Beauty and the Beast Painting Theory

So one thing that always confused me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, is the painting of the Beast in human form we see in the beginning of the movie and briefly later when Belle comes across it.

So we know from the opening narration that the curse on the beast was to last until his 21st birthday and during the song Be Our Guest Lumiere says “10 years we’ve been rusting…”

So we know during the time Belle meets the Beast he’s around 21 years old and if the curse was put on him 10 years ago then he was only around 11 when the enchantress cursed him. This is backed up by the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas’ in which we see a flashback of the Prince getting cursed and he’s a child.

He clearly looks like a young child and around 11 years old. But that’s where the issue of the paining comes up. If the Prince was 11 when he was turned into a beast how does he have that painting of himself where he’s clearly much older than the age of 11 which was when he was cursed. He looks the same in the paining as he does when he’s transformed back into a human.  But we clearly see him being much younger when he’s cursed so how on earth does he have that painting?

Here’s my theory to explain the painting. I think the Enchantress made that painting and then gave it to the Prince when she cursed him. It was another one of her punishments/lessons to the Prince. She was not only shaming the Prince by turning him into a hideous beast, but going further by giving him a paining of what he could look like if he breaks the curse. It could be the Enchantress was punishing the Prince by forcing him to see how beautiful he could be if he breaks the curse as further humiliation, or an incentive to push him to break it. But either way by giving the Beast that painting she was essentially saying “Look how beautiful you could be, but are not.” And that’s why the Beast looks so ashamed when he sees the painting and rips it. The painting represents all he could be and all he isn’t. It represents all he’s lost and might never get back. Until Belle comes along.

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Hi sweetie ❤ I love your blog and can you bts and got7 reaction to their girlfriends hand always cold... Sorry for my English 😢

Hi there! I’m sorry but I only do Bts stuff on this blog I hope it doesn’t bother you :3

I hope you like the reaction :)

(your english is fine hun) 

Bts Reaction to you having cold hands


You would be taking a walk outside. It wasn’t very warm outside so your hands were even colder than usual. You tried to warm them by rubbing them together but it wasn’t making much difference. Namjoon saw you were struggling to warm them up.

“Jagi if your hands are cold just put them in my pockets.”

Which you did and it felt better right away, you walked around with a hand shuved in his pocket with his hand in yours feeling all nice and toasty.

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You were in a restaurant eating some of the nicest food you had eaten in a while. The only problem was that your hands were pale and cold and all you could focus on was warming them up. You didn’t mention it because you didn’t want to worry him just because of your hands. Jin saw they were pale but didn’t say anything since he knew it would bother you. Instead he just held your hands to keep them warm, for time to time he  would drop a few warm kisses on them. You were thankful Jin was so considerate of your feelings.

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You were watching a movie, and of course your hands were cold again. You had them stuck under the cover with you and Yoongi but they were still freezing. You had had enough and just stuck them under his tshirt, to which he squealed.


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Once you had explained your hands were cold he would accept you warming them up against him.

“Just warn me before you freeze me to death.” he would say with a small smile, not wanting to admit he liked having you this close to him.


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You were at a friends house for the afternoon. You had been complaining about your cold hands for a while now. Hoseok wasn’t really paying attention because he was laughing so much with his friends. But once he saaw you pouting in a corner with your hands under your armpits trying to warm them up he would come up to you to apolagize.

“Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t realise.”

gif is him apolagizing 

He would take you in a big hug and would hold your hands for the rest of the night so they could stay warm.


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You and him would be laying in bed trying to sleep. You could hear his heavy breathing behind your back and you knew he was asleep. No matter how hard you triend you just couldn’t go to sleep yourself because of your freezing hands. After a while you turned around to face Jimin and approached him slowly with your cold hands that you stuck against his bare chest.

He sighed softly but didn’t move because he knew that your hands were stopping you from sleeping.

“Goodnight jagi..”


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You were sat on the beach in the sun, but even if it was warm your hands were still cold. In this case you were happy they were always cold because you used them to cool your face off. Teahyung was all sweaty and couldn’t cool down so when he rembered that your hands were always cold he just grabbed them and put them on his face with a sigh of relief.

“Omg Jagi I love your cold hands!”


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You two would be at the movies, and yet again your hands were cold. It hadn’t been long since you two had started dating so you were afraid to hold his hand in case it might bother him. You had them on your lap but in the end he found your hands and took them in his. He didn’t say anything so you asked him if he minded your cold hands.

“Y/N don’t be silly if I’m holding them right now it means I don’t mind.” he would tell you, with a kiss on your cheek.

You spent the rest of the film hand in hand.