so i had this idea. right? so what if all those cartoons we saw and loved when we were kids like… grew up with us? like what if tommy pickles or bart simpson just became buddies and started smoking weed and DMT and shit? that would be pretty fucking dope man, pretty funny too! not so kid-friendly now!

Midnight Talks Pt. One || Peter Parker Imagine

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Word Count: 743 words

Pairing: Spider-Man x reader

You turned to look at the alarm clock. 12:00 am. Thinking about how much school was going to suck tomorrow due to your terrible sleep schedule, you decided to turn off the lights and try to get some sleep. All that was going through your mind was Peter Parker. He is something else. His hair is so fluffy and his eyes are the color of chocolate. Peter and his dumb science jokes are only some of the reasons why you like him so much. He is just, amazing. (see what i did there)

Glancing at your phone one last time, a loud sudden banging at your window startled you. “What the hell…” You muttered under your breath as you started slowly walking towards the glass pane, scarred to death at who would be at your window at midnight.

You stood in front of the clear glass in shock at the red and blue suit. It was Spider-Man. THE fucking Spider-Man. And he did not look like he was having a good day.

You pushed open the window and grabbed the man’s very muscular arm to guide him into your bedroom. “Shit, shit, shit. Dude, are you okay?” You asked as the city’s hero was now on your floor, on his stomach, groaning in plain. “Yeah I’m, I’m okay.” He said trying to get up off the floor, getting onto his hands and knees before he fell back down.

“Do you need anything?” You asked, worried about the man, who sounded almost like a teenager. “Ummm, I-I just. Who are you? Where’s Ned?” He asked through gritted teeth. “Sorry buddy, there isn’t a Ned that lives here. But I’m Y/N and I think you might need an ice pack or something,” you answered. “and maybe an Advil.”

“Y-yes please. That would be awesome.” Spider-Man replied. You rushed to grab a frozen bag of some random food to use as a makeshift ice pack and a glass of water before heading towards your bathroom. You very quietly searched for the pill bottle to not disturb your family. After a few seconds or searching, you grabbed the Advil and tiptoed back to your bedroom. You silently shut the room’s door and turned around to see that the “man” was now leaning against your bed. You went and sat next to him as you handed him the frozen bag, and opened the pill bottle to give him the medicine. “Thanks.” He muttered as he but the bag of frozen food against his ribs before chucking the pills in his mouth and chugging the water.

“So, Spider-Dude,” you said while taking the glass away from his gloved hand and placing it on the floor, ”why did you umm, crawl through my window? Like out of all the windows in this big city?” You asked, looking at where you assumed his eyes would be.  "Well,” he sighed, “I thought this was someone else’s room. So imagine my surprise when I find a very beautiful girl standing above my crippled body.“ He chuckled at the entire situation. Boy, was it a mess.

…..Spider-Man thinks I’m pretty. THE Spider-Man thinks I’m pretty.

“Is this actually happening right now or am I just dreaming?” You asked yourself. This time, you both chuckled. “Well, as much as this hurts my ego, I did in fact groan in pain on your floor just a few minutes ago.” You laughed, he was such a funny guy.

“How old are you?” You questioned out of the blue. “What?” Spider-Man asked back, kind of surprised by your question. “I mean, you sound so young you know? Not to be rude but you don’t really sound like a man.”

“Wow, Y/N. That hurts.” He said dramatically, while putting his hand over his heart. “No, I’m just, younger than most superheroes.” He answered.

“And yet you still are one of the best heroes out there.” You told him with a kind smile.

Even though you couldn’t see it, he smiled under the mask. “That means a lot, actually. Thank you.” Spider-Man said. He was about to say something else when the two of you heard police sirens in the distance. He sighed, as he stood up, leaving the frozen bag on the floor. “That’s my cue. See you around Y/N.” He said as he ran towards the window.

“You too, Spider-Man.” You said back, just before he jumped out of the window and went back to saving the city.

Part Two   Part Three

Identity Crisis Part 1

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Rating: PG?

Word Count: 1078 words

Warnings: don’t think so…

Summary: Peter has liked Reader for a while now. To only get no where with her and their conversations, Until Peter finds out about her crush on a certain masked hero and decides to visit her in the suit. Being Spider-Man gives Peter confidence, but will he ever tell Reader its him?

A/N: This will be written in multiple parts. And also i suck at summaries and titles, so sorry about that… I really rushed this smh. I really liked the idea and wanted to post the first part already. I feel like i could’ve doen so much better. I PROMISE the next few parts will be better than this.


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The Signs as Mother Mother: The Sticks Songs

Aries: Cesspool of Love; “A cesspool of lovers and haters and guilty masterbaters in a cesspool of love, living and dying, laughing and crying.

Taurus: The Sticks; “I’m looking to isolate me, terra incognita, baby I’m getting away from all the-La-di-dah, la-di-dah.

Gemini: Love it Dissipates; “I mean what I say, when I say love it dissipates.” 

Cancer: Waiting For the World to End; “I said don’t you find that it can take just such a long time my friend, waiting for the world to end?

Leo: Infinitesimal; “They say it started with a big bang, but they say it came out of a small thing. Lately I’m feeling like a big bang ‘cause I’ve been making something out of nothin–Like my soul.

Virgo: All Gone; “I’m getting close to reinventing me, yeah zeroing my levels.
I get the feeling that it will not be at all or any better.

Libra: Let’s Fall in Love; “Mommy did it, daddy did it, the funny little monkeys in the zoo will do it. The stupid does it, the ugly do it, only the unlucky of us get to do it, let’s fall in love.

Scorpio: Latter Days; “I ain’t coming out today no I’ma stay in my cave,
all because I do not know just what to say.

Sagittarius: To the Wild: “Take all your pages set them on fire, take off your cage and go back to the wild.

Capricorn: Business Man; “Pretty little baby, pretty little monster, went to the good school left with honors. Brand new tycoon, sitting with a harpoon.

Aquarius: Cry Forum; “Are they all out of turn? Are they ever going to learn
About the fires that might burn, about the feelings that might hurt me?

Pisces: Dread in My Heart; “There’s a God-awful shitty feeling of dread in my heart. Yeah, it’s got a lot to do with haven’t finished what I started.