Wearing her father’s necklace and looking radiant, Elizabeth made her entrance into the ancient abbey in a dress that had taken 3,000 clothes coupons and bore 10,000 pearls. Some 2,000 guests were waiting, among them one of the largest gatherings of royalty since the time of Queen Victoria. All eyes were on the silk-clad figure as she walked down the long nave. There was an awareness that history was being made; all the ritual of a royal wedding in this building so alive with past spectacle. Princess Marina, who had helped to facilitate the match with private meetings at Coppins between her young cousin, Prince Philip, and her niece, Princess Elizabeth, was delighted. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were waiting in some trepidation as Prince William was to hold the long train of her dress as a page. From across Europe they came drawn to this great royal reunion, like times of old. Many were direct descendants of Queen Victoria, such as King Michael of Romania, Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain and Queen Ingrid of Sweden; others were related by marriage, such as Uncle Charles.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Princes At War by Deborah Cadbury

In fact, he thinks that Charles has his mother’s serenity, and concern for individuals, but also her unsuspected inner toughness: that Anne has a lot of his own abrupt directness and practicality, Andrew is between the two, softer than Anne but not yet showing Charles’s imagination and flair (‘Still, he’s got a long way to go.’) Edward, at seven, 'has tremendous charm, as children of that age often have, but I also think that, of all of them, he might well develop the highest artistic sense.

Basil Boothroyd, writing about and quoting Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as they talked about his four children

“Prince Philip: An Informal Biography.” McCall, 1971.

I love that he saw “imagination and flair” in Prince Charles. And he predicted the “artistic” bent of the youngest. Interesting that he saw Andrew as a curious mix of Charles and Anne, I find that fascinating for some reason. Andrew is like half-imagination/flair, half-practical/no-nonsense.