Pretty sure that was her hat too

Drunk in Love

warnings: alcohol usage  

words: 1,461

pairings: peter parker x reader 

request: can u do a peter x reader where you get drunk and you try to kiss him and everything but he refuses bc he needs your consent first and he ends up taking care of you until morning please and thank u!

a/n: I was going to go to bed early, but then I stayed up till 3am writing this instead lol. I hope u guys like it!! go ahead and keep sending in requests please! all of your sweet messages have really motivated me to keep writing, so thank u <3

peter doesn’t know whose house he’s at, red cup in his hand as his classmates and possibly other people from schools across Queens fill up the room until he can’t stand it anymore. he sets down his cup, which had been empty from the start when y/n had handed it to him. she had told him it was only for decoration, so he looked like he fit in with the rest of the crowd.

he had lost sight of her 10 minuets ago when another dozen people had shown up. the house is bigger than peters ever seen, which is exactly why he’s having so much trouble finding his friends.

he knows ned and mj are hanging around, but his phone had died just as they had arrived, so he has no way of contacting them. shouting their names is useless, because the music mixed with the loud chatter of possibly over 100 people would make it impossible for them to hear him.

a hand suddenly grabs onto his arm, making him turn around to face mj. she looks slightly disheveled, hair messier than usual and the small bit of lipstick y/n had convinced her to wear is smudged.

“peter,” she says out of breath, like she had been running to find him. “you need to come with me, like right now.”

“what? why? I’m looking for y/n-”

“it’s about y/n.”

peter nods, waiting for mj to take off so he can follow. is y/n okay? the last time he had seen her, she was slightly tipsy from drinking too much spiked punch and hanging off of neds arm. what if she got hurt? peter nervously chews on his bottom lip as mj leads him upstairs, pushing open one of the many doors to reveal y/n sprawled out on a couch, neds party hat on top of her head.

“peter!” she jumps up, nearly face planting until peter carefully catches her, doesn’t miss the way she leans heavily against him with her head against his shoulder. “I think I had too much punch.”

ned grumbles as he picks up his hat. “she’s been calling your name ever since we got her in here, and before that she was flirting with peter m from band class.”

“and I’m pretty sure she scalped me when I told her to go to sleep.” mj rubs her head, glaring at y/n halfheartedly.

“we’re both exhausted, and we’re leaving y/n in your very, uncapable hands.”

“no, wait!” peter holds out his hand as mj and ned exit the room, making sure to wink before they close the door. “oh no.”

“peteeeer,” y/n giggles into his neck. he shivers involuntarily when she runs a hand down his back, nearly jumping out of his skin when her hand slides under his shirt.

“woah, y/n, hold on-”

“shh.” she leans back, eyes narrowed. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, peter parker.”

peter feels like he’s about to explode and he’s pretty sure his entire face is the color of his mask. y/n, the girl he has been crushing on since they had practically first met, is leaning forward to kiss him without warning. he knows she’s incredibly drunk, which makes the situation so much harder to stop, because he knows she’d never want to kiss him sober.

“nope, no.” peter takes a step back. “y/n, please, wait. you’re drunk and-”

“I am not drunk,” y/n’s words slur, proving his point. she seems to have realized that he’s right, but she doesn’t stop making him move back until his knees hit a sofa in the corner of the room.

“I don’t want you to do anything you’re going to regret!” peter stumbles back when y/n pushes him, unable to stop himself from landing on his back. he swallows loudly as she moves to sit on his lap, but he rolls onto the floor, nervously looking towards the door. “I think I should just take you home, okay?”

y/n sighs, flopping down onto the cushion. “fine, but only if you stay over.”

“you know I can’t do that, y/n. your parents would literally kill me.”

she looks as if she’s thinking for a moment, then perks up a second later. “then I’ll just stay at yours! problem solved.”

“what? no!” peter climbs to his feet, trying to think of a way around y/n’s plan. “how about I stay at your house until you fall asleep?”

y/n appears to be satisfied with peters answer. she moves to stand as well, barely making it a step before peter has to catch her again. at this point he doesn’t have any energy left to be embarrassed as he bends down and swoops her into his arms. or, maybe he does, because when he passes mj and ned in the hallway, they both burst out laughing and pull out their phones to take pictures.

“yeah, thanks, guys!” he calls out, rolling his eyes as he walks towards where they had first entered.

he doesn’t know how he’ll explain this to y/n’s parents. they had known she was going to a party, but not one on this large of a scale with alcohol practically pouring out of walls. maybe it would be best if she’d stay at his place. her parents trust peter, and may would more than likely understand after she gave him an earful.

he ends up going home, carrying y/n the whole train ride. she had passed out the minuet they boarded, and he’s thankful he doesn’t have to worry about her trying to kiss him again. he does wish she’d try to kiss him again, but sober and completely in control of her actions.

reminding himself that that’ll never happen in this lifetime because she is way out of his league, peter pushes the door open to the apartment.

he cringes when it hits the wall, shaking the frames and what feels like the whole apartment. may walks in right as peter shuts the door, cutting herself off from greeting him when she sees y/n in his arms.

“she’s fine,” he hurries to say. “she just.. drank a little too much at the party.”

may throws her hands up as peter heads for his room. “peter! I told you to watch out for y/n. now I’m going to have to call her parents and explain why their daughter isn’t going to be coming home.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I didn’t know this party was going to be so.. huge. honestly, may, you should’ve seen it. the house was insane-”

“peter?” y/n groans from his arms, eyes squinting as she looks around. when she spots may, she manages a weak smile. “hi, may.”

“hi, sweetie. peters going to take you to bed, okay? I’m going to give your parents a quick call.

y/n nods and peter takes mays gesture towards his room as a queue to go. he carefully sets y/n down on his bed, shrugging off his jacket then gets to taking y/n’s heals off. she stretches, dress rumpling as she rolls to watch peter pull an extra pillow and his sleeping bag from the closet.

