• Hans:I just don't see why everyone's always picking on Marie Antoinette. I can so relate to her. She worked really hard to look that good, and people just don't appreciate that kind of effort. And I know the peasants were all depressed...
  • Kristoff:I think you mean oppressed.
  • Hans:Whatever. They were cranky. So they're like, "Let's lose some heads." Yeah, cause that's fair. And Marie Antoinette cared about them. She was gonna let them have cake.

Frozen novel, A Frozen Heart, to tell story from Hans perspective

While Random House will continue the adventures of Anna and Elsa in a series of new stories, Disney Press will continue to examine the events of Frozen in new lights, this time from the perspective of Hans — and Anna. Due out May 26, 2015, A Frozen Heart is a 304 page novel for young adults that explores what’s going on inside the minds of Anna and Hans and explore their inner emotions as the events of the film unfold. It is written by Elizabeth Rudnick, who has not only written several junior novelizations, but most recently explored the inner thoughts of Aurora and Maleficent in her Maleficent adaptations.

The official publisher’s description for A Frozen Heart is as follows:

Love is an open door. Or so Anna believed when she first met a handsome prince named Hans. A Frozen Heart tells the story of a lonely young woman who has been shut away from the world for most of her life. Her parents are dead, and her sister-the only person who might show her an ounce of love-is cold and distant. No wonder she jumps at the chance for love and companionship with a dashing stranger. But as Hans’ veneer of kindness melts away, Anna finds the love she was searching for all along from her sister Elsa. Told in alternating chapters from both Anna’s and Hans’ perspectives, A Frozen Heart delves into the couple’s failed romance, exploring their backstories, motivations, and ultimate separation.

(Source: Stitch Kingdom)

(Pictured: Hans Custom-made Poster, by HKY91)

Went to Toys R Us to buy birthday gifts for the eldest. Spotted this bag of chocolates:

Thought maybe I’d find a candy with Hans on it. No such luck, of course. 

But wait.

Two stupid “fun facts” later, I found this.