Fic Requests

I’ve decided to open for fic requests, at least temporarily.

When requesting, please be aware that I do not write full-on smut, and I don’t do kinks.

No Ships. Stories will be posted as Reader Inserts (You) or an unnamed female character (She). Whatever I’m feeling at the time.

Your story does not have to be a romantic/sexy prompt. General requests are welcome.

Characters I’ve written for: Dean Winchester; Loki; Leonard “Bones” McCoy; Bucky Barnes; Magnus Martinsson; Greg Lestrade; Thomas Sharpe; Prince Hal/Henry V; John Kennex; John Casey; Eomer; Raymond Reddington; William Cooper

I am open to the possibility of writing other characters in these fandoms.

I reserve the right to turn down a request. If I decide not to do it I will reply to you to see if you would like me to post the request so someone else might see it.