“Im so sick of KP pushing W&K for every little single thing they do and when Harry gains international attention for speaking up about AIDS, takin an HIV test live on Facebook and DOING A BBQ FOR HEADS TOGETHER by HIMSELF, a few tweets, nothing about Heads Together(which is another umbrella org created to help boost popularity for W&K). W&K go watch rich people sail? CALL THE PRESS! TWEET NONSTOP. As a 21st century woman, I can’t watch this go on and I’ve only been royal watching for a few years!” - Submitted by Anonymous

Chapter eleven

Rebecca and Harry had flown in to California a few days ago. Rebecca had been attending rehearsals. Right now they were meeting with Edward about last minute things.

“Okay so Harry are you sure you want to do this?” Ed asked.

“I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.” Harry said looking at me.

“Okay then. Your two will walk the red carpet, some of the questions will be about you two. You don’t need to let them know too much.” Ed explained to the couple.

“So keep talk about us to a minimum.” Harry repeated.

“Yes and remember, you will be setting front row the camera will always be on you. You should be very cautious about your facial expressions.” The secretary said.

“Of course?” Harry said.

“So Rebecca it looks like you are top pick for both awards you have been nominated for, so you will be giving speeches. Do you have them written?” He asked.

“I am still working on them.” She admitted.

“Okay I will write them for you.” He said. “Also Harry apparently your gran does not approve of you social media habits so the next time you see her you need to explain.” He said before leaving.

The next morning Rebecca woke up early and had a cup of coffee and watched the news before her team arrived to get her ready.

As Rebecca set at the vanity her makeup artist (Lola) doing her makeup while her hairdresser (Kelsey) set on the vanity.

“Oh my god, so how’s London?” Lola asked.

“It’s good I do miss Georgia, but I don’t tell Harry.” She said.

“Oh yes the new beau. How are things going in the relationship?” Kelsey said chiming in.

“Good, but I swear I am so exhausted. I don’t know if I can handle any more sex.” Rebecca said dramatically.

“Well that is a good problem to have.” Lola said Kelsey agreed.

“Yeah but it’s just so much.” Rebecca said.

“Okay we get it you want us to be jealous.” Kelsey said jokingly.

“So what is your opinion on all this Taylor swift drama?” Lola asked.

“I think, she wants more drama.” Rebecca said.

“Do you think she will win the awards?” Kelsey asked.

“We all know Beyoncé is winning female vocalist.” Lola said Rebecca agreed.

“Honestly I don’t know why Taylor would brake up with Calvin he is honestly such a nice guy.” Rebecca said.

“You mean he was nice to you.” Kelsey said with a grin.

“Well yes he was very good. But Harry is the best I’ve ever had.” Rebecca said truthfully.

“And there was Ryan Lochte.” Lola said.

“Oh my god I saw him at the White House and he like tried to have sex with me.” Rebecca said.

“Well did you?” Lola asked.

“No I was already with Harry.” Rebecca said.

“Okay put the people you’ve slept with in order.” Lola said.

“Well Harry is number one, then Ryan, then Calvin, Chris Rix, David Lee, and  Kevin Love all tie, then I don’t really know because I’ve never had bad sex.” She said with a grin.

“Oh those are all some sexy men.” Kelsey said.

“Whose some sexy men?” Harry said walking into the bathroom in his boxers, oblivious to what they were talking about.

Lola and Kelsey’s eyes went to the princes’ very fit body.

“Harry go get some clothes on.” Rebecca said used to it.

“Fine.” He said walking out.

“Oh my damn.” Lola said.

“You know I really didn’t think he would be that fit.” Kelsey said.

“You really wouldn’t think he was, but he goes to the gym every day.” Rebecca said.

“You can tell.” Lola said.

Rebecca’s makeup was done and so they took a brake and they ate lunch. While Harry laid on the couch watching ESPN.

“I talked to my granny about the social media.”
Harry said from the couch.

“What did she say?” Rebecca asked from her spot at the table with Lola and Kelsey.

“She said she wished I would have asked her. I told her I asked dad, and that the people really like it.” Harry explained.