“do you want to change?” peter asks, holding up one of his shirts and sweatpants. “I know you must be tired, and that dress doesn’t look very comfortable to sleep in.”

“oh, it’s not comfortable at all.”

peter snorts as he searches for his phone charger. “then why did you wear it?”

“to impress you.”

his hand on the cable slips as he nearly breaks his neck to look at y/n. she stares him down, making peter, for the seventh time that night, blush up to his ears. “wha?”

“I said, to impress you.”

“you’re drunk.” peter tosses y/n his clothes, unable to meet her eyes. “I’m, uh. going to change in the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

peter nearly slams the door, heart hammering in his chest. did that really just happen? he has take a moment to calm himself down by splashing cold water onto his face a couple of times, repeating to himself that y/n is drunk, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. she probably won’t remember any of this by the time she wakes up. god, peter hopes she doesn’t remember, because then she’ll have to explain with a laugh that she didn’t really mean what she had said.

by the time peter gets back to his room, he finds that y/n had laid out his sleeping bag along with his pillow. he assumes she’s asleep when he switches off the light, but when he lays down, y/n moves her hand to hang over the edge of the bed. peter takes it, falling asleep minuets later and misses when y/n whispers for him to have sweet dreams.




REQUEST: “ Could you maybe write a Spot Conlon X a super badass reader? Thanks!!❤️” - anon

“Okay first off I LOVE your account your honestly my favorite and SECOND could I request a spot conlon x reader where because the reader has short hair and like is super badass (not that girls ARENT badass cuz they are!) and he thinks she’s a girl and somehow they get into a fight and she beats him and at the end he’s laying in the ground her foot on his chest and she takes her cap off and like swings her hair and QUOTE ON QUOTE SAYS “you just got your ass kicked by a girl” and he falls in LOVE!” - @impractical-impala

SUMMARY: Y/N’s a badass, and Spot’s smitten.

A/N: this is super late? and short? like the shortest i’ve written so far? and it’s bad? sorry? i literally don’t have anything else to say it’s just bad and rushed. hope you enjoy it though !! (cause i don’t)


Y/N had been made Spot’s right-hand man from the minute she had punched one of her fellow Brooklyn newsies square in the nose for making fun of her for being small. That was the same day she’d earned the nickname Boxer. She wasn’t entirely sure if any of the boys knew that she was a girl, especially due to her short hair, but she didn’t feel the need to bring it up. In her opinion, it shouldn’t make any difference.

But being around Spot so much had a very big downside. The both of them were very strong-opinioned people, and they tended to clash with each other often. Y/N wasn’t even sure if she could recall what had started this particular fight, but it had been going on for several days. All of the other newsies seemed to be waiting anxiously for their leaders to erupt.

They spent their time around each other in a tension filled silence. It was on one particular night that they’d run into each other outside the Brooklyn lodge that their boiling anger finally exploded.

“Ya think ya can beat me?” Spot spat out, his face contorted with frustration. His hands were already clenched into fists.

“Oh, I think I could do much better than that.” Her voice was taunting, purposely provoking him. She was smirking at him, seemingly relaxed. Her lack of anger frustrated him further and he let out a low growl. She winked at him cheekily and he lunged for her.

She moved out of the way quickly and escaped his blow, but eh came right back around and punched her in the gut. She doubled over and stumbled backwards, but quickly sprung back up and punched him in the jaw. He lunged at her again, but she was more prepared this time.

She dodged him and kicked him in the backside while he wasn’t facing her. When he turned around she aimed her next kick for his groin. He let out a pained grunt as he leaned down and tried to catch his breath. She smirked again and swiped at his legs with her foot. He fell onto his back and she stepped forward so that she was standing directly over him.

She took off her hat and her shook her head so that her hair swung out of her face. He started to get up, so she put her foot on his chest to keep him down. He looked up at her in shock.

“You just got your ass kicked by a girl,” she grinned. She laughed as she lifted her foot, put her hat back on her head, and headed for the lodge. He watched her in awe as she left.

Getting up slowly with a dull pain still lingering in his jaw, Spot Conlon was pretty sure he was in love.

Once Upon a Dream

in which Annabeth was dared to kiss a blue-eyed stranger just when the fireworks start

Words: 2,142

Warnings: None.

               She’s going to regret this.

               Annabeth is so going to regret this.

               She’s in Disneyland with her friends, it’s night time, the fireworks are just about to start, and she did the stupid mistake of telling Piper that she’s always wanted to kiss someone in Disneyland with fireworks and Cinderella’s castle in the background.

               So now Piper dared her to do exactly that – kiss someone just when the fireworks start. And if there’s one thing Annabeth hates even more than doing dares, it’s backing out of them.

               To make matters worse, Piper gets to choose which guy Annabeth gets to ask (and kiss). It’s not that Piper has bad taste in men – it’s just that Piper, well. She’s Piper.

               She is so going to regret this.

               “Piper, I –“

               “I know you’re not backing out of this, Annabeth. I know you. Right, Jason? Annabeth won’t be backing out of this. Right?” Piper turned to her boyfriend, smiling sweetly enough to scare him.

               “Uh, yeah,” he scratches the back of his neck, trying to avoid Annabeth’s glare. “Annabeth doesn’t back down.” He shoots her an apologetic look before looking away once more.

               “What’s happening here?” Leo walks up next to Annabeth with a curious glimmer in his eye, licking a Mickey-shaped popsicle.

               “Annabeth dreams of kissing someone in Disneyland and we’re going to help her fulfill that.” Piper beams, practically jumping up and down out of excitement. She starts to sings Once Upon a Dream, which Annabeth doesn’t really deem appropriate for the situation.

               “Well, you can always kiss me, Annabeth.” He spreads his arms wide open, smiling brightly and wagging his eyebrows up and down, his popsicle melting and dripping to the floor.

