We need to talk about Christian Borle.

Christian Borle is an amazing actor who has given his all to the Broadway community.  He is best known for his role as Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde, but has been a part of numerous other productions such as Spamalot (OBC), Peter and the Starcatcher (Off-Broadway), Something Rotten! (OBC) and, most recently, he is Marvin in the Falsettos revival.

I have heard amazing things about his performance, but I have also heard worrying things.  There have been numerous posts circulating about his mental health, and I am concerned for him.  No matter how brilliant his Marvin may be, no role is worth sacrificing your mental state for.
He won’t even be taking a break after Falsettos, immediately moving on to playing Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You can find the address to write to the Lincoln Center Theater, the home of the Falsettos revival, here.  Christian Borle deserves to know he is loved and appreciated, so please write – I know I will.

Favorite Superman/Wonder Woman Moments for 2014

There were so many memorable moments to choose from and these are just some favorites. Ranking them was tough because it’s not really that any was lesser or greater but some were more defining to the couple and their blooming relationship. I went for the moments that resonated emotionally with the fandom during the course of this year judging by response around our sm/ww groups and fan tumblrs. Let us know your favorite.

#10 Superman greets the Goddess of Peace (Superman/Wonder Woman Future’s End #1)

# 9 Diana letting Clark know she does not stand by while he saves the world. She is there with him. (Superman/Wonder Woman #11)

#8 Diana saying goodbye to Clark before he faces Doomsday (Superman Doomed #1)

#7 Taking on Zod and Faora together. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)

#6 The world discovers the power couple’s secret.  (Superman/Wonder Woman #4)

#5 That time Clark and Diana danced all night in London together. (Superman/Wonder Woman #7)

#4 Diana battles the Doomsday beast and gets Clark to regain control. (Superman/Wonder Woman #8)

#3  The joyous reunion of Clark and Diana before the world. (Superman/Wonder Woman #12)

#2. Clark wrapping his indestructible cape around Diana to protect her from a nuclear blast. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)

#1 I love you. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)


400 years, and William Shakespeare is still at it. 

Tom Hiddleston: February 9, 1981 - Henry V, Prince Hal, Othello, Coriolanus, am i missing anything else? 
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree: December 17, 1852 - Henry V, Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III
Lee Pace: March 25, 1979 - (add theatre performance here, coz i don’t know about it, but Fernando Woods is a really big deal here)
Sir Henry Irving - February 6, 1838, Hamlet & much more. 

body slams the wall. shakespearesvigilante of course i knew… this was actually in my q.. Hamlet was very special for Shakespeare, part if not all of it was written for his son during the lost years.. coz that’s when his only son, Hamnet died. Shakespeare was in London (or perhaps on tour) when he received the news that his son was ill, much of his story is lost here, but Hamnet died before Shakespeare got back, so he never really met his son during the final hours of his life. Hamnet was only 11 years old.. 


Best. Coming out. EVER.

My new guilty ship- Spamalot edition

So we are doing Monty Python’s Spamalot at our high school and because i now ship a brand new couple: LancelotxHerbert. I’m such a horrible person…. What’s even worse is that now I’m reading fanfictions about them and when i read them, i imagine the actors who play them. ohmygod…. i won’t be able to look the in the eye tomorow! XD

LancelotxHerbert and other stuff

So, I’m in the middle of writing 2 fanfictions of LancelotxHerbert, Spamalot. Ohmygod, I’m a horrible person… but still 

Anyway, today we did some more progress in the play and it turns out there’s an almost kiss scene between Hebert and Lancelot!

My poor little fangirl heart can’t take this! But i can’t really tell too many people I ship this couple, or else they’d all look at me like this:

So I just gotta keep it inside. *deep breath* 

I need sleep, but I think I’m gonna continue with fanfiction.