“So is she okay with it now?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah” he answered.

As Lola and Kelsey headed back to the bathroom Rebecca stayed to talk to Harry.

“Did you eat?” She asked.

“Yeah, I got room service.” He said.


“When do I need to get ready?” he asked.

“Whenever.” She said about to leave.

“Am I not going to get to fuck you before.” He said quietly with a smirk.

“Harry I already have my makeup on and the girls are here.” She said.

“So I am really horny.” He said seriously.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“You better be.” He said before turning back to the tv.

Rebecca went back into the bathroom. Where she finished getting ready.

Finally her and Harry were stepping out of the car and onto the carpet.

They posed for pictures first. Rebecca did a few poses by herself before Harry joined her. She posed at every angle, she did side back front. Then He walked up and put his hand at the small of her back, but it didn’t take long before he made his way right to her ass which was caught on every camera there. After the pictures they talked to the reporters.

“Rebecca you look amazing.” Giuliana Rancic said as Rebecca and Harry took their places on the tape.

“Thank you it’s Monique Lhuillier.” Rebecca said.

“So you have been nominated for two awards, and both of which you are up against  some good competition. How do you feel?” Giuliana asks Rebecca.

“Well your right I am up against a lot of tough competition. For social media queen then in choice hottie where I’m the oldest nominee. But they are all lovely and all deserving of the award.” Rebecca said.

“Yes, so Harry what’s it like dating Rebecca, America’s sweetheart?”

“She makes me feel old honestly, but I have to say I am the luckiest guy.” Harry said looking at Rebecca.

“Recently you joined the world of social media. Did Rebecca influence that?”

“Yes she did. She is still trying to teach me how to use all of it though.” Harry said.

“I assume you will be joining Instagram soon.”

“That’s what her plans are.” Harry said with a smile.

“Now Rebecca what’s it like for you to be dating the worlds most eligible bachelor a prince?”

“I have to say it’s not as hard as you would think his guards keep most of the crazy women away, so.” Rebecca said gaining a laugh from Giuliana.

“Okay I’m going to let you two go.” She told the couple.

“Now back to Ryan.”

“You know Giuliana they seem like such a nice couple.” Ryan Seacrest said.

“They truly are so genuine and open.” Giuliana agreed.

Harry and Rebecca had laughed clapped and now it was time for Rebecca’s first category.

“Our next award is choice female hottie.” One of the hosts said

“Your nominees are,
Gigi Hadid,
Selena Gomez,
Rebecca Grant,
Hailey Baldwin,
Kendall Jenner, and
Bella Thorne.” The other said.

“And the winner is… Rebecca Grant.”

Everyone stood and clapped including Harry who was extremely proud.

Rebecca made her way up to the stage were she took the surf board before going to the podium.

“Wow.” She said as people settled down. “I have to say I am kind of shocked, I was up against a lot of beautiful YOUNG women. I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me, but each and everyone of you are just as much a hottie.” She said receiving applause. “Also I would like to thank my mom and dad for giving me some great genes.” People laughed. “And Harry for making me feel like the most beautiful person alive every day.” She said before walking off to applause.

After a few other awards was time for her second award.

“Choice social media queen is… Rebecca Grant!”

Rebecca made her way back on to stage.

“Well, I’m back.” She said receiving applause and laughter. “For all the teens out there of course remember to post wisely, but I have also learned that social media is a way to express yourself. For this one I would like to thank the creators of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook. I also want to thank all the people who I will randomly take a snapchat of for not freaking out on me.” She said before walking off stage with another surfboard.

After the rest of the awards were presented Rebecca took pictures with her awards, and other celebs before her and Harry were heading to the after party.

They walked the red carpet again Rebecca had changed. Then headed inside.

“Oh my god I haven’t seen you in ages!” Kim K said walking up to her they kissed each other on both cheeks.

“I know, I’ve been in London.” Rebecca said. “This is Harry my boyfriend.”

“I’ve heard. So did you hear about all this Taylor drama.” Kim said.

“I did… She is such a bitch.” Rebecca said.