               Before Annabeth can even think of where to hit him – stomach or groin – Piper butts in. “She’ll only be kissing a stranger, Leo, and besides – I already know who it’ll be.”

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Jessie´s Girl

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Gonna Get Over You Part 2

Requested: Kind of.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After finally move to another direction, everything seems to go great for Y/N. Peters’ remorse couldn’t be more strong and he thinks as a result his abilities are being affected. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Warnings: No one.

Word Count: 1961

A/N:  Hello everybody! As you asked it, here’s part two of Gonna Get Over You, thank you so much for all the love ❤️ Also I think there’s going to be another part of this, my god. As it usual, this was inspired by Rick Springfield’s song  Jessie’s Girl (the song that made me put him Jessie btw 😂😂) So I hope you like it and well, i leave you to it. 

Jessie is a friend,
Yeah, I know he’s been a good friend of mine

Peter was looking at you two, exhausted. It was official.

You and Jessie were a couple.

It happened so fast, since the date two weeks ago, you discovered Jessie was the correct one. And after seeing he doesn’t seemed to change his attitude of a true man, you accepted being his girlfriend.

But lately something’s changed
It ain’t hard to define

The same night, Peter arrived home, broken. He didn’t have to cry or hit every wall to realize that this time he really messed it up. That weird feeling he felt in the stomach didn’t seem to stop, and he knew it will never stop.

And although he knew Jessie was perfect to you, he wasn’t so sure he really wanted to see you two in this way everyday.

As he felt this redhead had something hidden.

Jessie’s got himself a girl, and I want to make her mine    

With the eye on you, the spider boy couldn’t help but wondering how would it be to touch your hair the way Jessie did it, holding your hand   at the hallways for everybody to watch how happy both of you were, having that… gorgeous smile so close to him to take you for the neck and pulling you every inch that was necessary to make your lips rest gently on his.

And she’s watching him with those eyes

But after all, he was late. And he had to understand that it was his fault.

You were laughing, Jessie with the hand on your waist.

And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it!

In consolation, you still were his best friend. And that wasn’t going to change, even though you didn’t assured him orally, that was a promise you would take to the grave.

From your part you couldn’t say you were totally happy, Jessie was charming in every way you ever imagined but seeing how Peter distanced himself more and more from you, even if he did it unconsciously, it affected him in a certain way.

And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night

Peter closed his locker, giving  another glance to look how Jessie had you in his arms, and how comfortable you seemed.

You know I wish that I had Jessie’s girl

I play along with the charade

Peter was in chem class, he decided while during the class it was the perfect time to renew the fromula of his web.

As if the Universe was against him, he was paired with Jessie. Or Mr. Pumpkin Head, as he liked calling him.

“Why so suspicious?” he inquired urgentely, leaning forward his chair to see what Peter was hiding in the drawer.

He quickly closed it.

“Nothing” he implied jittery.  Jessie peered at him. Peter held his gaze, wanting to make him understand that he was not going to let himself be intimated.

His arachnid senses were kicking him off, there was something about this guy which Peter did not like.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason to change

“What about Wednesday night?” you asked Peter.

In the table, Ned and Peter were with you. The three of you discussing which day of the week you should hang out, as the old times.

“Decathlon day” Ned said, quitting that option of the list.

“Monday afternoon?”

“No, I have a Spanish project” this time was Peter.

“Saturday evening?”

“Sorry, Jessie and I have entrances to the cinema” you said.

From one moment to other, Peter was acting more strange than usual.

You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute

You were about to ask what happened when you felt how a very recognizable lips caught yours.

“How ya doing love?” Jessie questioned taking the seat of your side. You smiled.

“Great” you answered. ‘Before you were here’ Peter thought “And you?”

“Well I passed my math exam with an A” he said “And that’s because I have the best tutor of all”

You did a expression of tenderness as your cheeks went red. He took your hand and gave you another kiss.

Peter rolled his eyes so many times that Ned was worried about his eyeballs.

I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot

“So what were you talking about guys?”

“We try to found a day when we all can meet” Ned responded.

“And everyday happens to be not free” Peter affirmed.

“What about Flash’s party this Sunday?” the redhead proposed, with a little intention “Everybody’s invited”

Ned seemed to like that idea.

Peter quickly denied, it was not about being afraid of Flash, it was because he usually did the round at the neighborhood on Sunday.

“Wait, why not Peter? It’s an amazing idea!” you exclaimed at Peter.

He began to stammer again.

“T-The S-Stark Internship” he lied, glancing at Ned and he seemed to understand.

“Don’t you thing Mr Stark would give you a chance, Pete?” you asked “You are always with him!”

“This is important Y/N, you don’t understand!” he raised the voice. Almost yelling you.

You felt weak, even Jessie got up from his seat and if it had not been for you fast acting Peter would already be on the floor. The whole cafeteria was staring.

“I knew this was crucial for you,” you bittery started “but I actually never thought it was more important than your friends. Anyway, I hope you can be there.”

You left the cafeteria, Jessie next to you as he added one more evil eye on Peter.

Where can I find a woman like that?

Peter was putting on the most appropriate outfit he found in his closet. After spending the whole afternoon lying in bed wondering if he should go or not, he finally decided to take that risk.

He knew there was going to receive millions of insults from Flash and his stupid friends, but he also was aware his friendship with you hung on a thread and and he was willing to do anything to bring back the days in which nothing mattered but to be stuck on the sofa watching some marathon of science fiction films.

And I’m looking in the mirror all the time
Wondering what she don’t see in me

“Are you okay?” May asked while driving, she put her hand on Peter’s forehead “Are you feeling sick? You look…awful” she commented.

Peter laughed “I swear you are the best aunt ever” he complained sarcastically, May gave him a smile.

