The pins from the final set in the Disney villains series were released, and they’re all gorgeous!

Sources for the pictures:

Hans, Oogie Boogie, Bowler Hat Guy, four pins, the whole set.

Voltron Frozen!AU


-Ice Queen Allura

-Her younger (and lonely) brother, Lance

-Coran, the faithful royal advisor and caretaker 

-The charming Prince Lotor of the Galra Kingdom

-Ice boy Keith and his reindeer, Red

-Hunk loves warm hugs don’t fight me on this

-Lance ofc falls for Lotor bc Lotor is nice and sweet and makes him feel worthwhile (like a lot of Lancelot hcs)

-Then he has to deal with Keith, who talks to his reindeer and is rude (and possibly a little crazy wt the boulder thing)


-Hunk is ready to melt for Lance and also this sunshine boy needs some sun

-Fuck yeah Lance punches Lotor in the face

-L a n g s t

-White haired! Altean Lance bc that happens too in this story

-N then theres Shiro with the white streak

-where did it come from?

-another snow wielder?

-who knows

-find out in the sequel

EDIT: For those asking about Pidge, I’m not really sure but I think she/they would come in like Shiro-after the original plot. Feel free to add your own ideas if you’d like


Disney Fancast (4/?)

Wendy Darling ↣ Anna Lund

Peter Pan ↣ Simone Nobili

Merida ↣ Victoria Schons

Moana ↣ Auli’i Cravalho

Queen Elsa ↣ Milou Sluis

Prince Hans ↣ Guy Robinson

Alice Liddel ↣ Nastya Siten

Lilo ↣ Xyriel Manabat

Esmeralda ↣ Samantha Banks

Captain Phoebus ↣ Ryan Cooper


Disney Portrait #1: Prince Hans Westergaard of the Southern Isles

Artist: JBadgr


This ginger sassmaster has replaced my no. 1 disney!spot (previously occupied by Prince Philip). I just– c’mon, Santino Fontana– all day long Santino Fontana.

Let’s see how many of these I can push out before the start of term!

Imagine what would have happened if Elsa found out about Hans’ plan to kill her and usurp the throne of Arendelle, or even worse Anna told her exactly how Hans heartlessly betrayed her and left her to die.

I commissioned  @laikaken for this fanart of Elsa freezing Hans’ heart in a blast of anger and vengeance. Hans now feels Elsa’s wrath as his heart freezes as an eternal punishment for his cruel deeds.