Pride Week

Meet Me At My Intersection
Intersectionality is the understanding that people are shaped by the intersections of different social identities. Intersectionality acknowledges that people’s lives are multidimensional and complex. Power, privilege, and oppression are never the result of a single identity. An individual’s reality is shaped by their different social identities interacting together.


Hey, we’re in the middle of Asexual Awareness Week, and it’s time to roll out some new items, including a new iteration on this shirt: Gray-A and Demi Pride!

Grab These today at Look Human! (1|2|3|4)

Now you and your friends can go out in sweet matching shirts as you go forth and fight crime! Or at least hetero-normative societal expectations. Hot damn!

Rock on, queer warriors.


I’ve never felt so emotional about a burger. This is so amazing. What an important message. 

Today, the pro-life group on my university campus set up a large and graphic display of aborted fetuses in the middle of Quad, a public and unavoidable area.

It also happened to be in the middle of pride week and during the time of the pride parade. About 150 protesters showed up to wave banners and signs to cover the graphic images with pro-choice and safe space messages.

I took this video during the busiest time, as the parade was going by. I’m so proud of my peers and the staff members that came out to support us in our protest of shock education and advocacy of making campus a safe and comfortable space for everyone.