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Hey a! I love reading your work so much-- I was wondering if you can do a continuation of the snippet with the female theif and the Ruthless Prince? That one is just marvelous.

Continuation of this snippet of mine

“You want me to steal for you?” It was laughable, it was positively sick. “You must have been dropped on the royal head as a child if you honestly think I’m going to do that.”

“You would prefer then to have your hands cut off?” the prince returned. “Hands, feet, those pretty eyes. Can’t very well covet what you can’t see.” 

She flushed with rage at his smirk, at his audacity, at her own chilly fear that seeped through her most of all. She could picture it - the pain, and the uselessness of it. She’d be some beggar girl discarded and unrecognizable on the street.  

“You are good at what you do,” he said, releasing her hair. Her scalp prickled with the sudden loss of pressure. “I can make you even better. And, as far as I see it, you have a debt to pay for all you have stolen from me.”

“I’ll pay it back to you in my contempt,” she spat, trying to hide the quiver in her voice. “As far as I’m concerned it’s the only thing I owe you.” 

His smile flashed, shining and beautiful and so very cruel.  
“Contempt won’t keep you whole and warm at night. It won’t make you somebody.”

“Why do you want me to steal for you? You have enough.” 

“I have what is owed me. Whoever got anywhere thinking that was enough? There are other things to steal than trinkets,” he said. “Things that are difficult to take with a face like mine, people remember me you see. But you…my nothing thief…you come and go everywhere, I’ve seen it.” He held her black mask back up to her face, as if testing it. “You can be anyone I tell you to be.” 

Her mind whirred. Other things to steal than trinkets? 
“You mean secrets,” she said, mouth dry. “Information. Spying.”

“The most precious prize in the world.” 

She stared at him, her heart pounding in her chest.  

It wasn’t like she had to actually do it, right? All she had to do was play along long enough to run, without her hands cut off. She could find some tiny corner of the world where he couldn’t reach and - and then what? She would be in a tiny corner of the world, far flung and forgotten. She would look over her shoulder and be afraid because he’d seen her face. And he would continue doing what he did, until his greed swallowed up even that small corner because nothing was enough. 

“Of course,” he said, studying her. “Everything has it’s perks, once you have paid what you owed me. It shouldn’t take you long, if you’re as talented as you think you are. I know value when I see it. I’m sure you do too. A prince’s favour is no small thing.” He ghosted the back of his knuckles along her cheek, eyes fixed on her. 

“And here I thought you were threatening me.” 

“I’ll do anything to get what I want,” he shrugged. “It’s up to you on which method you want me to take, as the end result will be the same. I’m simply laying out your options for you. Some people feel better blackmailed and forced into things, it soothes their moral pride to think that they couldn’t have said no. Others prefer a…sweeter touch. The rewards.”

It was true, too, that she could probably steal anything in the world with his patronage and his coin. He was about as powerful as he was hated. He could make life better for a lot of people, if only he considered it worth his while to do so. She released a shaky breath between her teeth. 

His hand dropped abruptly, bored, and let her mask drop to the floor too like just some other discarded thing.

“You know my reputation, thief.” He straightened. “If I can’t have what I want, no one else get’s to have it either. Right now that’s you.”

“Aw, you’ll make me blush.”

“As I please it,” he replied. “Now, lovely thief, are you mine or not?”

God, she hated herself. God, she wasn’t going to let him win. This was a blip, nothing more.

His smile was back abruptly. “I want you to say it, thief.” 

“I’m yours.”


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Hi I absolutely love your writing,can you maybe write something where there is a war between two kingdoms, and in the winning side, the King is worried that the youngest prince would do something to harm his brother for the throne and he is smart enough that no one can suspect him, so the king tries to make him happy and tells him to ask for anything he wants, the prince sees a war prisoner, asks to have them as his personal slave

“…you can’t be serious.” The king struggled to sound less thrown off, more reasonable, more like he knew how he’d possibly been part of creating this impossible son of his. 

It was a tone that the prince was more than familiar with so he simply smiled back placidly. “You asked me what I wanted.” 

“We do not keep slaves,” the king said. “If we did - we certainly wouldn’t select them from -  he’s of noble birth. It would be an insult.”

“An insult to the kingdom we just beat? Tragic. You asked me what I wanted, and I believe I have made myself clear. Perhaps you’d prefer I asked for the princess?” 

Colour drained from the king’s face, before he finally managed to find his composure. “It is foolish to take on a servant who could kill you in your sleep. There are others-” 

“It wouldn’t be much of a distraction if they couldn’t.” The prince tucked his hands behind his back, expression innocent, eyes bright. “That is what you want for me, isn’t it father? A distraction?”

“There must be other distractions to suit your mind.”

“Depends how long you would like me distracted for,” the prince said. “You know how it is, after all the responsibilities of war. Peace can be so difficult to adapt back to. I could be traumatized. You should also offer me the Winter Palace too, as a reward for my excellent military service.” They both knew his brother alone, golden and diplomatic, could not have won this war.  “I’d hate to see anyone hurt at home, I saw so many terrible sights for you both.”

The king stared at him, stonily. 

The prince could practically hear him thinking it over. The Winter Palace was far away, a little kingdom onto himself as far as the royal courts went, where he could hardly reach his older brother to touch a majestic hair on his head. But it was also out of easy reach and control of his family, which was why they rarely used the beautiful building anymore. 

If his father let him have it, and the prisoner, there would be no checks and no balances.

The king began to walk, further into the shadows of the castle, where secrets were better kept. The prince followed him leisurely and strolling. 

“I find it funny, father, that you are pretending that you might say no.” 

“I should disown you,” the king said coldly. 

You made me.

The prince didn’t flinch, still smiling. “The people will be heartbroken.” Everyone knew he was the goddamn favourite, he’d made sure of it. It was the only defense he, second son, possibly bastard son, had. 

“Why that prisoner? What are you up to?”

“You’re so suspicious of me, father. You’re going to hurt my feelings.” 

“Answer your king.” 

The prince considered him with a soft hum, looking over that beautiful kingdom of theirs. 

Because he saw me.

He insulted me,” the prince said. “I do not suffer insult from my enemies.”

“You always were too prideful for your own good or anyone else’s. It is why I would never let you be king.” His father’s fingers curled around the hilt of his sword, but he would never do it. Cowards, the lot of them. “Have them, and the Winter Palace,” the king said. “If I hear even a whisper of you at court…” 

The prince bowed his head. “Do congratulate my brother on his victory when you rejoin the celebrations. We will leave by the end of the week.”

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