Pretty sure that was her hat too

Tumblr People are Amazing

Okay so today at school I was sitting in the hallway between classes and this girl comes walking down the hall all confident and pretty.  She was wearing this dress with all kinds of spangled colors and designs on it.  So obviously, every person in the hall—including me—was looking at her.

All except for this little bookworm with her nose deep in a Harry Potter book.  I could tell that this girl had a Tumblr, too.  She had a TARDIS necklace and a hat that had Death the Kid’s Sanzu lines on it.  So immediately I felt a connection to said bookworm.

So pretty girl is walking down the hall and suddenly she takes notice of the bookworm because she’s the one person that isn’t looking at her.  She walks straight up to the bookworm and says “Hey!”

The bookworm looks up and says “What?”

Pretty girl is silent for a moment, then says “Don’t you like my dress?”

Bookworm says “Yeah, sure.”  You can tell that she really wants to get back to her book.

Pretty girl says “Then why didn’t you look at it?”

At this point I was beginning to think that Pretty girl was a huge b, but then the bookworm says “Why do you want everyone to look at you?”

And Pretty girl says “So I can feel good, duh.”

Bookworm says “So the only way for you to feel good is for you to put yourself at the center of attention?”

Pretty girl goes silent for a second, then says “Yeah. Are there any other ways?”

At this point I’m thinking oh my gosh, this poor girl.  She must feel terrible about herself every single day.

But then the bookworm looks her straight in the eye for the first time and says “I’d feel better living in the background of Harry Potter than being the center of attention here.”  And then she gathers her stuff and walks away; Pretty girl is left standing there watching her walk away.  And in that moment I knew that Pretty girl was going to go home and read the Harry Potter books.

anonymous asked:

with ur trickster thing about hanasaki, I didn't interpret it like that; more of a point where he felt so unwelcome/alien that he just didn't care? and everything was his fault so it would be better if he left? idk my hearts been broken for him since his brother was introduced :(

My heart is broken too, don’t worry.
He never should experience all that :(
And I think that alienated is pretty good as to explain this, especially after all hat happened with 20 Faces. He might have thought that he is unwelcome, but I also think that he was overthinking. The air in office would be awkward as hell but I believe the rest would forgive him overtime. I think that the most angry was Inoue. Kobayashi didn’t really care, Akechi more likely too. About Noro, I’m not sure. I can’ relate to her character. Moreover I believe he cared too much about his guilt, his and others anger, and felt that he no longer belong to club. Inoue is so salty and angry most of time. So he would forgive after calming down. I think the biggest problem is that, they didn’t try to talk. Hanasaki just asumed that everyone must be angry and hate him. I think everything could be avoided.
The most was sort of his fault, but not all. Some was on Akechi, 20 Faces and Hanasaki father.

By the way, thank you for your message and opinion. I’m always open to discussion.

Merry Christmas everybody! ~ from the Avatar fandom’s fav family

Gosh, I love them so much! Whenever I see a Kataang moment in the Avatar series or think about them, my heartbeat quickens, I become emotional and I get such a warm feeling inside and it all feels so good.. I believe this sketch is my new favourite Kataang one.

Nope, Kya’s not airbending, that’s a simple trick her mommy taught - how to make snow with waterbending. Tenzin isn’t wearing a Santa hat because he wasn’t too fond of the furry tip making him sneeze all the time, so Katara took it off to avoid those powerful airbending blasts smacking her in the face. Oh, and I didn’t forget her right hand, it’s hugging Aang from his back. I know he’s taller too, hence I figured Katara’s standing on her tiptoes for a moment to kiss his cheek. Also, if Bumi knew how to knit, I’m pretty sure he was good at making paper cut outs as well.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this wonderful Christmas Eve, I know I have. My tummy’s full of black pudding (blood sausage or ‘verivorst’ in my native language), small sausages ('sardellid’), sauerkraut, potatoes, gingerbread cookies and 8 different types of tiny merci chocolates. I decorated our Christmas tree, with a little help from my dad, and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m somewhat covered with glitter that came off from the ornaments.. What else?… Oh, and I’m watching WATTS on Eurosport and having a good laugh. Yep, just a traditional Estonian Christmas in my family.


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))