“It is what is is” she said, laughing too. She stopped at the house and before Peter leaving, she laid her hand on her nephew’s knee “I’m pretty sure that everything’s going to be fine”

Peter didn’t know how aunt May was aware of the situation but he nodded insecure and thanked her.

He entered to the party, he sighted Ned at the candy table wearing that hat again.

“Did you really have to wear that thing!?” Peter spelled out, he had to talk a little bit higher cause of the loud music, Ned shrugged “Where’s Y/N?”

Ned pointed to the dance floor where you were with your boyfriend, shaking hips and dancing according to the rythm.

You stopped your dance in thre moment you catch his stare, you apologized to Jessie and started going towards him.

When you finished your way, your gazes connected. Your mouth was ready to say something like 'I always knew you have your priorities sorted out’ or 'Thank god you finally got into reason’, but as much as you wanted, you did not have that cold mentality to resonate in a cruel form and much less you hadn’t the sarcasm in your blood as many others. So you broke the connection and you slowly came up to hug him. Obviously Peter was concerned, but it did not take him a second to return the gesture.

From the source of drinks, Jessie watched.

I’ve been funny; I’ve been cool with the lines

“Do I have to say I’m a total jerk?” he began, whispering in your ear “Or you are going to still be that amazing person and prevent my male pride from hurting?”

You laughed, separating from him.

“I was actually considerating the second option but…” you joked, both of you smiled playfully.

Ned came to you, happy for his best friends to have a normal conversation.

Peter was about to say something when Jessie arrived with two glasses of punch in his hands.

“Glad you came, Parker” he spat at the same time he passed yo the drink, the atmosphere was tense, the sudden glares Jessie and Peter threw to each other seemed to never end, you took a sip of your drink looking away and thanks to heaven, Jessie’s phone began to ring.

“Just a moment” he said, walking to the other side of the room to attend.

“What the hell was that!?” you questioned, a little exalted.

“Don’t blame me! Is your cowboy and his overprotective attitudes” he replied, smirking.

You hit him lightly on his shoulder in response to his silly reference to Toy Story, in which he also thought about where Jessie was coming from, Texas.

You started to get a little dizzy, causing your feet to fail the attempt to walk, equally provoking you to falter.

Before Peter could do anything, the lights went off in their entirety. And by the time Peter lit up with the flashlight on his cell phone, you were not there, just your glass torn to pieces on the floor.

He crouched and ran his fingers over some of the spilled liquid and smelled it. That definitely did not smell like a normal punch usually does.

And he knew what he had to do.

Ain’t that the way love’s supposed to be?

You woke up in what you assumed was a vacant lot, you were tied to a chair and who had been the person who kidnapped you, had an unimaginable strength.

The strings were so tight that your muscles began to ache, just as the marks had already been present in places like your wrists, your forearm or your legs.

You tried to scream, but something was stopping you. Your throat burned like hell itself, something that caused you even more pain than you were already suffering.

Even knowing that, you didn’t quit trying.

“You are only making it worse” he said. His voice was heard near you, caming out of nowhere.

“ J-Jessie?” you inquired, with your voice more hoarse than ever.

He gave you the most malicious look you’ve ever seen, you realized that the words that your grandmother constantly told you were true. A pretty face could be transformed into the ugliest monster you’d ever witnessed.

You decided to save yourself the silly questions and ask the obvious one.

“Am I going to die?” you spelled out. Jessie laugh.

“Not in that way”

You frowned, and at that precise moment, you saw a swirling silhouette in a red and blue suit that was landing on the floor.

“You know that kidnapping people is considered a crime, right? ” the Spider Man began.

That voice.

“I’d heard that just a foolish child, but it is not until now that I believe it” the redhead scoffed “How small is the world, isn’t it Parker?”

You opened your mouth.

It can’t be truth.

The boy in the suit left out a sigh and he started to take off his mask. And that was when you could see him.

Peter was standing there, with an exceptic face expression giving up to his identity.

“Let her go” he demanded.

“It is not an option” he said, taking out his phone to make a picture “Not until I have what I want”

Peter put his mask again.

“Then I think I’ll have to kick your ass” he claimed, worrying about your safety “But let’s make it clear that you asked for it”

And so the fight began.

The Things She Carried

Part 8. In His Reality

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 2100+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @barneybrigade @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @iliketowrite02 @stormisamystery @itschelseabennett @samdean-67 @feelmyroarrrr @mrsbatesmotel53 @ronniesanter @spnfamilystuff @msimpala67 @redeyedvixen 

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Tumblr People are Amazing

Okay so today at school I was sitting in the hallway between classes and this girl comes walking down the hall all confident and pretty.  She was wearing this dress with all kinds of spangled colors and designs on it.  So obviously, every person in the hall—including me—was looking at her.

All except for this little bookworm with her nose deep in a Harry Potter book.  I could tell that this girl had a Tumblr, too.  She had a TARDIS necklace and a hat that had Death the Kid’s Sanzu lines on it.  So immediately I felt a connection to said bookworm.

So pretty girl is walking down the hall and suddenly she takes notice of the bookworm because she’s the one person that isn’t looking at her.  She walks straight up to the bookworm and says “Hey!”

The bookworm looks up and says “What?”

Pretty girl is silent for a moment, then says “Don’t you like my dress?”

Bookworm says “Yeah, sure.”  You can tell that she really wants to get back to her book.

Pretty girl says “Then why didn’t you look at it?”

At this point I was beginning to think that Pretty girl was a huge b, but then the bookworm says “Why do you want everyone to look at you?”

And Pretty girl says “So I can feel good, duh.”

Bookworm says “So the only way for you to feel good is for you to put yourself at the center of attention?”

Pretty girl goes silent for a second, then says “Yeah. Are there any other ways?”

At this point I’m thinking oh my gosh, this poor girl.  She must feel terrible about herself every single day.

