Prince Eric Statue

This gif is transparent. Basically, it’s Ariel’s hair. That means it will take the color of your blog or anywhere you put it at. An example of what you can do with it can bee seen here. Anyways, enjoy!^^

Things I Noticed in Moana

- same leaf and turtle scene as the scene in the Lilo and Stitch end credits
- the flower from Tangled
- Sven from Frozen
- same messy (and sandy) hair as Anna’s wake up scene in Frozen
- the swirly design in the Heart and the swirly design in Frozen are the same
- Flounder from the Little Mermaid
- Maui statue mimicking Prince Eric statue in Little Mermaid
- same “Diamond in the rough” reference as in Aladdin - Mad Max tribute
- Baymax from Big Hero 6
- Wreck It Wraph drawing during credits
- Sebastian from Little Mermaid during credits

Apparently Aladdin’s Lamp, Olaf from Frozen, and Flash the sloth from Zootopia are in it too but I missed those. The only things I could think of are maybe Aladdin’s lamp being with all the rest of the treasure, Olaf being a puddle with a carot or sticks, and maybe the Flash being in disguise since the little coconut monsters looked like they had sloth bodies???? Idk. But Disney warned that these three would be very hard to find.