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are there plans for proper character arcs/development, in the sense that the characters will have changed at least somewhat by the end of the series? there have been hints of this, but no way to be sure, as a result of the episodic nature of the show.

I never planned for the show to have that level of development when i pitched the show— but as we’ve been writing more and more episodes, my team and I have had certain evolving feelings for how to keep things interesting–and that has led to, as you’ve noticed, hinting at certain attitudes/relationships shifting with characters. Nom Nom is definitely a prime example, and we explore that in an upcoming episode with him and Grizz a little more in “Anger Management”.


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Hello TFWiki! I have a question. Uh.. I'm new to everything Transformers that's not Michael Bay's. Where should I start in order to know all about TF? (Or much enough to understand the story) Thank you very much!

It’s a tough question! Transformers has been going for over 30 years now, so there are many different versions of the story, most of which stand on their own and are able to be enjoyed without having to read or watch the other stuff. At this moment in time, there are a few good places to “jump in.”

Besides the movies, Transformers basically breaks down into five separate “groups” of stories that are distinct from one another. There’s Generation 1 (the original, which serves as the inspiration for most everything), the Beast Era (a subset of Generation 1, about the descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons from the future, who turn into animals), the Unicron Trilogy (a series of three anime from the early 21st century that revolve around the Transformers seeking out magical power-items), Animated (a Teen Titans-esque animated series from 2007 about the Autobots as superheroes on Earth) and the Aligned continuity (so named because it draws a lot of different ideas from throughout the history of Transformers together and makes one big story out of them).

In terms of cartoons, we’d typically recommend checking out either Transformers Animated or Transformers Prime, two of the most popular Transformers cartoons there have been. Animated began the same year the first live-action Michael Bay film came out, so you’ll see some deliberate similarities in it, like the use of the AllSpark (which was a new idea created for the film - though it’s not a cube in this cartoon!). Prime came a few years later; it was developed for TV by the screenwriters of the first two live-action films, and has some thematic similarities, like the Autobots working in secret with the human military to fight the Decepticons. In fact, it begins with the ‘bots already on Earth, with their alliance with humankind in place, and is written to suggest that something rather like, but not precisely like, the first live-action movie has already occurred in the recent past, so this is probably your best bet.

The Prime cartoon is part of the aforementioned “Aligned” continuity, and so is part of a universe of shows and stories that include the sister series Rescue Bots and the sequel Robots in Disguise, as well as the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video games, and tie-in comics and novels, so these are some of the first things you might like to explore after Prime. Because they take so many ideas from other Transformers stories, they can also be a good primer in advance of you going back even further and exploring some of the older series, if you wish.

In terms of comics books, IDW Publishing currently produces several Transformers titles, including new adventures about the original Generation 1 characters. The series More than Meets the Eye has been hugely successful at bringing in a huge wave of new adult and young adult fans to the brand and is a great jumping-on point for the universe. If you enjoy it, then there’s room to explore further and investigate IDW’s other output, and maybe even go back further to the Marvel Comics stuff.

This is the Gideon arc I’ve been praying for. Gideon is already such a compassionate and mindful person, so there’s not much to explore in terms of him becoming a better man in that regard. His faith, though? Ripe for exploration. Primed for development. It is positively stuffed with untouched potential. I am going to adore Amonkhet story if we’re getting focus on this.

Solarpunk is exactly what we need right now. The immediate future is almost always bleak in mainstream movies and books. If society hasn’t utterly collapsed, the masses are being controlled by some tyrannical government. 

The post-apocalyptic future is infinitely interesting, since there are countless ways to imagine it. Mutants of all kinds, reformed landscapes, the marriage of old and new technology, survivalism–these are fucking fascinating concepts to explore.

But solarpunk offers the same opportunities for imagination in these areas. Androids–humans fused with technology for a myriad of interesting reasons; reformed landscapes–we have a chance to explore what the future could look like if we had direct control over shaping the earth in a way that not only benefits us and our planet, but is also beautiful; the marriage of old and new technology–this is the prime chance to explore the possibilities. “Futuristic” technology exists, but it’s not easily distributed on a mainstream level. Solarpunk offers a chance to imagine what it would be like if we could make these planet-saving technologies widely available, integral pieces of our society. In addition, there are some practices that are simply best when done by human hands and not by a machine. Combining these life-enriching, hands-on simple tools with efficient and seemingly magical new technologies is something I would love to see in my daily life.

Solarpunk is optimistic, innovative, leaves room only for growth and imagination, and directly relates to the problems our planet is going through. By engaging creatively in the solarpunk direction, we can create some real tangible change that could steer us away from the bleak future we all seem to expect. We can live in a green world again, shaped by our imagination and respect for our natural resources, finite and (relatively) infinite. 


