Am obosit sa tac, sa răzbat, într-un mediu de căcat, am obosit sa rabd, in acest haos necurat, am obosit sa ma mint de mic ca nu am nimic, is in modul critic, trăiesc fictiv in lumea mea era relativ…
Oameni s-au modernizat dar gândesc tot primitiv, si vrem sa realizam tot rapid, dar răbdarea e absenta, e pierduta a sa prezență, oboseala constat prezentă, când somnul ma agita, noaptea e ce-a m-ai trista, ca in noapte nu m-ai ma ascund de nimeni frate, noaptea sunt eu cu adevărat, sunt poetul neînțeles si de toți uitat…


So I bought the first edition of the @gods-and-radicals journal, A Beautiful Resistance. It has a lot of fascinating & informative pieces & I think is overall a very good read. However. 

There’s a thread that runs through several of the pieces [which I have seen elsewhere in the pagan & occult spheres] of an anti-science, anti-technology worldview & it makes me really uncomfortable. 

Yes, human technology has massively contributed to the environmental disasters we are watching take place; yes, science has been employed for terrible purposes & to reinforce the ideals of capitalism, white supremacy, etc etc. I won’t dispute that. 

But the concept that some thinkers seem to promote as the solution, that we should turn our backs on technology, follow an anarcho-primitivist route, is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And, frankly, in my opinion stems not only from a lack of education about science but a high level of unexamined privilege.

To advocate rejecting the scientific & technological advances of modern society is to advocate: 

  • the deaths or catastrophic loss of quality of life for many disabled or chronically ill people
  • a return to high mortality rates for mother & baby in childbirth
  • a return to the pre-antibiotic era due to drug resistance that is only kept at bay by continued research
  • no further advances in understanding or treating chronic illnesses, genetic diseases, & conditions such as heart disease & cancers
  • the resurgence of devastating childhood diseases such as diptheria & polio due to a lack of vaccination
  • the extremely high level of suffering caused by malaria, schistosomiasis, African trypanosomes, & other widespread parasitic diseases, continuing unabated, especially in deprived population
  • among many other consequences.

Seeing the advances of science & technology as ills to be fought, with no sense of the vast improvements they have made to humanity’s condition & quality of life … is an incredibly blinkered position to take. If we can’t advocate for radical change without throwing vast numbers of the population under the bus, how are we in any way improving on what’s gone before?

people who say shit like “we’re becoming so dependent on technology” need to realise that clothing, cooking, language, tools are all requirements for our species to survive and function. We evolved from homo erectus because of cooked food.

People who say shit like “technology will allow us to direct our evolution beyond humanity as we know it” need to understand that, in concept, there’s no difference between wearing shoes and replacing our legs with carbon fibre and hydraulics.

Human beings are necessarily technological. We have always been cyborgs.