“Weakling shells“ “You can do this….. fingertips only“

“Do you even know how to crack an egg?” “Silence!!!!“

Vegeta was killing me this ep….OMFG my sides they hurt XDDDDD

Cannot right now!!!!!!

Guess who decided to jump in on the bandwagon of drawing Lotor before he is fully revealed by the Voltron team? 

Yes, I know we know his design is a bit different from mine but uh… idc. Also I decided to go with the armor we saw in Belly of the Weblum cuz we have more reference (i’m all for that galra being keith’s mom as well, but it could be Lotor)

My design is also majorly based off @istehlurvz‘s, she is amazing and i love her art.

lotor: [malicious smile] hello, paladins. i’m here to destroy voltron.

allura: i was about to say, “no you won’t, you son of a bitch,” but i’m sure your mother is a lovely person. 

allura: [scans lotor from top to bottom, subtle disgust written on her face] send her my condolences. 

Things that make me happy!: Age regression addition

*“are you sleepy baby?”
* My sippy cup filled with juice or warm vanilla milk
* bubble baths with toys!!
* Cuddles! All the cuddles !
* kiddy shows
* My stuffies 😍
* warm and fuzzy socks
* animal onesies !
* coloring books
* New coloring pencils and crayons
* My paci
* Animals and going to the zoo !
* Amusement parks
* Juice boxes
* play dates!!
* New toys
* Happy happy music
*“Don’t hurt my baby!”
*"are you okay, little one? ”
* Candy
*“shhh it’s alright don’t cry, I’ll make it all better”
* blanket forts
* Fun shaped food!
*“you’re too small for that, let me do that!”
*“Just regress for me, I’ll take care of you”
* My age regression friends
* smiling
* jumping up and down
* baby babble
* Soft smelling scents
* being warm and comfortable
* forehead kisses
* gentle hugs
* the sound of rain when I cuddle with someone
* clapping excitedly !
* Vibrant colors

the thing that absolutely wrecks me about captive prince is that when i first heard about the plot, I assumed that there would be immediate rough hate sex and i was so scared that the ship would be unhealthy but then. THEN. The sex took FOREVER to happen and when it did it was so soft and tender and loving and HEALTHY and I just. I’m dead goodbye world

I’m gonna cry—imagine little boy Laurent exploring all over the place, picking pretty rocks and flowers and begging to be let near the horses, and big brother Auguste following after him, always a second away from being a nervous wreck but loving his baby brother too much to tell him no, and playing hide and seek a million times a day bc Laurent is like “my house so big” and Auguste always panicking when he can’t find him but making sure to hide in obvious spots when it’s his turn so Laurent will be happy and oh my GOD

chainsaw-grell-girl01  asked:

Yoooo can I request some headcanons for the boys and their S/O having a lazy, domestic, "stay-in" day during a thunderstorm?


  • He definitely prefers stormy days over sunny days
  • Spring time in the Crowncity means rainy day after rainy day and he loves it.
  • You practically move in with your boyfriend during that season.
  • The harsh thunderstorms often cancel you and Noctis’s duties for the day, so you spend the day together bundles up in the safety of his apartment. 
  • The moment he sees gray clouds covering the city sky, he starts preparing. 
  • Video games, DVDs, Netflix, everything. 
  • He also has a backup plan if the power goes out.
  • Comic books, blanket forts, and a battery powered phone charger. 
  • The boy needs his King’s Knight, okay? 
  • So do you, seeing as Noctis is the only one that gives you a challenge. 
  • The moment you arrive, Noctis leads you to his couch and you two curl up under a number of blankets and snuggle closely. 
  • Often, before you start your video game and DVD marathon you doze off into a dreamless sleep, resting your head on his shoulder.
  • Both you and Noctis find the pitter patter of the rain on the window sill very calming. 
  • Neither of you even flinch at the sound and sight of lighting. In fact, it only lulls you into a deep sense of relaxation. 
  • Almost always you end up wasting the day away napping, completely ignoring the means of entertainment Noctis set up for the two of you. 


  • Rainy days mean blanket forts
  • Therefore, Prompto loves rainy days.
  • The moment you felt a drop of rain on your head, you rushed over to his home. 
  • You open his apartment door with the spare key he had given to you and you spot him already building up the fort. 
  • “I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up,” Prompto smiled brightly as you walked through his door. 
  • Without a word, you ran and joined in on the fort construction. 
  • Prompto had already gathered up every pillow, blanket, and towel he could find and spread them across the living room floor.
  • While building your fort, the power goes out due to the hectic and plentiful lightning in the area. 
  • You get frightened by the loud clap of thunder, and throw the pillow in your hand at Prompto by accident. 
  • This triggers a pillow fight.
  • All the progress you have made during the construction has been absolutely destroyed, but for a good cause.
  • You win the pillow fight.
  • The two of you end up just laying across the mess of pillows and blankets in a nuzzling embrace. 
  • You flinch at every thunderclap of lightening, which leads Prompto into only holding you closer. 
  • “No need to worry, I gotcha,” he soothes, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 


  • You awake in the night to hear a clap of thunder.
  • “Looks like we aren’t doing anything tomorrow,” you think to yourself as you snuggle closer to the human furnace that slept beside you. 
  • By the time you awake, your assumptions are confirmed. 
  • You were doing nothing today.
  • Gladio had only budged from bed to switch on the TV across the bedroom. 
  • His muscular arm wrapped around you. 
  • “And a happy Rainy Day to you,” you yawn to him.
  • He responds only with a chuckle and draws you closer.
  • Neither of you are phased by the lightning and thunder that rumbled just outside your window. 
  • In fact, you hardly even heard it. 
  • You both were so engrossed in the show you decided to binge watch, you forgot why were having a lazy day in the first place.
  • In the middle of your binge, you doze off.
  • You awake several hours to find him knocked out cold, snoring loudly beside you. 
  • You giggle and shut your eyes once more.
  • You don’t fall asleep, but you relax, trying to remember this relaxing moment
  • You can’t wait for the next rainy day.


  • The term “Lazy days” isn’t really a part of Ignis’s vocabulary. 
  • Not even stormy hectic days can put a dent in his schedule.
  • Occasionally, however, you somehow persuade him to occasionally take a day off when the weather was bad enough to close all businesses around the city of Insomnia. 
  • He actually sleeps in during these days. 
  • You actually wake up before him. It’s a miracle.
  • Feeling lazy yourself, you stay in bed with him until he awakens.
  • You prepare breakfast together.
  • The power goes out the instant you sit down together at the table.
  • “At least we were able to finish cooking,” Ignis sighs. 
  • After finishing the meal in complete darkness, you and Ignis shuffle around and find several sets of candles and set them up across the house.
  • Due to the poor lighting, you are unable to take entertainment in books… and due to the lack of power, nor can you watch TV.
  • Your boyfriend, however, is one of Eos’s best conversationalists.
  • You both curl up on the couch and speak and subjects both serious and meaningless. 
  • You end up dozing off in his arms.
  • He remains wide awake. Thanks Ebony. 
  • He enjoys watching you sleep while listening to the quaking storm outside, while he remains safely inside with you in his arms.