“Vosnian Rebirth”

By Rachel Cook

(Please do not use)

I have been working on these Promo banners for a few months on and off. They are for @tyrantofthefirmament and My Post Predacons Rising Storyline. 

Starscream and Knockout are working to rebuild the city of Vos in our story. The burning away of their metal is symbolism for their passion and efforts as if the city itself is forged from their very own living metal. In the same respect it is a sacrifice that will push the two to the breaking point time and again.

Vos does not have many road ways it consists of high swooping towers that reflect the sky and sway proudly against the winds. 

Wind sculptures and architecture fill the city with odd tones that carry and echo through its towers and mingle with the constant roar of jet engines.

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Returning to the Bleach MBTI series! This time, after Ichigo and Aizen, it’s time for Inoue, which I had been actually re-typing quite some times, the functions and her character development were quite confusing, but finally I think I achieved some certainty ^^

Side note: those not knowing about MBTI and not in a mood to research - you can just treat this post as a general analysis of the character personality.

On to the details:

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It really bugs me that the cartoons never delve into the countless stories to be told in the war that leads up to the standard arrive on earth story. I feel that the Transformers Prime continuity could really do a Civil War story justice. Explore the Prime characters past more like Cliffjumper, Arcee and bulkhead and Wheeljack's wreckers days. As well as some of Shockwave's combiner creations.

Well not to put too fine a point on it, and someone’s going to immediately say something about “canon” and “aligned” and “hurfdurfhurf” when we say this, but if you want those stories for this universe, you can always play the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video games! 


get to know me meme: [1/10] favorite tv shows >> the x-files (1993-forever)

“rich and layered, deep and alternatively light and tragic, it’s the show that changed, well, everything really, about how television drama was executed. it lives on even today, as we see how the protagonists of fox mulder the believer and dana scully the skeptic continue to influence how characters are shaped, and the way the mythology of the show allowed for prime time television to explore new roads of storytelling. it was beautiful and asked the most human of questions regarding our existence and our beliefs, but more than anything, it was a love story in every possible regard— the love for life, the love for truth, and of course, the love for each other.”- unknown

NASA plans Mars sample-return rover

Agency to narrow down list of landing sites for 2020 mission.

NASA’s Curiosity rover is in the prime of its life, exploring the rocks, soil and air of Mars. But the agency is already planning its successor — and this time, the scientific stakes are higher.

On 14 May, planetary geologists will gather in a hotel near Arlington, Virginia, to begin hammering out where NASA might send its next Mars rover, set to launch in 2020. The plan is to build a machine that is nearly identical to Curiosity, and equip it with fresh instruments to probe the Martian surface.

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CARYL - This Is Me Without You

When the spoilers regarding the ‘child walker’ in ‘Consumed’ first came through, we all thought that the circumstances surrounding it would most likely revolve around Daryl helping Carol in her grief over the the tragedy she endured at 'The Grove’. 
It made perfect sense to associate the scene in question with what had happened with Lizzie and Mika, just like it made sense to believe that the only person with Carol at the time and the person she was and is closest to, Daryl, would be the one involved in the process.
Especially since Daryl was the one seen burning the small corpse. 

We were partially correct because Daryl did help Carol in that moment, it’s just that Carol never verbalized what and who she was mourning out loud.
Knowing what we know now, we can see that this scene wasn’t meant to give Carol closure or healing in the way we expected.
In fact given Carol’s journey since then, that scene can now actually mark the beginning of Carol’s struggle with the cause of her grief and what she believes the cause had made her into. 
Someone who is not worthy of comfort, love or even a semblance of peace.
She was punishing herself for her 'sins’ even back then and had already resolved herself to absorbing the consequences of the hard things she didn’t want Daryl or anyone else to experience. 
In her eyes she was already damned.

When they first discovered the mother and child walker in the shelter, Carol didn’t even hesitate in her decision to dispatch the pair herself. She reached out to open the door almost automatically - almost like this was her job, her lot in life and something she was determined to integrate into who she believed herself to be.
A henchmen. 

But DARYL stops her. 


He leans in towards her face the second time and that’s when it becomes obvious that Carol was actually in a trance throughout the whole scene. Going through the motions towards something she automatically assumed was her responsibility to handle.
But DARYL doesn’t let her do it. 

It’s not that the walkers didn’t need to be put down because they were contained away from them BUT that it didn’t have to be HER to do it or risk it.
This was Daryl saying;

'I am here. We are in this together. If you can’t. I will.’ 

