Put my elbows on the table at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe

When you visit the Prime Time Cafe the waiters and waitresses are your “moms” or “dads”. If you put your elbows on the table, they make you do the chicken dance in the middle of the walkway. Another thing they do is if you don’t eat all your food they yell at you. It is really cute

DISNEY | Bucky x Reader (Request)

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A/N: Okay so I’ve never actually been to Disney World so I hope this is accurate and cute an fluffy for y’all. Enjoy.

“What do you mean you’ve never been to Disney World?” you turned yourself around on the couch, facing Bucky and inching towards him. You poked the hollow spot in his cheeks “You’re like 100 years old.”

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Fic: Love a la Carte

LadyWendy202 on FFnet prompted: “Kurt is a waiter as his after school job and the place is kinda like the 50’s prime time cafe in disney world, hollywood studios so he has to flirt and tease with his customers and such and Blaine comes in” and that is so my jam you guys omg. Never-met AU in NYC, ~1500 words, PG.

Kurt braced his forearms against the counter that ran along the back of the diner and heaved out a sigh, feeling some of the tension from his last table leaking out of his body. He usually enjoyed the Spotlight’s schtick - flirting playfully with customers to establish rapport - but the table of fifteen year old girls he’d just served apparently hadn’t gotten the memo that the waiters flirted with everyone, leaving him with a lot of lip-gloss-kissed receipts and tips with phone numbers scrawled across the topmost bill. One girl had even tried to hint that she’d be back later, causing him to anxiously check his watch and see how much longer he was scheduled.

All of Kurt’s stress evaporated when a new customer wandered in the front doors, though. The boy looked like he was about Kurt’s age, and was dressed adorably in a blue cardigan and bow tie. He fit in with the diner’s vaguely Fifties theme perfectly, and he was heading for a table right in Kurt’s section.


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Prime Time Cafe by Matt Stemerman
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So excited! Going to Disney for my birthday this year (as always, because I’m a Disney freak).  Going to hit up Magic Kingdom, grab some engagement pins (since we’ve done Birthday, “I’m celebrating….”, Anniversary, and I did first time visit with my cousin and we DID get engaged at Disney, just last year…), ride our favorites, head to Hollywood Studios and then we got reservations at 50’s Prime Time Cafe.  I haven’t eaten there since I was a kid, but I loved it and it’s like Ed Debevic’s in Chicago, which I miss so much, and it’ll probably be super fun with the engagement pins too!

Can’t wait, 3 weeks! Best Birthday!