Pretty Little Liars Ratings

Pretty Little Liars Season finale Ratings:

1x22 “For Whom The Bells Toll.”
(3.64 million viewers)

2x25 “Unmasked”
(3.69 million viewers)

3x24 “A dangerous game”
(2.97 million viewers)

4x24 “A is for Answers”
(3.12 million viewers)

5x25 “Welcome to the dollhouse”
(2.65 million viewers)

6x20 “Hush Hush Sweet Liars”
(1.19 million viewers)

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Ratings & Twitter

The 3rd annual Halloween special of social media juggernaut, “Pretty Little Liars,” became ABC Family’s #2telecast in the network’s history in Women 18-34, the series’ #2 telecast on record in Adults 18-34, and  its #3 telecast of all time in Adults 18-49 (1.8 million/1.4 rating) andWomen 18-49.

Moreover, the ‘Grave New World’ special became the 7th “Pretty Little Liars’” episode to amass over 1 million Tweets (1,160,813), according to SocialGuide, reaching over 6 million people and creating more than 59 million.

Impressively, this gives ABC Family the Top 4 ‘most tweeted’ series episodes in TV history, and 5 of the Top 7 overall. And on Facebook, the episode trended throughout the night, placing among the Top 10 most trending topics.

“Pretty Little Liars” ranked as ABC Family’s #1 “13 Nights of Halloween”telecast in its 15 year history across target Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Adults 18-49, Women 18-49, Viewers 12-34) and Females 12-34, and its #3 telecast in the event’s history in Total Viewers.

I think the ratings should indicate to the writers that people honestly truly legitimately are loosing interest, this is EXTREMELY evident in the past 2 episodes where both have been the lowest watched episodes in the history of the show. 5x21 set an all time new low and today it was announced that 5x22 set even even lower new record. Can’t imagine 5x23 if history repeats! For those interested in stats, compared to this time last year more than one and a half million people have dropped out. I bet ABC Family is regretting that seventh season renewal now! Unconditionally, no matter where this leads and no matter how many answers we get before season 7 even begins, I’ll forever think 6 is perfect, 7 is too much. I pray season 7 will be a special season with around 10 episodes.

PLL is continuing to have it’s lowest ratings basically week by week. But the writers don’t change anything about it (this started last season). The majority of the audience wants actual answers, no more questions, no more dead ends. The majority of the audience loves the main ships of the show, instead of the constant break ups and new love interests. Yet the writers do the complete opposite. 

You’d think by now they’d start delivering and giving people what they want, instead of continuing to lose viewers.