But then the bookworm looks her straight in the eye for the first time and says “I’d feel better living in the background of Harry Potter than being the center of attention here.”  And then she gathers her stuff and walks away; Pretty girl is left standing there watching her walk away.  And in that moment I knew that Pretty girl was going to go home and read the Harry Potter books.

katiew1973  asked:

Hey. Just seen your post. Can I request you write #18 with Chris Evans if no one else has please?

18: Sadly, yes. She is my sister. She’s a little crazy.“

Originally posted by satedanfire

Being a bridesmaid is probably the most fun a girl can have at a wedding. You get the best view of the ceremony, food comes to your table first, and everybody gets to know that you’re important to the bride. Now, being the maid of honor, a little more stressful. This tiny bump in status puts you in charge of remembering everything the bride forgets, and then some. It also means you have to make a speech which, lets me be real, is never a fun time.

Being the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding was always something I expected, but not something I was particularly prepared for. I did my best to give assistance where it was needed, but living in different states wasn’t helping so much. I came home two weeks before the ceremony so that I could help with all the last minute preparations. Chris came with since he was, thankfully, able to get that much time off.

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Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 2 (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – Their first day at the resort is a rollercoaster. There’s ups and downs but they come out of it wobbly but happy. Katya makes friends, some she wants, some she doesn’t. But no matter what happens shes happy to end the night with Trixie.

A/N: I’m sorry this is late but I thought I’d finished it, reread it and hated it so it’s had some work done. I hope you enjoy it. Did somebody say 1/3 smut? Because that is factually accurate.

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anonymous asked:

17 bunnyribbit w/ efi and the three omnic characters please

Hoo boy that’s a lot of characters! But this prompt is really cute so I’m gonna do it!

17. Gardening

Efi was perched on Orisa’s shoulders as D.Va and Lúcio gave the grand tour of the Watchpoint.

“So this is the launch tower,” said Lúcio, gesturing upward, “We don’t use it all that often, but there’s a really great view from the maintenance platforms.”

“I still can’t believe Winston won’t let me launch my MEKA into the stratosphere,” said D.Va, putting her hands on her hips. She turned on her heel to face Orisa and Efi, “Welp! That’s about it for the tour! As you can see the Watchpoint’s totally safe!”

Efi smiled, “See Orisa? Totally safe!” but Orisa’s photoreceptors narrowed skeptically.

“My neural mapping indicates that there is a section of the watchpoint that has not been covered in this tour,” she said, folding her arms.

D.Va and Lúcio exchanged glances, “Well… we just gave you the tour we got when we first got here,” said Lúcio, “It should have covered everything.”

“Not everything,” said Orisa, turning around and walking off with Efi protesting atop her shoulders.

“Orisa, you can’t just walk away, that’s rude!” Efi folded her arms and pouted.

“Your safety is my primary concern,” said Orisa, “We must investigate this area to be sure that this Watchpoint is indeed safe.”

Lúcio and D.Va quickly followed after Orisa and Efi as they headed off around the main hangar of the watchpoint to a fenced-off area. One area of the fence however, was flattened.

“Huh,” said D.Va as Orisa walked over the flattened point in the fence. She stepped over the flattened chain-link as well and took a few steps into a heavily grassy and overgrown sunlit area that received a nice breeze off the sea despite being further inland than most of the watchpoint. There was a small fence lining what must have been a garden at some point, with rusted and oxidized solar panels and a dilapidated greenhouse. Lining the area were several overgrown citrus trees, their branches groaning with fruit.

Lúcio whistled behind D.Va. “Man, Winston’s been holding out on us.”

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You stole my heart. [Ha Sungwoon].

| Title: You stole my heart. [Ha Sungwoon Scenario]. 

 Genre: fluff. 

Requested by: @maroo-winkboy 

Request: Ha Sungwoon scenario where you’ve just gotten married and at the wedding party he’s really loving and cute and never lets you leave his side. 

Word count: 730.

 Note: This is my first request and it’s a bit short but I hope it’s not too bad. I loved writing this, it was cute. |

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality.
I’d find you and I’d choose you. ” -The Chaos of Stars.

“Why him, Noona?” Ha Sungwoon, sitting next to you, smacked Lai Guanlin’s head, making you giggle softly.  
It was your wedding day, the happiest day of your life. Everyone was there, your friends, his friends and the most important people for both of you.
You didn’t reply the young Taipei boy but as you looked at the man you chose to spend your life with, you smiled.
Why wouldn’t I choose him? You thought, looking into his eyes.
“You’re so cute”. He blushed like a teenage girl, making you giggle as you poked his cheeks playfully. However, he smirked and turned it against you by kissing your lips in front of everyone.
Playful Sungwoon - that was one of the aspects you loved the most about him, one that not many saw.
It was never in your plans to get married. Life was short, and there were so many things you wanted to do. Travel, learn, discover the world. Then you met him.


“A bit bossy.” That was your first impression of him.
When you told Sungwoon that after he asked you to be his girlfriend, he gasped.  
“Me? Bossy? Take that back right now, woman!”


Ha Sungwoon was a box full of surprises. You knew that whenever he felt jealous he’d stick by your side pretending he wasn’t annoyed, or that he loved to hug you at random times just because he felt like doing so, because he needed a reminder that you were his. But you also loved that part of him.


“Y/n-ah! I can’t find my hat and-” You hugged him from the back and when he turned and saw you wearing his hat, he shook his head. “Nevermind, it definitely looks better on you. Let’s go!”
Then you saw the huge travel bag next to him. You two were just going to the beach because it was his free day, but…
“What? I swear I’m not bringing the toaster this time!”


He was also a cheesy angel, and you were pretty sure none of their friends knew that. They just kept making fun of him, asking him the secrets to get a girl to marry someone like him.