He stopped her because he knew that it would hurt her more to do it and because he desperately wanted her to see that staying together (with him/group) is what she needs to do.
Daryl simply wanted to remind and show Carol that he can be someone she can rely on to help her and someone who is willing to share her pain and carry the burdens she believes she needs to carry alone. 

The next morning she wakes up and sees him proving that.

Fast forward to the end of season six and Carol’s current mindset. 

Carol now feels like she can’t kill anymore and she’s running from situations she knows would make that a given.
Running from people she loves and cares about because she doesn’t trust herself to both, not be able to pull the trigger to protect them and continue being able to pull the trigger and risk her ability to stay human on the inside as a result of it.
She thinks she has to kill to stay with the group. 
She thinks thats her only worth. 
The only contribution she has to give. If she can’t keep people safe, she doesn’t want to risk having to see what her failure would look like. 

In other words she is basically going through an escalated version of a breakdown she’s already had once. 
The difference here is that the person who pulled her through, the person who didn’t let her go last time, the man who was the reason she forced herself to stick around for wasn’t the one doing the arguing. 

“I don’t want you to die. I can’t just stand there and let it happen…That’s why I left. That’s why I had to be somewhere else.”

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Ideas Behind 'Pinocchio' (SBS website)

Pinocchio’s nose became longer than ever, so long that he could not even turn around. If he turned to the right, he knocked it against the bed or into the windowpanes; if he turned to the left, he struck the walls or the door; if he raised it a bit, he almost put the Fairy’s eyes out.

- from the children’s tale ‘Pinocchio’


We began creating this drama under an interesting hypothesis.
If there really were people in the world who would get found out immediately after they tell a lie, and what if that person became a reporter.

It is said that one out of 2000 people are narcoleptic, and would fall asleep without warning at any time. One out of 1.25 million people cannot feel pain, from stomachache to the temperature around him/her. In this drama, one out of 43 people suffer from Pinocchio’s Syndrome. He/she hiccups whenever he/she lies. Since it is impossible to lie in this manner, they have to stick to the truth.

However, lying is a necessary evil of daily living —  is it a good thing to be unable to lie as a reporter? Is it a pro or a con?

Are the news we read every day comprised only of truth?
Are the truths we believe in really true?
In the end. is truth really as beautiful as we think it is?

Through this hypothesis, we want to find the answer to these questions.

Just like how Pinocchio’s nose has the danger of sticking into the Fairy’s eyes, the lies of a reporter can also blind the public in a dangerous manner.

These rookie reporters have just begun their journey into the world… they are immature just like how Pinocchio was.
But now they stand on the frontlines of truth.
Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.
But through all this, they will come to understand the weight and value worth of their words.

Just like how Pinocchio turns into a real boy,
they will turn into real reporters.


Pinocchio Syndrome

(T/N: I love that the writer wrote rules for this created disease. :D)

1. Pinocchio Syndrome is a automatic nervous system illness, which causes the patient to hiccup uncontrollably whenever lying. It is an illness that exists from birth and currently incurable.

2. Even if the patient lies through the phone or by texting, he/she would hiccup.

3. The hiccuping only occurs when you are lying; if your lie is rectified, the hiccups would stop.

4. If small lies are not rectified, the hiccups would slow to a stop with time. But if the lie is huge and is not rectified, then the hiccups will persist.

5. Even everyday lies like “Your daughter is so pretty”, “I’m selling this necklace to you at a loss” cannot be told, which is why patients of this syndrome find it hard to keep jobs, suffering from financial and social difficulty.

6. Because they will be found out once they lie, people believe in everything a patient of this syndrome says.

* Pinocchio Syndrome is a fictional illness created for this drama.


The society is divided on their opinion towards reporters. Journalists can be irresponsible with their words and write essays of complete fiction, fabricating negative attacks towards public figures. In a society like Korea where public opinion means everything, the damage they do can be gigantic.

Some people have even taken to calling reporters ‘kiregi’ (reporter trash, a mixture of ‘kija’ (reporters) and ‘sseuregi’ (trash)). Yet there doesn’t seem to be many tv series dealing with this topic. Writer Park Hye-ryun has said that she likes to challenge herself with topics that other people haven’t succeeded at. IHYV was a prime example of her exploring the genre of lawyer courtroom drama and succeeding. 

Saying Goodbye to Sevik

It’s been a heck of a journey for my little cinnamon roll paladin.

My eldritch knight (international magical policeman) started his journey by being made captain and getting appointed as the new ambassador to Melliore, a country rife with political intrigue and primed to explore and continent previously untouched - Jaoshun. He was unsure of himself, nervous to be promoted so quickly and away from his squad, flustered around ladies, and not great at social or political navigation. He had his journal and his broadsword and the notes of the previous ambassador, and that was it.

This is gonna be a long one, folks. More under the cut.

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