His Majesty King Herbert the First, and his Valiant Husband Sir Lancelot.

So I’m not really an artist and I don’t really ever draw but my friend and I were discussing what Prince Herbert’s day clothes would look like when he isn’t wearing a dressing gown, and I suddenly had the intense drive to draw Herbert in a tunic. Of course I had to add Lance, and the curtains. One can never forget the curtains.
Like I said, I’m really not that good at drawing, but like… maybe if I start practicing more I could be halfway decent one day? Anyway, I should draw more. Yeah. I’m gonna do that. This Kingly portrait is dedicated to that one person who could use something cheerful right now. You know who you are.

Prince Herbert


400 years, and William Shakespeare is still at it. 

Tom Hiddleston: February 9, 1981 - Henry V, Prince Hal, Othello, Coriolanus, am i missing anything else? 
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree: December 17, 1852 - Henry V, Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III
Lee Pace: March 25, 1979 - (add theatre performance here, coz i don’t know about it, but Fernando Woods is a really big deal here)
Sir Henry Irving - February 6, 1838, Hamlet & much more. 

body slams the wall. shakespearesvigilante of course i knew… this was actually in my q.. Hamlet was very special for Shakespeare, part if not all of it was written for his son during the lost years.. coz that’s when his only son, Hamnet died. Shakespeare was in London (or perhaps on tour) when he received the news that his son was ill, much of his story is lost here, but Hamnet died before Shakespeare got back, so he never really met his son during the final hours of his life. Hamnet was only 11 years old.. 

My new guilty ship- Spamalot edition

So we are doing Monty Python’s Spamalot at our high school and because i now ship a brand new couple: LancelotxHerbert. I’m such a horrible person…. What’s even worse is that now I’m reading fanfictions about them and when i read them, i imagine the actors who play them. ohmygod…. i won’t be able to look the in the eye tomorow! XD


Best. Coming out. EVER.