Daeron I was the last of the Targaryen kings to wear the Conqueror’s crown (it was lost when he was slain in the Red Mountains). A precociously talented warrior and commander, Daeron I saw himself as a new Conqueror, the one Targaryen who could “complete the Conquest” and finish the work of his great-great-great-great grandfather. He was the Young Dragon, the heir in talent and vision to Aegon I, a new warrior-king who would give the kingdom the martial glory it had not seen since the days of the Conqueror. 

Baelor I wore a “crown of flowers and vines”. Less a formal king than any Targaryen before or after him, Baelor believed himself to be a septon as much as a king, whose weapons were prayers and whose rule would be used to further the tenets of the Faith of the Seven. The wealth of the crown, as he saw it, was to be used for charity toward the poor, not toward the adornment of his own person. His floral crown would remind his subjects that there was as much beauty to be found in nature, crafted by the Seven, as there was in a crown of gold. 

Viserys II wore his brother Aegon III’s simple crown. Having served admirably as Hand for three kings, Viserys was ready by the time he inherited the crown to put all his administrative and bureaucratic talents and ideas to work. An ostentatious crown would have been simply a distraction; he was a king who wanted to work, and a simple crown conveyed his preference for work over display. 

Aegon IV designed his own crown, “huge and heavy, red gold, each of its points a dragon’s head with gemstone eyes”. Aegon IV was a man of excess, someone whose quest in life was the constant pursuit of pleasure, and his court was a school of decadence and corruption. Doubtless Aegon IV loved the idea of an ostentatious crown, the biggest and most ornate of any Targaryen crown in the nearly two centuries of the dynasty, as it fit his desire for excess in all things. Additionally, as Aegon IV hated everything about his father and constantly rebelled against his father’s strictures, his crown would be the ultimate symbol of rejecting Viserys II: the huge and heavy crown was about as far away from the simple band of the Dragonbane as one could get.

Daeron II wore his father’s crown, but not for the reasons Aegon IV had designed it. Aegon had done his best to cast doubt on Daeron’s legitimacy, and had died undermining it; when he succeeded, Daeron II had to remind his subjects that he was truly Aegon’s son, the rightful heir of his father. 

Aerys I also wore the crown of Aegon IV, although GRRM described the crown as “atop a pile of books, as if [Aerys] has forgotten to put it on”. Given how little he cared about ruling - preferring arcane texts, refusing to consummate his marriage to his queen, and leaving the rule of the state to Bloodraven - Aerys I probably spent little time deciding on what crown he would use. His father and grandfather had worn it, and that was good enough for Aerys; choosing another or designing his own would have meant putting effort into his rule, and that was something Aerys I patently did not want to do.

Maekar designed his own crown, “a warlike crown with black iron points in a band of red gold”. That Yandel names it “warlike” is fitting for Maekar’s personality and the attitude he would take toward his reign. Maekar was a warrior, a prince who had made a name for himself leading royal forces in the First and Third Blackfyre Rebellions. His would be a reign reversing the absenteeism of Aerys I, reinvigorating the role of king as a strong leader in war as well as peace. Neither the ostentatious crown of Aegon IV nor the simple band of the Dragonbane would fit Maekar’s designs; he was a warrior, he would live and die as a warrior-king, and his crown would fit that policy. (It’s interesting how much this crown resembles the old crown of the Stark Kings of Winter, another circlet surmounted by iron spikes, though whether that was intentional is impossible to say.)

Aegon V wore the crown of the Dragonbane, the simple gold circlet. The Unlikely King spent his reign trying to help the common men of Westeros, undermining the powers of the great lords in order to better the lives of the smallfolk. His crown was the symbolic representation of his policy, deemphasizing the grandeur of the monarchy and focusing his energies on reform. 

Jaehaerys II wore the crown of grandfather Maekar. In part, this was probably a problem of choice: the only extant Targaryen crowns were those of Maekar, Aegon IV, and possibly Aenys, and the latter two were associated with very ill-remembered kings. Additionally, the War of the Ninepenny Kings began at the immediate outset of Jaehaerys II’s reign, so the martial crown of Maekar was a nice symbol that the monarchy intended to fight and win against the last of the Blackfyre pretenders as much as Maekar did against Daemon Blackfyre and Haegon Blackfyre. Plus, being personally sickly and frail, Jaehaerys II might have wanted a strong king’s crown to mask his lack of physical ability.

Aerys II wore the huge, ornate crown of Aegon IV. He came to the throne as a young man full of wildly grand (if woefully impractical) ideas for the monarchy, and I think he would have liked the Aegon IV crown for the power it conveyed. He was king now, and needed a grandiose symbol that would show everyone he was king and could do as he pleased; the crown of Aegon IV filled that need nicely for him. Given that he was also a king who loved pleasure and entertainment nigh as much as Aegon IV did, the crown of the Unworthy was a fitting mark of where his priorities lay.