“Hyung, you’re too weird, how did you find someone like her?”
Sungwoon’s ears reddened and he almost killed Jihoon with his eyes.
“He’s not…” You started “…that weird.”
The group of guys laughed.
“Jagi!” Sungwoon whined, fakingly mad but he didn’t let go of your hand.  
“She’s funny as well. Hyung, you’re lucky she loves you!” Daehwi said and Sungwoon smiled.
“I am.”


That day, the day you officially became his wife, was one of those days where we was unpredictable.
While you were laughing at the Ongniel duo’s lame jokes, Sungwoon left whoever he was talking and ran to your side to hug you, possesive but lovingly. Later, when Jaehwan sang your favorite song as a present for you, he ended up singing it in your ear- just so you smiled for him. Sungwoon kept glancing at one of your friends as he danced with you, and the secong after the song ended he was already bidding your male friend goodbye.
“It’s my turn to dance with my wife” he claimed as he placed his arm around your shoulders to guide you somewhere else.
“Oppa, what are you doing?”
He didn’t reply, he just pouted and stared at you once you two were finally away from the party.
“Jagiya, I don’t know what to do.”
“About what?” Confused, you stared at him. Then he moved closer and your foreheads met.
“You’re so beautiful when you smile, and when you dance, and just… I want to keep you close to me so I can make sure I’m not dreaming. ”
You cupped his cheeks.
“What’s this about, Sungwoon?”
He shrugged, as he leaned to look straight into your eyes.
“I married the most amazing woman in the world today. You stole my heart long ago, my dear y/n, and I hope you keep it for the rest of our lives. I love you so much, my y/n. My wife.”
Why would I choose Sungwoon? Because of that light inside him, shining as bright as the sun, making me love him more and more every day. 

“I love you too, Sungwoon. My love. My husband.”

Essential Avengers: Avengers #113: Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions!

July, 1973

So. I guess Vision is super dead this time.

And he was killed by young men. There was no need to take him down. I said, young men. Pick that synthezoid off the ground.

Gotta give Englehart this, he sure knows how to change one word in a bible verse to make it into a title for a comic book.

Anyways, Wanda is going to Avenge him. And then she can date Lil’ Vision.

Just a heads up, this is kind of a weird issue. Not incomprehensible. Just eyebrow raising.

We start off before Vision is super dead. The Avengers are repairing the Statue of Liberty after Gog tore it up in Astonishing Tales #18. I guess Damage Control doesn’t exist yet.

Its good to see the Avengers uncausing some property damage for a change. And just look at Vision and Cap recapitating Liberty.

Not that they’re actually good statue repairers. The torch hand falls off and falls toward Scarlet Witch but Vision flies down to intercept it and lets it break across his back.

Guess Liberty is a southpaw now.

He also leaves Cap holding the entire crown but I guess Cap has super-strength or something now.

In the heat of the moment and grateful that nothing bad happened to anyone that wasn’t a statue, Wanda and Vision start making out.

This happens to be in public where everyone can see. And it causes a bit of a to-do.

Although what causes more of one is that Cap loses his grip on the crown and Iron Man barely catches it before it smashes into the ground. All while Wanda and Vision continue to make out, oblivious of the outside world or the people that almost died.

Ah, young love!

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Valour [ AO3 ] | [ ]

“How do I look?” Hermione asked, brushing her shorn hair back from her ears and frowning at her reflection from the stream.

“A little dirty,” the hat replied, and Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I meant,” she said emphatically, “do I look like a boy?”

“Oh, that,” the hat drawled. “Do you look like boy? Yes,” it confirmed, sounding deeply uninterested as she adjusted the tight binding over her breasts. “Do you look like a man fit for combat? Perhaps less so,” it muttered. “Do you even know how to fight?”

“I’m a quick study,” Hermione assured the hat, which grunted its disagreement. “And in any case, the Army reserves can hardly afford to be so picky,” she reminded it, throwing her belongings over her shoulder and taking off towards the recruitment grounds.

“Are you certain you’re ready for this?” the hat asked her, its voice dripping with skepticism. “It’s not too late to do something, oh—entirely different, you know.”

“Well,” Hermione sighed irritably, “as I mentioned, if you would just tell me how to find the Court of Miracles—”

“And as I mentioned, I can’t,” the hat cut in. “It’s not that kind of place.”

“What, the kind of place that exists, you mean?” Hermione asked, glaring up at it as it once again sulkily refused to answer. “You do know you’re entirely infuriating, right?”

“Well, seeing as I’m pretty sure the army will have you executed if they find out you’re a girl,” the hat informed her stiffly, “in the grand scheme of things, I could really be worse.”

anyway, some more thoughts on dullahan flug

-abhors others touching him, hence being covered pretty much head to toe
-demencia knows he hates it and actively goes out of her way to poke him and rile him up
-flug can and will use his dullahan powers if he feels threatened enough
-he would never dare use his powers in front of or against black hat
-sometimes he uses his smoke as an extra pair of hands or to reach something that’s too far away
-he only does this when he’s sure no one else is in the room to see him do it, he’s self conscious about it
-if flug has a scythe he’s never pulled it out, even black hat hasn’t seen it
-he’s big on personal space and doesn’t like people crowding him, he avoids large groups, and would rather just stay in bh’s house than go out

anonymous asked:

Now that you've told us you have wild drunken stories, would you tell us one please? Or maybe incorporate it into an imagine with some of the skelebros? That would be pretty cool

One of my favorite drunken nights was when I went out for drinks with my friend, and we met his aunt/his aunt’s friend.  We ended up at some little hole in the wall bar where it was so packed, that we had to pile on a deck outside.  A dude wearing sunglasses at night came over and started trying to talk to me, but I was too distracted asking “Why the hell are you wearing those at night?  Can you see?  There’s no sun.  Are you high, and you’re trying to hide how red your eyes are?”  And then my friend’s aunt comes over, and she throws her arm around the dude because she’s pretttyyy drunk and starts questioning him about the sunglasses, too.  Then she decides she wants to wear them and throws her arm around me.  

