Pretty sure that was her hat too


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))

I just seen this black lady on the city bus man she was so pretty ! She was also pregnant but all together she was just so pretty. She was in a ghetto moma attire all black sweat pants & jogging jacket with all white ones & some type of hair rap. She had her son with her in all name brand cloths! 1-3jackets hats an gloves! , ( goes to show how black mothers make sure their kids won’t be without) the way she spoke was so pretty too, she’s constantly telling her son to “hold it until they get off!”and explaing “why cant we just stop the bus” to him. It seems like she wasn’t much to look at but like everything about her was so freaking pretty 😩