“I know I mean I posted the video of her telling Kanye it was cool then she still had an excuse.” Kim said.

“I know. So how’s the fam, are the all here?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah they should all be here somewhere.” Kim said.

“Okay well I’ll talk to you later and hopefully get a selfie or two in.” Rebecca said as her and Harry walked on through.

“Oh my god, Ellen Pompeo!” Rebecca said walking up to the Grey’s Anatomy star.

“The one and only.” Ellen said turning to her.

“Oh my god I love Grey’s Anatomy.” Rebecca said.

“Thank you.”

“Oh my god can I get a selfie with you?” Rebecca asked.

“I have a better idea” Ellen said. “Hey guys selfie time.” Ellen said and suddenly the whole cast of Grey’s was scrunched in for a selfie with Rebecca.

As Harry and Rebecca moved on they talked to a lot more people Rebecca taking selfies with most of them. Until they ran back into Kim this time she was with her whole family.

“Oh Becca how are you?” Kourtney asked.

“Good.” Rebecca answered.

“How’s London?” Kendall asked.

“It’s nice, a little cold though.” Rebecca said. “Oh I would like you all to meet Harry.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Harry said.

“So this is the new boyfriend.” Khloe said. “Very handsome.”

“I think so.” Rebecca said with a smile.

Some how they ended up taking a ton of black and white racy photos, like Kim has done before.

So they took a ton of photos of them doing provocative poses. One was all the girls legs and then one of all the men’s crotches. Then ones of couples, the ones of Rebecca and Harry were Rebecca appearing to be twerking in front of Harry while he grabbed her ass. Then one of Harry biting Rebecca’s neck. Everyone posted the pics and they instantly went viral.

Harry, Scott and Kanye all talked while the girls gossiped.

Then soon the party started to wind down. So they all decided to walk out together.

After Rebecca and Harry were in the car they started talking about the night.

“so did you have a fun time?” Rebecca asked.

“Scott was fun to talk to, I don’t know about Kanye he’s alright but a little…” Harry said.

“Trashy.” Rebecca offered.

“To put it harshly, yes.” Harry said.

“I know, but I really like Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall and Kylie.” Rebecca said.

“I know.” Harry said.

“but we did get invited over to Kourtney’s house for breakfast in the morning. So can we go?” Rebecca asked.

“Of course love.” He said.

That night they were both exhausted and went straight to bed.

Harry’s outfit - for the awards and after party

Rebecca’s outfit  -for the awards

Rebecca’s outfit  - for the after party

The first lady marveled at what an amazing uncle Prince Harry, 31, is with Prince George.

“I have to say that the most precious thing, if you haven’t already fallen in love with him, is to see him with his nephew,” Obama told Roberts. “Because all throughout he was like, ‘Uncle Harry, why are you so quiet?’ and I was like, ‘What? You’re not quiet.’”

“No, I wasn’t,” Harry said in reply to Obama, adding that he was on his “best behavior” for the president and the first lady.

Prince Harry remarked that Prince George couldn’t understand why his normally playful uncle was so well-behaved.

“George literally turns around and goes 'Mummy, Daddy, why is Prince Harry being so quiet,’” Harry recalled. “Well, normally I’m like throwing him around the room and stuff.”

“And he didn’t understand what is wrong with you,” the first lady said to Harry. “He’s got a pretty good uncle over here.”

—  ABC News
Prince Harry gets tested for HIV to raise awareness
Britain's Prince Harry gets tested for HIV to raise awareness and to normalize the testing process.
By Shanna Pavlak, CNN

The whole process – taking the test and learning the results – took less than four minutes.

“It’s amazing how quick it is,” said Harry, who tested negative for HIV.

After getting the results, the prince encouraged people to get tested, even those who don’t think they have been exposed, in an effort to normalize the process.

“It’s better that everyone goes and gets tested. Why wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever, even ginger, why wouldn’t you come and have a test?” he said.

Kensington Palace tweeted Harry took the test live because he “believes his generation needs to take leadership in the fight against HIV, or risk losing the gains of those who’ve come before."