“I wish my boyfriend was here,” she says, sighing loudly.  

My friend comes over and claims that her boyfriend is not an attractive man.  

“Yeah, okay, so he’s bald.. he’s short.. he’s fat.. Fine.  But he has a HUGE DICK!”  She holds out her arms to give me an idea of the inhumanly-possible size of said dick.

“A big dong, you say?” I chime, and my friend starts shaking his head, trying to get me to stop from encouraging her.

“BIG DONG KONG!” she shouts as loud as she can, while my friend desperately tries to shush his aunt.  

“BIG DONG SCHLONG!” I yell back, and the two of us high-five.  This is the first conversation I’ve ever had with this 50-year-old woman, but we’re instantly best friends in that moment.  

We leave and go to a honky tonk–like right out of one of those movies about the South, where people are wearing cowboy hats and drinking and dancing that I thought were a myth.  My friend and I are the youngest people there by nearly thirty years.  All the older women LOVE him; he’s dancing with them and grinding on them, and they’re ARGUING over who gets to dance with him next.  It’s crazy.  I end up buying JAEGER BOMBS (yes, you have to shout it as loud as you can when you order it, in the douchiest voice possible) with the aunt, and we start knocking them back.  I dance for entirely too long, and at the time, I think I’m just the best dancer ever, but I’m pretty sure I was just kicking my legs out and flailing around in a circle.  I end up with a cowboy hat at some point during the night.

The aunt and her friend join me on the dance floor, and we order more shots.  In fact, I’m feeling so wonderful that I order shots FOR THE ENTIRE BAR.   I guess I’ve just secretly always wanted to shout “A ROUND OF SHOTS FOR EVERYONE, ON ME!” at the top of my lungs, who knows.  

It’s closing time, and my friend (the designated driver in this situation), takes his aunt and her friend home, but we all go into the apartment.  Her boyfriend is inside, and she throws herself against him, but ends up in the floor because she’s just too drunk.

I decide to shake his hand and introduce myself.


Nailed it.  The aunt writhes on the floor, but points toward me to say, “PREACH IT!”

This little man doesn’t know what to say.  "Big Dong Kong, I heard all about it.  Like a kick-stand, AMIRITE?“  I pat the bewildered man on the shoulder and move past him to head toward the bathroom.  However, I stop short and turn back toward my friend, standing on my tip-toes to whisper in his ear.  

(Which probably means I yelled it.)

“I don’t want to use their toilet because what if his dick is SO MASSIVE that it touched the seat??”

My other favorite story I’ll incorporate into an imagine.

You were already drunk off a pitcher of margaritas and free birthday tequila shots from the Mexican restaurant down the street by the time you reach your hotel’s bar, flanked by your best friend.  You’re wearing a giant, gaudy pin on your shirt that reads “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” because 1) it really is your birthday and 2) it guarantees that you and your friend will drink for free all night.  

When you sit down on a bar stool, two skeleton monsters automatically sit next to you and start chatting.  One of them, with red eyes and a fluffy jacket, has a smirk on his face as his eyelights travel your body.  He’s been nice enough so far, so when he gets ready to leave, he says, “i’m going to a strip club.  would you like to join me, sweetheart?”

“I’ve never been to a strip club!” you blurt, seeming excited over the idea… until your survival instincts kick in.  "WAIT, I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!“

”…what?“ he asks, his smirk beginning to fade.

"THIS IS WHERE I’LL EITHER END UP SOME SORT OF SEX SLAVE OR MURDERED AND CHOPPED UP IN YOUR TRUNK!”  At this point, the bartender is doubled over laughing.  You have no volume control.  

“what–?  no, sweetheart, i just–”  He stumbles over the words, completely caught off-guard.

“NOPE, NO WAY, I’M NOT DYING TONIGHT SIR!”  You keep drinking your drink.  "Thanks for paying for my drink, though.“  Well, at least you still have manners, even if you’re slurring.

Red shrugs, holding his hands up.  "sounds like you’ve been watching too many horror movies, dollface.  welp, if you change your mind, i’m in room two-oh-”

“I do NOT sleep with MURDERERS!”


“Serial killers are a definite NO for me!”  

“ok, ok.  happy birthday,” he mutters, slowly getting off the stool to leave.  As soon as he does, a skeleton wearing an orange hoodie takes his place.

“good to know you have standards.”  He flicks his wrist at the bar tender.  "her next drink is on me.“

You’re eyeing the giant ass jar of cocktail olives instead of paying him any attention.  "I really want an olive in my drink…”

“but.. you’re drinking something fruity, right?”

You nod.  "Sex on the beach.“

"yeaaahh, olives don’t go with that.”

You start frowning, still staring down those olives.  "Who says it has to be like that?  I want olives in it.“

"you can’t drink it with olives.  it would be terrible.”

“Yes, I can!”

“fine, if you can, i’ll buy you another drink.”

You look to the bartender, and she shrugs and pulls out the jar of giant olives. “Just dump them in,” you say, and she absolutely FILLS UP YOUR GLASS with olives.  And dammit, you eat every single one of them.

“i can’t believe you’re actually doing it.”

And then you don’t remember anything else.

*The rest of that story includes blacking out after the olives, and then I wake up in the hotel room, in a completely different set of clothes (apparently, I filled the ice bucket up with water and then poured it over my head), with my head on the toilet seat (vomit everywhere), tears on my face, and my phone in my hand.  Apparently, I’d been having a nightmare about the two men shoving me in their trunk, and then I called my S/O and whispered “I’m so scared, please come get me” over and over into the phone.  He said that gave him nightmares, and he had to call my friend to make sure that I was all right. 

