I’ve been going to the Pride Parade for a few years now, and this woman has always been there, come heat or rain, with her sign and exuberance. I did a little bit of checking - her name is Frances Goldin, and she’s been doing this every year for at least 22 years, with the same exact sign (the only thing that’s changed is the little green smiley) and her smile. I do not know why the woman next to her is crying, but I can guess.

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The hamilsquad as different people at pride.

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So Alexander and John are the ones who wear the rainbow flag as capes and they have signs they carry around the whole time and they chant and argue with all the people who come to protest the parade. They also take a million photos of themselves kissing in front of the angry protestors and tbh they have the time of their lives.

Trans man Hercules Mulligan and non binary Lafayette side by side and causing people’s jaws to drop. Lafayette wears rainbow sunglasses, puts glitter in their beard and is wearing high heels with a brightly colored dress, and Herc is wearing a rainbow tank top and short shorts to show off his muscles. They’re also the ones throwing condoms at everybody and are also having the time of their lives.

Aaron shows up decked out head to toe in rainbow along with Theodosia, and people are honestly always surprised to see him there because he doesn’t speak about being LGBTQA+ as much as everyone else in the hamilsquad, but he is proud of who he is and wants everyone to know that. He even lets Alexander take pictures with him when they see each other. Aaron loves Pride and always has the time of his life.

Thomas and James are the couple that spend most of the time just making out with each other. Thomas just keeps yelling that he loves James and will grab anyone passing by to tell them that he loves James, and James finds it so cute and he just can’t resist pulling Thomas into more and more kisses and they gladly catch the condoms that Laf and Herc throw at them. They have the time of their lives.

It would be Maria’s first time at pride since she came out, and she sticks by Angelica’s side the whole time because she is so overwhelmed. But Angelica takes her to a ton of booths and bars and puts so many bead necklaces around her that Maria can’t help but relax and laugh and have fun. She even dances with Angelica in the middle of the street as people cheer them on and eventually they’re just standing there making out and have best time of their lives.

Eliza and Peggy (who is a trans woman) paint rainbows on their faces and go to every single performance/event because they want to experience everything. Their arms have so many brightly colored wristbands from all the events they go to and they lose their voices at the end from cheering so much and they have the time of their lives.

Basically, everyone has the time of their lives.

Marilyn's Transition 2: Electric Boogaloo
Hi! I'm Marilyn, I'm a performance artist, organiser, promoter, activist and trans femme! Last year, with the help of a lot of people I kick started my transition, and this year I'm asking for help again for the next stage! I am currently unemployed and on employment support, this leaves me little...

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Basically I’m in a lot more stable environment to transition atm, and while the last the time I did this was a huge success I’ve kinda hit a wall again so I’ve remade, I’m honestly not expecting anything, and I know times are hard for us all atm. But if you can reblog that’d be amazing xox