Pride Week

aces are not:

- prude - missing out

- sick

- privileged

- boring

- attention seeking

- undatable

- same as aromantic

aces are:

- worthy of love

- queer

- lgbt+

- forming a lovely community

- diverse

- just as human as you

Pride before the fall


DAY 7: pride

Okay so for finish this amazing week I decided to make some trans positivity for wlw and woc!!!!!!

Also I drew her in my headcanon cause i see her as bi!!!

Also some icons I decided to make!!! Flower pride! lesbian-ply-pan-bi and trans in order! FEEL FREE TO USE THEM <3333 (credits are apreciated!)

This was a lovely week! thanks @queenmarco for make it <3!!!!


In honor of #BiWeek , a little appreciation for my favorite bisexual, Magnus Bane.

“I play a openly proud bisexual warlock, who’s a person of color that’s in a relationship with a recently out gay shadowhunter…”