It was years before I drank again.  

shadowonthefullmoon  asked:

Punch the heroes in the face! That always works for me with the drunks get too handsy. :P (( I love this au so much. omg. its so amazing!! i just love this idea so much~ <3))

Flug: I would, but I’m pretty sure that’d just break my hand. I’ve got a coworker here, Mavis. She’s pretty good at breaking it up when it gets out of hand when Black Hat’s not here. Pretty sure she’s a hero in her alter ego? Songbird I think..? God heroes are awful at hiding.

Psycho-Pass characters react to a bad haircut

1. Kogami

Kogami: M-my hair…!

Kogami: It’s my signature look!

Kogami: How would Inspector Tsunemori know it’s me now??

Kagari: Tell her to follow the smell of disappoint and failure?

Kogami: I-it was a rhetorical question!!

2. Ginoza

Gnoza: …

Ginoza: Well, at least I don’t look like my father anymore…

Masaoka: Look, Gino! We got the same haircut!!

Ginoza: OH COME ON

3. Mika

Mika: My haircut makes me look too much like Senpai!!!

Mika: This is horrible!

Yayoi: You don’t want to look like Inspector Tsunemori?

Mika: Of course not! What if they think I’m trying to copy or emulate her?

Yayoi: … Pretty sure no one is thinking that.

Mika: What was that?

Yayoi: Just put on a hat!

4. Kagari

Akane: Why are you wearing a hat?

Kagari: It’s national hat week!

Akane: …

Akane: Sure. Makes sense.

Kagari: It’s great having my kind of reputation.

Mika: *unable to hide her bad haircut* Shut up.

5. Makishima

Makishima: What is the definition of ‘bad’, anyways?

Makishima: Is it simply ‘not good’ or the ‘opposite of good’?

Makishima: Is being ‘good’ following societal expectations?

Gu-sung: Hey, I was the one who said cutting your hair with a shaving knife was a dumb idea so don’t blame me!

6. Sho

Akane: Your hair doesn’t cover your eyes anymore.

Sho: I know. That means I can’t hide from Inspector Shimotsuki…

Akane: OR it can be that you can get more and more confident.

Sho: I much prefer cowering…

Akane: You should really see a therapist!

7. Risa

Risa: I am NOT going back to work until both of our hair grows back!

Ginoza: Why both?

Risa: What if they think we do that sickeningly sweet trope of couples badly cutting each other’s hair?

Ginoza: I mean, do you think Inspector Tsunemori cut Kogami’s hair?

Risa: No. Shinya Kogami values his hair too much. It’s a good thing you don’t as much.

Ginoza: Thanks?

8. Akane

Akane: Well I no longer look like a mushroom.

Kogami: And now you look like…

Kogami: A carrot.


Kogami: Tsunemori, you never look bad to me.

Akane: R-really?

Kogami: Really.

Akane: But can I say something?

Kogami: What?

Akane: You look hideous.

Kogami: Should’ve seen that coming.

it’s a Somva Christmas fic

This fic was written for and inspired by my friend’s super cute drawings 

wait a sec she took a line from this for her comic omg

♪ …neomuneomu meotjeo nuni nuni busheo

sumeul mot shwigesseo tteollineungeol

Gee Gee— ♪


Interrupting the overly peppy K-pop was D.Va’s widely grinning face complete with the usual pink Doritos suddenly filling the entirety of her webcam.

“Aaand jilgohun Christmas bonoseyo ! Welcome to my super special Christmas stream!” As if to prove her festive spirit, the streamer moved her head back far enough to reveal a red headband adorned with reindeer antlers. The thousands of viewers who had been exchanging festive greetings took notice and began commenting on the headgear.

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here’s the deal with boombat, better known as bb
i know that bb has the most unoriginal and most boring design you can find in a pony oc, green coat, brown mane, very basic. thing is when i made her in 2011 it was more of a ‘oh i’m gonna draw myself as a pony’ thing. didn’t take her long to develop her own personality and do her own things and i was forced to make another so called ‘ponysona’. bb is her own person now, she has a life, a family, a job, and friends. she’s had some minor redesigns over the past 6 years like changing her hats color from blue to purple, and giving her a consistent hair/tail style, but she’s still pretty much the same since ‘birth’. sure i could change her entirely and give her an extreme makeover, but then she wouldn’t be my good ol’ bb anymore. and i just want to say, what bb lacks in design, she makes up in personality. though i barely show any of it here on this blog (mostly because i’m not too invested in it lol).

i uh, just wanted to make sure you guys understand how important my pony girl is to me.

Trailer Thoughts on Thor: Ragnorak

Okay. Can we all just stop for a second and admire the Thor: Ragnorak Teaser Trailer that was released yesterday?

I love Loki. I’m pretty sure everyone in the world does, too, but if any of you guys know me at all, you would know I’ve been obsessing over Tom Hiddleston for about three years. I thought it went away over the summer, but apparently not. The feeling of giddy excitement of just seeing him on screen is undeniably still there. It didn’t matter if he appeared for a total of three seconds in the trailer, I gushed when I saw him.

Back to the actual trailer, it was awesome. Cate Blanchett looks absolutely epic in her outfit and the helmet-hat-thing. She looked even more amazing when she obliterated Mjolnir. That was a great shot. You know what else was a great shot? The head turning shot when the music really kicked in. I don’t know why, but that one second of footage along with perfectly timed music just makes me so happy. 

Thor’s hair is probably the most talked about thing about this other than maybe the Hulk appearing in this movie. He looks hot with anything. That’s absolutely undeniable, but I want a dramatic scene mourning for the loss of his hair. It’s supposed to have a lot comedic elements to it, right? Then I want a Thor whining and moaning about how they cut all his hair off. I’m just saying, it seems like Thor is the type of guy who values his appearance very much, so it would be logical for him to care about his hair just as much as we do. 

This movie looks like so much fun. I want it now.