His Majesty King Herbert the First, and his Valiant Husband Sir Lancelot.

So I’m not really an artist and I don’t really ever draw but my friend and I were discussing what Prince Herbert’s day clothes would look like when he isn’t wearing a dressing gown, and I suddenly had the intense drive to draw Herbert in a tunic. Of course I had to add Lance, and the curtains. One can never forget the curtains.
Like I said, I’m really not that good at drawing, but like… maybe if I start practicing more I could be halfway decent one day? Anyway, I should draw more. Yeah. I’m gonna do that. This Kingly portrait is dedicated to that one person who could use something cheerful right now. You know who you are.
LancelotxHerbert and other stuff

So, I’m in the middle of writing 2 fanfictions of LancelotxHerbert, Spamalot. Ohmygod, I’m a horrible person… but still 

Anyway, today we did some more progress in the play and it turns out there’s an almost kiss scene between Hebert and Lancelot!

My poor little fangirl heart can’t take this! But i can’t really tell too many people I ship this couple, or else they’d all look at me like this:

So I just gotta keep it inside. *deep breath* 

I need sleep, but I think I’m gonna continue with fanfiction.


Best. Coming out. EVER.

My new guilty ship- Spamalot edition

So we are doing Monty Python’s Spamalot at our high school and because i now ship a brand new couple: LancelotxHerbert. I’m such a horrible person…. What’s even worse is that now I’m reading fanfictions about them and when i read them, i imagine the actors who play them. ohmygod…. i won’t be able to look the in the eye tomorow! XD


We come to the park every day when it’s nice out. I do everything they do. Play in the sand, play on the slides, play basketball. It’s a quiet, open spot for some family time. I work nights, so the park helps me spend as much time as possible with them during the day. We don’t have any problems here, everybody seems to get along.

When I grew up, my dad was around, but he wasn’t around. So I want them to know dad is there and that I care for them. Especially so my girls know the right type of man to look at when they grow up to be women. They won’t choose the wrong type of person because dad wasn’t around to show them the right type. 

I want to play a part in teaching them the things they need to know when they grow up. What people to stay away from; to help when you can help. Just love. And I want them to pay it forward. The way daddy is with you, pay it forward. Teach that to somebody else. If you teach one person good, the world can change.

The time that we do have together, we try to make the most of it. I like to show my children how much I love them and that I wanted them, so that’s why we spend our time like we do.

Herbert with Zaria, Serenity, Herbert III, Prince Herbert, & Sulaiman, at Marshall Terrace Park

Part of a summer-long series exploring the power of parks to transform human life supported by the Minneapolis Parks Foundation.

harry potter rates by mention of ducks
  • philosophers stone: (5) the dursleys duck hagrid’s letters which is amazing and I hope that creased parchment gave them paper cuts. children duck from peeves on several occasions, and chaser pucey ducks two bludgers. glad Hogwarts students are agile but if i were a mum receiving these letters from home I’d have questions. (5/10)
  • chamber of secrets: harry ducks under a table to keep people from seeing him laughing. joy because harry is actually laughing. someone ducks molly’s soapy frying pan, which i hope is a metaphor but probably isn’t. harry ducks as hagrid tries to pat his shoulder again. ron ducks and vomits slugs, the babe. four random evasive ducking maneuvers. wizards are dodge af. i do not duck this much in my real life. bonus for the only movie add on that matters: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” what were /you using for, Arthur? (8/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: jo’s editor clearly got cottoned on because the we only have three duck mentions. ducking beneath diggory (it starts). harry randomly ducks. and a warning: duck, angelina that's a bludger. (1/10)
  • goblet of fire: (13) ducking in and out of tents and to avoid awkward social situations. ‘I don’t think there can be any ducking out at this stage’ which is utter bullshit. i’d be asking for the terms and conditions and finding out exactly what would be worse than facing a dragon??? krum is on multiple occasions described as duck-footed, which i take to mean literally and you can’t stop me. (3/10)
  • order of the phoenix: wondering if 'duck' is code for 'fuck' because it's mentioned a lot (23 times) and jk’s editor wouldn’t let her swear. harry ducks his abusive uncle more than once. sirius /ducks bellatrix's jet of red light, but only one. every single adult ducks out of their responsibility in effectively helping traumatized harry james potter. (-10/10)
  • half blood prince: FAVE: herbert chortley, junior minister, loses his quackers and impersonates a duck. he will spend the rest of his life believing he's a duck, which is...the dream. harry ducks under and out from the cloak so he can relentlessly stalk draco malfoy. lots of ducking under arms and under tables and ducking and running. (9/10. for herb)
  • deathly hallows: shout out to the experimental charms committee for accidentally-on-purpose creating a poisonous duck. wizarding galleons at their finest??? harry would not duck out of, excuse me while i sob, going to meet voldemort, not when he knew it was in his power to stop it. (4/10 but only because harry lives)
  • bonus: Lego Harry Potter, Ducklifors Jinx turns anything into a duck. (10/10)